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Found 12 results

  1. I thought I'd start this topic, as we are lacking in stuff to talk about around here as of late. Name one game you really enjoyed playing, and one game you wish you had never played.
  2. Has anyone tried this game out as of yet? It looks intriguing.
  3. I back this game on Kickstarter so I had access to the closed beta. It's on Steam now, available as an early access title here. There's 2 game modes - Escape and Last Man Standing. I haven't really spent any time in the former but I'm really enjoying LMS. It's a battle royale style survival. Match starts, first player that makes it to the orb becomes the killer which is on a timer. Objectives for survivors is turn on these fuse boxes which cause the killer's time to drop faster. Once it's gone another orb appears and, again, first one there becomes the killer. The maps are a pretty decent size but as the match progresses the dome around continues to shrink. It's a fun game, I'd say more akin to Dead by Daylight in terms of the pace and actually hiding, because in Hide or Die you can really hide and fighting the killer just isn't an option. For $20 I'd say it's worth it. There'll be more content added, maps and killers, and I'm confident it'll roll out since this is all original content so there's no threat of being destroyed in a lawsuit.
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking for a specific sound effect file for male and female councilors. You know the sound you hear when Jason is murdering one of your friends in the distance? I'm looking for that sound file. I'm trying to put it into the background of a musical track I'm compiling together for more Friday the 13th the game stuff. I have some vocal files already that work well, but I have no screams, dying sounds, or the kill sounds of bodies turning to broken corpses. If you can help me find any of these it would be helpful. I need clean or semi-clean sound files. Loud music from the game with the sound effects will not help me. Sorry.
  5. I was doing some choice reading on the matter, and was surprised to learn that there are some games and apps making in excess of $1,000,000 a day from their in-game purchases. I know the concept doesn't sit well with some people, but what are your thoughts? What are some of the games in this category that you have tried?
  6. So you woke up as the most greatest slasher of all decades what would you do for a month as Jason!
  7. So yeah, that's happening. Night Trap is making it's return on the PS4. I'll be honest, the gameplay is quite terrible, but I do have a soft spot for those old FMV games from the old Sega CD era. And this one was probably one of the most controversial at the time. I think I may have to buy it just for the sake of nostalgia.
  8. Is this dead already? Trying to find matches on PS4 and either end up hosting a lobby, or finding one with a couple other people in.. Not getting many full matches?
  9. Hey guys, I'm pressing 'Quick Play' but it's taking me ages (sometimes 30 minutes) to be joined to a lobby, I thought they'd supposedly fixed this or is it still something that they're aware of? Also, the actual gameplay is incredibly buggy, with the camera cutting to places and characters getting stuck on objects.. it's quite ugly at the moment!
  10. Looking to play. Servers won't let us play. Add my gamertag if you want to play jakeyTS93 Add also gamertag zombieblood1150
  11. That whole release date thread from Wes is starting to get a little heated, so I figured I'd toss up a few horror games to play while waiting for Friday the 13th to come out. Keep in mind these are just a few I've played and enjoyed. Opinions may vary, but by all means, add a few of your own. I'm always looking for a good horror game with a decent story. To save some space on the obvious, I am excluding Resident Evil and Silent Hill games, I think that's a given at this point. 5. Dead Space: Say what you will about EA, but Dead Space was a solid horror games. If you haven't played it yet I do highly recommend this one as well as part 2. Part 3, not so much unless you just want some coop play. The first 2 are great survivor horror games with pretty decent stories and atmospheric tension (something hard to do in a coop atmosphere, which is why the 3 bits). But part 1 keeps things spooky with a number of different necromorph creatures and many painful ways to die in the cold of space. That and they managed to make the song Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star creepy as hell. 4. Alan Wake: This one as well as a sort of small DLC/Standalone called Alan Wake: American Nightmare is a kind of episodic horror story, and a pretty good one for those in the market. One of my favorite little bits is the collectibles which are manuscript pages to a story, which incidentally, often contain vague events that end up happening. So when you round that corner and see the lights to that diner the page mentioned, it's a bit chilling. Well worth a play and you can probably get it cheap by now. 3. Alien Isolation: This one was an Aliens game done right and one that helped wash away some of the stench left by that whole Aliens Colonial Marines fiasco. It's atmospheric and has xenomorphs. What more needs to be said? 2. State of Decay: Originally released as an XBox 360 exclusive, State of Decay made its way to PC several months after its release. Since then a Year One Edition with all of the DLC has been released for both PC and Xbox One, so pick your platform. This one is a pretty good zombie base building game and with the DLC that can become increasingly difficult waves or in the case of Lifeline, play with all your resources and slowly lose them as the zombie outbreak spreads and you fight to repel constant assaults on your small outpost while also collecting key survivors to combat the zombie virus. Great game in my opinion and pretty solid for something that was pretty limited by the 2GB limit on Xbox Live Arcade game at that time. Sequel in the works as well. 1. Until Dawn: Last but not least is Until Dawn on the PS4. I just finally had a chance to play and finish this one recently and it was loads of fun. It meshed a few of my favorite horror movie types into one and made a pretty damn good story with some great scares. If I had to describe it, I would say it was a mesh of several movies. All the inspirations that this game draws from meshed together really has no real reason it should be anything but a jumbled mess, but the game, and story was way better than you might expect or that it even should have been. I do recommend this one highly if you have a PS4. There are a few cons here. If you hate QTEs or dislike games that have a straight play through and out of your control checkpoint saves, you might get a little frustrated. However, if you just give the game a fair playthrough and not worry about how you fair the first time through, you will have a blast. Edit: Just adding this, if you intend to play Until Dawn, careful looking up anything for research. It's really easy to just have spoiler laced titles to come popping up in the search browser, and this one is worth playing spoiler-free. So that's 5. Feel free to suggest a few yourself. I can always use a good horror game story.
  12. Hello! Well.... what can I say.. I'm a big fan of horror and survival games. Also I like to kill zombies! So expect me to be the first in the line when we try to kill the SUPER-Zombie Jason Hope to get well with all of you, and play tons of horror and zombie games with you! Anyone who would want to play something while we wait for more news about the game is welcome! Here is my steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/rodzac/ Feel free to comment and/or add me! See you!
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