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Found 1 result

  1. So I played a few hours and I'm already lvl 20 so I know how the basics works and I'm having a blast playing it. But there is one thing that makes me so mad right know. So I played a few private matches with friends to test some stuff. I tried so many different things in house's, like crouching, running, hiding and doing other stuff. I asked my mates after every action: is the house glowing red? So it turn out after the start of the match that the house highlight red even if I have no fear AND am crouching. So I know some indicator for fear like the face of the character or the edges getting black. The only thing that works SOMETIMES is hiding but he than starts to mumble and Jason still finds me. Oh and it still stays red most of the time even when hiding. So how many stages of fear are there and how do you know when jason Is able to spot you? Can't they just blend in an icon or a meter to show you how much fear you have? So I know when I'm highlighted in red? Not when he is actually spotting but rather that he CAN spot me now. In that way I can adapt my playstyle to my fear level. Playing super stealthy and not knowing jason already can see you even you have no fear makes it so frustrating. And by the way please add a cooldown timer to "senses". It's glitched so activating it than deactivating it give so only a 3 second cooldown so in other words almost infinite "senses". You should get a full cooldown even if you deactivate it mid-use. English is not my nativ language but I hope you get the point.
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