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Found 5 results

  1. This is a two part poll. Make your choices, and give your views.
  2. So its been bothering me now for a while and even if its not addressed immediately I would prefer its something for the future at least. Jenny looks so off. Chris Higgins in the movie looked fine and Jenny's concept for the game looked perfect, what happened to her actual in game model however? All the characters feel about right except for Jenny, I'd say Chad is probably a little off but nowhere as bad as Jenny. Jenny doesn't look like a final girl on the head at all. She seems a little to tame/boring for it unlike Chris or her concept. Her hair looks awful in the game with such a weird style and her face looks strange other than the expressions and it just doesn't fit her. The makeup also seems unfitting for her trope, especially with the hair to me at least. Is there any chance that in the future Jenny could be remade on the upper body because she is the only character in this game that just looks horrid. When I first saw her and her move counterpart I was so excited but Jenny in the game looks awful and definitely the worst of the cast. For me to the point I just don't want to play her. Which saddens me because I love Tiffany and Deborah and Jenny was going to be a part of my favourites but she just looks so weird. I particularly just cant get over how strange her hair looks. Its not a matter of quality etc, its simply that her look doesn't fit or work together in the slightest. In Jenny's main look she should be much more like this: But she doesn't look half as vibrant or anywhere as good at all. Its a completely different aesthetic. On the other hand assuming they wouldn't change her face how about fixing her alone? Jenny's current hair just doesn't fit and they wish to keep the current look on her face then would this hair just not fit much better? "Girl Next Door" has the hair I indicate of course, as is Jenny's trope. One thing is for sure, either her face and hair need to change or just her hair. Jenny looks very awkward to me and is the only character who seems so wrongly done. I would like them to give her the appearance she has in the concept but if they don't wish to the hair change would suffice. Of course this is personal and is minor and should be addressed later, but I cant help but notice how much Jenny sticks out looking off in almost everyway with the most questionable hairstyle too.
  3. Spamming e is basically completely pointless minigame on all counselors even those with 10/10 composure, which makes high composure characters less preferred overall. Here are some easy programming fixes to make composure grab escapes possible for high composure characters: 1. Each character's composure escape chance is their composure multiplied by itself, e.g. Vanessa would be 3/10 * 3/10 = 9/100 escape chance. This would make it exponentially easier for high composure characters to escape like Jenny, which would be 10/10 * 10/10 =100/100 escape chance. But obviously this is too overpowered, so the next step is to balance as i explain below. 2. Getting damaged will reduce your escape composure by half rounding to the lowest whole number. If Jenny is damaged she now is 50/100 escape chance. Being injured will grant 0 composure escape chance for all characters. Healing yourself does not revert changes done by being damaged. A jenny who is hit with 2 throwing knifes now has a permanent maximum 25 percent escape chance (it can go even lower from more damage). Why permanent? because It would be too big of an indirect buff to health spray, which is already very useful for injuries. 3. Escaping a grab once will reduce your next escape chance by 50%. A damaged jenny who has escaped one grab now is at 25% escape chance. 4. Being grabbed by a jason in rage will reduce your escape chance by 50% in the moment ( does not stack with multiple grabs). AJ mason being grabbed once by a non-rage jason and a second time by a rage jason will have a 49/2/2 escape chance which is 12/100 escape chance during that rage-grab and will be 6/100 if she manages to escape. 5. Escaping a grab with a pocket knife will still reduce your next escape chance by 50%. Tell me if you have other ideas to make composure grab escapes great again, or if you have other ideas to make composure worth it. Thanks! This is a similar but alternate post to my other post here but because everything is so interconnected in a game it was sort of two posts in one so I thought I'd make another one focusing on composure in grabs. http://forum.f13game.com/index.php?/topic/8720-different-mini-game-for-grab/
  4. I know this is close to off topic but I don't feel this was off topic enough to be moved there. But uhh what happened to the forum? Its completely changed and doesn't have the friday the 13th vibe at all anymore. Is this a glitch or is everyone else seeing a huge blue and white background too?
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