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Found 45 results

  1. so i found this spot that the councilors can get to that is completely inaccessible for Jason. Side note, the user's name is deathWizard. Here's the pic.
  2. The name of the player's PSN profile is shown at the very end of the video 1:30 I know there is a patch on the way but I still feelplayers like that should be punished. Entering his PSN profile I saw videos of 'him' trolling other players as well.
  3. Person swam out to a rock, couldn't be killed per the exploit. This is on the PC version on Steam, on the map Crystal Lake.
  4. the counselors Can be on the roof, Is annoying because if Jason does not have knives he will never finish the game Steps 1) Find a bear trap 2) go to a any house and open the door 3)Put the trap on the edge of the door 4)the counselor teleported to the roof please fix this exploit, is very very irritating, many player see this glitch and in one game many conselours stay in the roof one video to explain this glitch (go to minute 16:39
  5. Jason is able to break down doors (quicker and safer) using combat stance and/or regularly swinging away from a door, making counselors unable to attack him after the door is broken. I feel this is a bug/exploit because there is an intended door break mechanic (hold RT RM) in front of the door. This action has its own animation (and pause animation when the door is broken which gives counselors a brief moment to fight back). Jason either should not be able to break the door without using the door hack animation, or should do pathetic/weak damage to doors when he is regularly swinging/using combat stance. Jason breaking windows should also probably have its own animation to make it to where Jason doesn't have to swing many times at an open window or switch to combat stance to break an open window.
  6. I was playing a match earlier and escaped pretty early on, and while spectating the remaining players I came across this guy, who I'm guessing used an exploit to get to a spot where jason could not grab or hit him (unless using throwing knives of course, however the player seemed to have a spray buffing perk) As seen in this first screenshot, this is where he initiates the exploit, by what seemed to be repeatedly crouching and standing back up until the character glitched its way up on to the railing thus allowing him to walk over to a spot where he'd be invincible - as seen in the second and third screenshot. https://gyazo.com/122d097f6c59fe015301803a91f3080c https://gyazo.com/bbaff3bd407bb07f865d5edf88ccd693 https://gyazo.com/0204e908d1979fad334c3d97f3236d7b
  7. While playing on Higgins Haven as Savini Jason, I tracked another player (Steam username: bleuorchid21) to the large house marked with the yellow icon on the map. They were using A.J. as their counselor. I proceeded to chase them upstairs where they locked themselves in the room on the right side of the hall. After breaking down the door, I could hear their counselor in the wardrobe located in that room. However, I was unable to interact with the hiding spot. I could not harm their counselor at all (i.e. grabbing, attacking, knives). This player exploited this glitch by choosing to remain in the wardrobe for the remainder of the game, forcing me and everyone else who had already been killed to wait until the match timer reached zero. Other players in the match agreed that I should have been able to attack this hiding spot. This all occurred in a PC game.
  8. I just had several players glitching into the moose head in the Higgins Haven cabin. They can get there by sprinting of the stairs onto the railing and crouch walking their way up. If they drop down propely, they are practicaly invisible. You can sometimes hit them and kill them, but it does not always work.
  9. Just had a player exploit the rocks in the lake in Packanack lodge to prevent a water kill. They swam out to the rocks then just AFK the entire round for the points. Force the rest of us to wait the full 20 minutes before being able to go on. Several just sacrified their earned XP to get to the next match. I have included a screenshot of the offending location.
  10. This is a new exploit that I came across tonight.. I did not see a post concerning this specific one yet so here is a player by the name of "Dirtytug" on steam abusing it. He was actively encouraging everybody in the lobby to do it with him but we all refused. I have a general idea on how he did it but will not post it here so if any devs are curious feel free to pm me.
  11. The bridge at Higgins Haven can be exploited under by crouching along the ledges. If done correctly, Jason can never grab or hit you and, due to the hitboxes of the bridge blocking knives, unkillable. I tried lobbing around 10 knifes, all getting stuck on the bridge. Had this happen two times in a row, with them stalling until the 20 minute mark. Uncertain how to precisely replicate this, but crouching along the ledges while facing it is how they (the exploiters) usually managed. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/771652080675405390/AF74CBA98728171D62071BA6EAE660EC6FAB8558/ EDIT: Figured it out. You have to get on the ledge pictured here. Once you do that, you crouch, hugging the edge of the triangle shaped bit of the bridge. Make sure you are facing it, then as you begin sliding off, hold W on it. You should slide under it like this and onto an invisible ledge. As long as you don't stand up, you stay there 4ever.
  12. "A map exploit on the map Packanack where Jason is unable to reach the counselor on top of the rock in the water. Can't drown, can't get on top of the rock, can't morph to it and is unable to hit with throwing knives." I didnt see how it was done, but I guess it was just him swimming up to the rock and climbing on top of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rTCnRseRo
  13. Not sure if it is intended or a exploit/cheap trick. So I posted it in the bug report forum too. If you use the sense perk for 3 seconds then deactivate it you only get a 3 second cooldown doesn't matter which Jason you pick. That cant be on purpose, right? The stalk ability gets a full cooldown even if you just switch it on for a second. I mean if Jason had a full cooldown on sense like 10 seconds or so on you could atually have a chance to get away or at least trick him for a few seconds.
  14. In a game I just played, the last survivor was a guy who found an exploit where he could hide under the bridge. He climbed down and hid in a place where Jason found him, but was unable to do anything about it. He tried throwing knives, but cement/wood from the bridge blocked all shots. Couldn't get a better angle because he can't throw knives in the water, and Jason is too big to fit under the bridge to do melee to him.
  15. #1. Jason is able to step up and strike through doors: I'm not talking about hugging the door and getting hit while he's breaking through either, by spamming the attack button from the tearing down door animation, Jason's character can actually step through the door while swinging and hit counselors behind the door several feet away. This is being exploited to hit counselors placing traps or to hasten the door breaking. It also usually leads to #2 #2. Jason is able to stop the animation after breaking down doors and immediately dodge any counselor attack/shot. Instead of being frozen temporarily from the animation giving the counselors a moment to strike, he is able to immediately take a step back and dodge any clumsy attempt for a stun. This is clearly not intended, as if you break the door the right way you have this pause, but exploiters are abusing this glitch. #3 Jason is able to morph during counselor executions or while holding a counselor to avoid being stunned: As the title explains, Jason is able to quickly stop his kill animations and morph beside another counselor, or quickly abduct a counselor to another part of the map to avoid them being saved. I'm pretty sure this is not intended, because it feels pretty broken.
  16. Water exploit It's a shitty move just to stand there the whole game, hope this get fixed in an upcoming patch!
  17. Please fix this exploit. People can just climb up rocks and Jason can't do anything. Single player exploits I usually don't care, its their own game they are ruining, but in multiplayer they are just being douches. And now thinking about it also ban em. They know what they are doing. Otherwise I love the game.
  18. psn player cart3rmonty < stay away from this dude at all costs he will ruin your ps4 games video proof link to my video on ps4share on fb
  19. Today I was playing as Jason and got 3 out of 5 counselors killed. Then I saw the last two (I assume they were friends playing together) and went to get them. They started running while crouching, like if they were pressing SHIFT, very fast. I stalked them waiting for them to run out of stamina... I ran, ran, ran and just could not get to them, they were too fast, even for me to Shift+grab them. I stalked them for about 7 minutes. So, I assume it is a glitch or a exploit. I managed to kill them by setting traps and luring them to it but only got to them because of it. They were teasing me saying "You can't touch me Jason" and stuff, and didn't stop to accomplish any of the objectives, they just ran the entire play. Unfortunately I could not record the game, so I just printed the screen a couple of times and I'll post it here just for explanation purposes. I have no idea how it can be reproduced and sincerely hope that no one get to know how it works, because it will break the game ENTIRELY. Well... Thanks for your time and I hope I helped you guys. (Btw, sorry for my bad English, it's not my native language)
  20. [GAMEPLAY] [EXPLOIT] - Map spot where only counselors can access, Jason cannot. I was playing as Jason (Part 3) on the Crystal Lake Map, eliminating all of the counselors and as I got down to the last couple I found that a player (ViBoy) had perched himself up on a collection of rocks on the southwest portion of the map, across the water along the rock wall. The counselor was able to climb up/access the rocks, but because I was in water form to access the rocks, I was unable to climb up to the counselor. The player's behavior made it appear as this was a known/intentional exploit. I tried teleporting around the area several times and ended up in the water each time. I tried grabbing, shifting, stalking, right/left clicking to grab/attack, moving all up and down the rock area, with no success. I rounded up as many throwing knives as I could (about 8) - I only hit once, it's a long throw with a slight up angle and rocks - and the counselor would move. This happened just the one time, I try not to play Crystal Lake now. The other players almost all left, electing not to watch the exploit. I am playing on PC/Steam account: daerus.
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