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Found 205 results

  1. The name of the player's PSN profile is shown at the very end of the video 1:30 I know there is a patch on the way but I still feelplayers like that should be punished. Entering his PSN profile I saw videos of 'him' trolling other players as well.
  2. I was playing a match as jason and i killed all of the counselors that didn't leave the match and i got stuck on the match alone, some dead counselors could spectate and stuff, but i could walk and do everything and the match didn't ended, i take a picture of the scoreboard btw. Scoreboard I'm playing on PC. Steam id: fabianalejandro
  3. Steam User: juan0tron On the latest patch as of 6/1, 6:45PM EST. Achievements: I've been having trouble unlocking most Steam achievements in the game since launch. My only achievements are: - Super Fan (I still don't have all counselors unlocked) - My Lucky Number At this point, I'm assuming I'm unable to meet the requirements for achievements like "Play as X character once" and "Get one kill" because I have already done these things more than once. I've also met the requirement for the "Teddy Protector" achievement multiple times now with no luck. Badges: - Badges like "barricade a door" seem to be only counting once per match, instead of per door (possibly by design). - Regardless of progress, some incomplete badges appear colored in while some do not.
  4. Person swam out to a rock, couldn't be killed per the exploit. This is on the PC version on Steam, on the map Crystal Lake.
  5. the counselors Can be on the roof, Is annoying because if Jason does not have knives he will never finish the game Steps 1) Find a bear trap 2) go to a any house and open the door 3)Put the trap on the edge of the door 4)the counselor teleported to the roof please fix this exploit, is very very irritating, many player see this glitch and in one game many conselours stay in the roof one video to explain this glitch (go to minute 16:39
  6. I bought this game a couple days ago and I've been spending time looking for solutions but I can't find any! Whenever I attempt to start the game this message shows: I have no idea what to do! Please help!
  7. So I was just in a game playing as jason and i ran into a player that was using an exploit to glitch his way onto a cabin roof. I searched the entire cabin for him until time ran out and another player told me that the following player used said exploit. Also in the game i noticed a lot of the players had pocket knives, and usually high amount of them in fact. I'm not sure if this is because of hacking or if i was just unlucky, but I felt i should point it out. I included the player that was using the exploit in case the devs want to anything to punish the player because, to be blunt, f**k that guy :/ my steam account DxDiag.txt
  8. When playing on the PlayStation Vita via Remote Play (which is otherwise awesome by the way), L2 (AIM) and R2 (ATTACK) are mapped to the top left and right corners of the front touch screen, making it virtually impossible to aim and shoot/attack (as you have to lift your right thumb from the analog stick to trigger the attack). Also driving a vehicle is nearly impossible for the same reason (can't steer and accelerate/reverse at the same time). I think this happens when a developer doesn't include any specific button mapping for Remote Play and the system applies a default one. Please consider adding a working button mapping scheme for Remote Play in a future update (mapping L2 and R2 to the back touchpad would already help). Thanks for reading! ceno
  9. While playing on Higgins Haven as Savini Jason, I tracked another player (Steam username: bleuorchid21) to the large house marked with the yellow icon on the map. They were using A.J. as their counselor. I proceeded to chase them upstairs where they locked themselves in the room on the right side of the hall. After breaking down the door, I could hear their counselor in the wardrobe located in that room. However, I was unable to interact with the hiding spot. I could not harm their counselor at all (i.e. grabbing, attacking, knives). This player exploited this glitch by choosing to remain in the wardrobe for the remainder of the game, forcing me and everyone else who had already been killed to wait until the match timer reached zero. Other players in the match agreed that I should have been able to attack this hiding spot. This all occurred in a PC game.
  10. So at first the steam achievements weren't working at all on launch, badges as well. But now I'm starting to get them. Problem is, I have a few achievements except for the easiest ones, which are play as a counselor and Jason. Which I've obviously done since I have other achievements that require me to play multiple times. Anybody else have a similar problem?
  11. Yesterday I was playing as jason and couldn't kill a counselor while inside a closet. The option to press X and insta kill her didn't appear. It also happened on another match with other person playing as jason. He had to wait for the counselor to get outside and if he didn't, he would have won.
  12. I'm sure it has been stated already but anytime Jason tries to put a trap by a car door it basically is pointless because the animation of counselors getting into the car ignores the trap. This doesn't happen with gas or battery installs.
  13. Sometimes when a person dies or leaves the parts or healthy sprays and weapons merge into the cabin or ground it’s really annoying cause u can’t pick them up in you’re stuck sometime
  14. Sound doesn't work on the menu screen and when I actually try to play, it gives me a fatal error and crashes. Am thinking of refunding if this is not resolved soon. (My computer exceeds the minimum and recommended requirements to run the game)
  15. Reread the patch notes for PS4 and it says these are suppose to be gone. I will randomly still get them though. Anyone else?
  16. Anyone facing problems trying to play Friday 13th (PC VERSION) with PS3/XBOX 360 controller? I had played many recent games like Ghost Recoon Wild Lands and Fallout 4 with my EA Sports PS3 controller and I never had any problem, but in this case, Friday 13th doesnt even recognize thats a controller pluged in. Is there any configuration I can change so I can play using the controller? I also tried to use a normal USB PC Joystick and nothing happens... Thnx for the attention guys.
  17. The camera broke while trying to pick up a knife Jason's animation went to close to fireworks going off. He still moves around and you can track him on the map but your camera will just remain at that position for the rest of the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K48eRoRZuH4
  18. So when I play as Jason, if I press 1 to do the execution in slot 1 it instead does the one in slot 2 and vice versa. same thing with 3 and 4. They're reversed.
  19. hey i don't know where to exactly post this but hopefully i'm doing it right - bug 1: i don't know if anyone else has seen this bug happen but we (4 people) started the 4 seater car and as soon as jason realized and smashed the engine, the car literally bugged out and flipped and kept turning and we were taken out of the car...needless to say the car was not able to be used again and it really ruined the match (pics attached for this bug) bug 2: also i have another clip on my ps4 where the car bugged out again and fell through the map,... i really dont know if the people could have survived or not because they left but they were all stuck sitting in the car seat but it was under the world... bug 3: finally, my last bug i have found about the car is that if you get in the car as the driver, and open your map before starting the engine, it wont let you close the map no matter what... i tried pressing every button many times and even pressing the ps home button a couple times,... once its stuck like that i couldn't do anything except wait for jason to come and kill me and it got a lot of people killed waiting for the car to start :/
  20. The plates props hung on walls...ever notice the green patterned ones seem to have overlapping polygons?
  21. I was playing as jason when a player stunned me with a machete inside a cabin. as soon i was able to move again I was unable to do anything expect move and grab. I couldn't kill or anything. I had to quit because of this and it was really irritating :/ edit: as of 5/31, this was the only time i ever experienced this issue. my steam account DxDiag.txt
  22. When using the quick play option on PS4 it's becoming common to be put into a 'Play Online' lobby by yourself as a host but no one else joins.
  23. Matchmaking is cancelled when you press the home button on Xbox one to go to friends/party/notifications etc
  24. [Gamplay issue bug] - Police can’t be called This happened on PS4 on the map Higgin 1. Jason part 9 went outside destroyed the power box as one of the counselor’s was calling the police. 2. Jason destroyed the box and the phone animation kept going as somebody was calling 3. This prevents anybody from calling the police and shows the phone is working and the phone box is working.
  25. So I was playing a match and got Jason, I grabbed someone and was locked in the grab mode. Couldnt do any kills. Had to walk all the way to the lake just to get out of it!
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