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Found 4 results

  1. In Challenge 10 I do not kill Kenny before he can come back to the house. When he Enters to watch with chad instead of sitting, he stands inside the ground and theres no way I can get him without losing my skull for Undetected. HELP plEase
  2. So, I have been playing Friday The 13th for a bit now and I like the core gameplay and the concept of it. However, I believe what would keep players coming back without dividing up the playerbase too much would be to add maybe like a single special gamemode or an event or something at the end of every month. Or hell, you could use them interchangeably My ideas for what that event/gamemode could be are as follows. • Betrayal You tend to see people's true colors come out when shit hits the fan. People betray one another for their own survival. Remember how Counselors used to be able to damage and kill other counselors with normal weapons? I think it was a great decision to take that out because of all the constant griefing and increase the XP penalty for players that run others over with the car. With that being said, I think it would be an interest spin to have a gamemode basically where other players get 100XP for killing other players per kill the same way Jason does. So it would be like a Free For All and you wouldn't be able to trust anyone all the while there is a juggernaut serial killer coming to push your shit in. • Moshpit 7 Counselors and 1 Jason is fun and all, but what if we doubled it up? 14 Counselors and 2 Jasons on Large Maps only with the same methods of escape. Jasons would have the ability to speak to each other over long distances like Counselors can when they equip radios. I feel like this gamemode would be absolutely insane because it could go both ways. The two Jasons could be really good and slaughter everyone or the Counselors could wise up and organize against their predators. • Possession In the movie "Jason Goes To Hell" he possesses a bunch of different people in order to perform his kills. He could instead of spawning as Jason, he could spawn as his preferred Counselor and the twist they know they are Jason but keep it a secret to the other Counselors while he murders the others in secret as they try to figure out who he is or escape. They would also need to have Pamela's sweater to kill him, but Tommy wouldn't be necessary. The Counselors can kill him if they figure out which Counselor he is possessing by killing that Counselor. Once Jason kills a Counselor, he has the option of taking the form of that Counselor, which to other players, he will appear with that dead player's gamertag as well. This means that player will not show up dead either in the menu so they will be forced to keep guessing. I thought that it would be interesting to also implement a feature where Jason could actively try and possess a living Counselor, which would be a spam fight of who can press A the fastest. If he can take that player over, they are "dead" while he uses their body to continue to trick the other counselors. Also, if Jason finds the Necronomicon, then he can arise from Hell. I feel it would be best to also have very limited escape methods and have a Hell Jason be much more OP that the regular. Like faster movement, quicker regen on his powers, etc. But to counteract that, a survivor can get the book before he does(it spawns in a random drawer) and they can burn it in a campfire to prevent him from becoming fully Jason. • Jason Vs Jason Similarly to the Moshpit mode, there is a higher player count by not by much. There is 8 counselors and 2 Jasons, but what makes this different is the Jasons can kill each other and that is their primary objective. The Counselors can work together to assist one of the Jasons in killing his twin, try escaping, or try and kill both of them(which would count as a win for them). Pamela's sweater now has 2 uses, one per each Jason and Tommy is not needed to kill them.You'd have limited escape methods because escape is not the point of the gamemode. These are just some ideas I came up with while playing. Let me know your thoughts and opinions about these 4 and if you have any of your own you'd like to share!
  3. So, as many of you know ,I did the Rank-A-Day challenge. After reaching 113, I no longer felt shackled and decided I could finally do the challenges in an enjoyable way. I therefore decided to do something for the folks who never got Savini Jason: I did ALL the challenges, 3 Skull Perfect, as Savini Jason. Below I will list all 10 challenges and links to them for your enjoyment! Challenge 1: Simple enough, but we gotta start somewhere. Challenge 2: Not much to say here other than this method will net you the "Stand Tall" objective if you use Part 6. Challenge 3: There are so many ways to do this one, but I settled for the only way I could do a special kill on BOTH of them. Challenge 4: I had to redo this one twice due to one time Shift not stopping when I commanded it to, so this one takes longer than I normally do, but it's just because I wanted a flawless recording. Challenge 5: I had to do this twice as, somehow, Buggzy saw me one of the times I was prepping to finish him off, which is why I spend an extended time outside the Lodge. Challenge 6: Good god, this one is probably the hardest for me to get 3 skull on and had to redo this one several times. First time, I killed Eric and let Kenny run. I morphed to the water, but he didn't go to the water, instead he ran across the bridge. I've NEVER seen him do that. Then, I did it again and Killed Kenny by the wood pile, but blew the assault against AJ due to her uber turbo sense in this mission. Then, I went to kill Kenny by the wood again, but the throat slit wouldn't work and he broke out of my grip. Thus, at the start of this video, I give myself the Choke and I fully intend to go bananas, except everything goes flawlessly this time. Challenge 7: This one took me only one try. The main foe is the Clock as, if I didn't have to fight with it, I'd have Drowned Vanessa in a toilet for that objective (she goes into one every 8 seconds). Problem was, by the time I was ready to kill her, she was at a different bathroom and just leaving it, and due to this Jason having low grip strength, I didn't want to risk blowing a perfect run. Challenge 8: Pretty simple. Getting the gal upstairs before she is able to run due to the body is the hard part. I botched this one a couple times and again, switched to the choke because I tried to throw her out the window but it didn't work due to placement and she slipped my grip super fast. Thus, she gets the choke and the mission goes off without a hitch. Challenge 9: The hardest part to this one is catching Deb before she gets too far from the area with the pike and NOT letting her see you. If you take her out without being seen, the rest of the mission is pretty easy. AJ will NEVER see you, so take her out last. Buggzy is snoring so he won't hear you either. Vanessa is the only tricky one bu if you tag her in the bathroom, you're golden. Challenge 10: For this one, I switched off the Pig Splitter and went with Machete just for the viewer's delight, despite using it only for one kill. This is what I would say a perfect run consists of, except I TOTALLY Spaced Deb upstairs! Normally you kill her FIRST, take out Adam via the window (anywhere else and Tiffany will "see" his body through the door). I usually leave vanessa for last since she never moves if you never spook her. Well there you have it! 3 Skulls, all done as Savini Jason. I hope you enjoyed my little project.
  4. So I know there’s a challenge tab for this topic but it’s looks really inactive so I decided to post here! I have been playing this game over and over and it gets repititive, but I think there’s a way to mix things up... challenges! I will attempt to complete every challenge you guys recommend to me, and post a video of me doing so, or at least attempt to :/ Of course, let’s keep this challenges possible people, I can’t kill Jason all by myself, or run over 5 people at the same time, or can I? ? post your challenges below!
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