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Found 205 results

  1. Edited: I thought the DLC wasn't working. Bloody Jason skins do not appear when you select a random Jason. FYI.
  2. If Tommy leaves at the wrong moment his spirit will remain in the game just standing at his spawn point. It does not count as a player and cannot be spectated. Unless Jason kills that spirit the game will not end. New players do not know this and you have to sit and wait for minutes until the game ends because the time is up. This happen often. I should say at least 5% of my matches. Often you can tip of Jason where the spirit is lurking (there are only a couple of places Tommy spawns) but not always.
  3. This topic only for Xbox Gamers. Did one of you find any pamela tapes on XBOX ONE version (not pc, not ps4). I never find any in publick match, and no one who I talk in lobbys the same situation. Looks like developers just "forget" add this content to xbox version. If someone find on XBOX ONE version can u post u dashboard pictures with pamela u find, coz maybe me just unlucky person. Thank you.
  4. A little while ago I updated my AMD Radeon HD8970M driver, after opening Ark Survival Evolved the game was all blue and distorted. Thinking I installed the drivers wrong, I reinstalled them but it didn't fix the problem. Later I noticed that the problem occurred in only Ark and Friday the 13th, every other game I own works fine, I don't know any links between them besides both made with Unreal Engine. Later I contacted AMD Support and asked for help on the AMD forums, I was told on the forums to try a factory reset, so I did. After the reset was done, the problem was still there, so I thought it could be a bug or a compatibility issue with Unreal Engine and Radeon Settings. The person I was talking to at AMD Support told me otherwise, he said it was a problem with the game and I needed to contact the devs, I sent out a bug report but I just wanted other peoples opinions, Could it be the drivers? the game? I thought it could be something wrong with my graphics card but why would it only effect some games? Wouldn't it effect all of them? I don't know much about computer so that's why im asking for help.
  5. I'm a huge fan of your game , but ever since the recent update , every time I play as Jason , the teleport won't work ! Which makes things so hard for me when I'm playing as Jason . Basically the cursor won't move . As a matter of fact there is no cursor on the map when I'm trying to teleport. It's like invisible . I say this because I can teleport , but I can't see where the cursor moves too . Please help ! My gamer tag is oOKidAllStarOo on Xbox live . Please and thank you
  6. After this update all i get is Connection time out for some reason.Never had this problem before and i really have a good connection.Any help?I get it in every game.
  7. Every time i press quick play, the game tries to search for a server for like 3 minutes and then it will create a lobby every single time (i can't even host if i wanted to, my ping is garbage and every one has like 600 ping) and i don't want this, ┬┐how do i stop this problem? This is ruining my game. This wasn't happening before the small maps update, and the hotfix kinda helped (not really).
  8. So here's a bug I've tried to bring attention to numerous times on this forum in different topics but no one else seems to be addressing it. Maybe it's just me and some universal bad cosmic karma is out to get me, but just to prove it's happening I made a video. It's pretty long, the video, but the gist is when the match starts my camera is STUCK on a FIXED point of view for the whole match until... 1. I interact with the environment and can open a door, window, or drawer. 2. Jason grabs me. Please, Developers FIX THIS!!! It's truly game breaking! AT 12:00 I MIRACULOUSLY ESCAPE!!!! I was lucky to have a great team!
  9. Ok so I'm new to forums so I don't know much about what's going on, but my game won't let me join servers with the new update and nobody joins my servers, so I just need some type of help on what I should do. Please and thank you!
  10. So, this is something that's bugged me for a while now: what's the deal with the counselor voices? All the girls have unique voices, but all the dudes except Chad are using Kenny's voice! I bought the virtual cabin, so I KNOW FOR A FACT that there are supposed to be unique voices for everyone. Why haven't the devs fixed this? Actually, why haven't they ACKNOWLEDGED it?! I'd get if they released a statement saying that it's not their top priority, and that they're focused on gameplay issues, but I just want to know that they are aware of the problem. Has anyone heard anything about this?
  11. Hi guys, today i was playing a game like jason and when jarvis appeared I think it appeared out of the map of course neither I nor the could pass to the other side of the map If it's any help it was one of the small maps I think it's a bug but I'm not sure i leave some screenshots have a good day PD: sorry my english is so bad xD (thanks translator)
  12. So as he patch went live and the small maps and other updates hit ,I jumped into a game, which was set for he small crystal lake. I picked Savini and upon startup, it showed my Savini jason grabbing Rob then marching out of the lake (to a standing ovation from the people with mics who agreed it was one of the coolest things ever). However, after that, the screen went black and after a tense 30 seconds, announced it was disconnected due to a Timed out session. I went back into quickplay and found most of the same people doing the same. I thought it had to do with Savini Jason, though the other people in lobby said to stick as Savini because it was too damn cool seeing him perform the intros, as they put it; "It's worth the risk". Small Packanak was chosen and after Part 8 shoved Rob into the fire, the match started and it went like normal, being quite entertaining. Another match was held, this time trying to go to Small Higgins. Part 3 showed up,killed Rob with a dart, and again, black screen and Session Timed Out. Another match, Small Packanak, Part 3 killed Rob, game started like normal and played fine. One more match, Small Higgins. Part 3 threw Rob, into the fire and ten... Black screen and kick. I'm unsure as to what is going on. That said, the lack of teamkilling made for a surprisingly enjoyable game the times we could play. EDIT: Okay, I think the problem was that people in the lobby didn't have the update so the game would crash when they couldn't be a part of it.
  13. Thx for the patch....but all badges progress gone, all! Hope u can fix this for xbox one.
  14. I'm loving the new update. The new smaller maps are great and am thankful for some bugs and exploits getting fixed. i also like the way team killing was handled. So great job all around! I have four minor things to suggest and mention: - Suggestion: Options for "Random-Small maps" and "Random normal maps" alongside the Random option for all maps. Right now I'm assuming the Random option is a catch all and will cycle all 6 maps but sometimes you're in different moods for one type or another only. -Suggestion: A timer displayed during Private games. Unless I have been missing something, as far back as I can remember there is only a timer displayed in Public and not Private matches. -Suggestion: Move the "Welcome message" back down near the menu where it used to be. The placement looks awkward now and covers the nice Jason model on the main menu. -Bug: While in a Private game and playing as a counselor I entered Jason's shack and my character stumbled back when she saw Jason's Mother like she usually does but there was not the typical music or crash that occurs when she sees it. Instead, it just went silent. It should be noted that Jason's music was softly playing, as he was somewhat near. Thanks and nice job again on the new update. Looking forward to many fun matches with the new maps and fixes in place.
  15. I had the strangest game. I was Jason. Tommy was the last one alive (all others were of course dead ;). I was chasing Tommy from house to house. He was playing good so it was hard. We ended up in one house and he shout me with a flare and climbed out the window. I followed out and suddenly he was totally gone. I used sense several times, not a trace. I went inside look for him again. Destroyed the two hiding places. Looked outside again. More sense. Not a trace. The match ended soon after (20 minutes limit). Tommy was still alive according to the player list but i still got my "No survivors" bonus. Anybode had the same experiance?
  16. After exiting the car that was smashed by Jason and throwing firecrackers, I got stuck between Jason and the car with no way to run away OR get back in the car.
  17. It seems that if you stand beside the chimney outside of Packanack lodge, Jason's sense ability will indicate that you are inside the lodge with the usual red glow. I tore that place apart two nights ago only to find out he was outside the whole time. Saw yet another instance last night while spectating. Host promptly kicked him after the match. As with combat stance for doors, body blocking, and clipping through buildings, there's counter play but it's still an exploit that respectable players should avoid. *Forgive me for not having a screen shot but I just wanted to raise awareness to the issue.
  18. This is either a single bug with a lot of problems or a couple bugs, but I am mostly thinking it is a single bug. Lobby - When in lobby the area with player names shows up blank - Mic does not work during - Using the text communication still works - After a period of time the bug sometimes stops - (likely other bug) level 0 bug, cant use non-0 lvl characters - seems fix itself after clicking on own name In-Game - No ping or counselor/Jason pick shown for self instead just replaced with "Loading..." - While "Loading..." : - - Mic does not work - - Perks do not work - After a period of time the bug sometimes stops - After the bug stops Perks and Mic start working again - If bug still active after escape or death then stuck in body view and all other functions act like alive player without ability to move. - - game still treats player as dead and can revive as Tommy, - - player cannot hear dead/escaped players - - player cannot see time remaining until end of match - - player cannot see map, unlike alive player - If perk ends after dead/escaped, player functions as normal dead/escape - If bug active while Jason the kill counter will not increase for player - If bug still active by end of game kill counter will be 0/#of counselors This bug does not seem to effect badge progression nor experience recieved from game. It only seems to stop the player from being able to communicate in game and removeds their perks while active. The bug is intermittent and sometimes stops before the game intro is finished, in the middle of game, after game ended, or does not stop during game. This bug seems to appear during 80-90% of my games now. It seems to have started after one of the most recent updates. It is possible it is my account information not loading all the way until late into the game, since the bug only occurs at the start of games or when I enter a lobby, but once it stops it does not show up again until the start of the next match/lobby I join.
  19. Dear Gun Media Team , I found a bad player use a big of this game. We waiting so long about 10 minute in game. Him find a bug and stay outside the map. Jason player cannot to kill him. So I trying to send about a picture to you ans his account on steam. hope you guy punishment and BAN his account. Very bad player. We love your games and support. totti
  20. So last night I was playing a casual game of Friday The 13th: The game. And I got in a game with some guy. I don't remember his namertag it was Evan something. Anyway we got into a game of I belive Crystal Lake. This Evan guy killed me. So I came backs as Tommy and was gonna get my revenge (I don't think you can get banned for that can you?) and I found out he did a glitch. So casually I found out how to do this and killed him. Well... There was no way out of the glitch. So I sat there for the last 5 minutes of the match like a idiot. Please!!!!! Fix this. I would add my Steam screenshots but I don't know how.
  21. If swimmers go out to the boat exit near the orange cones, there is a semi-circular area Jason cannot swim up to to the swimmers. Needs to be looked at.
  22. Jason has a hard time of letting go. First his mom, now he has an undying affection for Chad. And really, who can blame him. Edit: @Kodiak This probably belongs in bug reporting. Not like they read much there, but oh well.
  23. Been play quite a few games post patch on the Xbox. I've noted a couple of old glitches...and a couple of never seen before on my end. OLD: 1) Jason holding a counselor and can't break the grab or kill them. Needs to enter water or get hit by a car to stop the issue. 2) Breaking down a door as Jason results in Jason being stuck in the doorway unable to move. Sometimes the whacking sound of him hitting the door continues. Eventually sorts itself out without need someone to save you. NEW: 1. Ran at a door running from Jason with the intent to throw it open and get inside the cabin quickly. Run up against the door and popped through the other side when I pushed the "A" button to open it. 2. Went to break down a door in combat stance as Jason, hit the door, and popped through to the other side. The counselors inside needed a change of underwear. 3. Was killing someone as J7 with the dismemberment kill. They were about 6ft offset to one side and Jason was hacking at the ground...meanwhile parts were flying off the actual counselor. Funny and a bit disturbing. 4. Flare Gun could not be aimed. Pulled LT and nothing happened. I've heard someone say this is old, but it never happened to me before.
  24. When I play as Jason and I turn on stalk, it's my sound that gets silenced. Not only that, I can't hear hardly anything the next rounds I play, unless I shut down and restart steam. Anyone else have this bug or glitch?
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