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Found 30 results

  1. While he is very fun to play, he really needs to be balanced. Now, I'm not saying the counselors should be buffed, they're perfect. However, Jason needs to be nerfed. He should not be able to shift grab at all, it's very unfair. There should be a time window you have to wait after teleporting or shifting to grab someone. I understand that you want to be fair to the movies, however, this is a game and needs to be balanced as such. An additional change could help with both the issue with not being able to escape since Jason can insta-kill you pretty much anywhere and again, Jason being OP. Jason should have to injure you before he grabs you. If he doesn't it should be easier to escape. I love this game, however, find myself starting to dislike it, being the balance issues and starting to play other games like this that are more balanced.
  2. Hey guys, i just wonder if some 1 think these stats are usefull , in beta there were no strength-based counselor but was lucky one, and literally no one played him more than once(more often didnt play him at all) i personally think Luck should affect skillchecks(Free skillcheck) and give you ability to avoid jason's sense, to avoid grab, damage from climbing over the broken window,possibility of 2nd use of items like spray/ and even shotgun, chance to avoid fall damage,chance to get cops to the map faster, more staff at map at all,decrease the chance to scream, decrease the stumble chance, chance to spawn with the others, chances to get the cops on your side of the map,give a chance to avoid beartrap(it will be triggered but will not damage you) staff like that, that would be really cool, i think you should feel your luck and see it making your life easier, because in beta luck was almost an illusive stat, didnt give some certain profits. And i feel same about strength, its going to increase weapon damage, but what is weapon damage ? Whats the purpose of this stat? I think strong counselors should defenitly swing, set traps , open windows, doors faster, its the least it can give to be relevant stat. I mean you can always adjust the stats, but will you, dear developers? i hope we are gonna have Real choice when the game comes out who we want to play with, without having some counselors in black list.
  3. So far in the beta the weapons I have in my hand I try to use when I'm cornered and out of stamina. At least try to fight cause you get points if you do hit and you get stamina back for that too I believe. An this is of course me talking about the counselors side, I do get confused why people have a weapon if they don't use it in their final moments, even though they may get lucky. I also feel it's emotionally boosting to know at least you tried to hit him. I know the fighting mechanics aren't the best concerning how far of the distance you and Jason has to be to hit him and after one swing you instantly get grabbed by him cause it's like you almost miss every time even though you had a real face to face moment. Jason's attacking mechanics are quickly on par you can click a button and he will instantly do a quick slice attack while the counselors does this slow tiring swing animation. Feels not as fair if we wanna talk about balanced in a way, we should have both Jason and the counselors attack the same way just saying, I'm still confused. Also I feel most people grab weapons for comfort and still think of themselves not as strong, of course but feeling brave enough and calculating your stance towards Jason's should give you a upper hand. Jason players are going in so hard cause it's suppose to be a breeze while counselor players have to figure out the confusing system process and learn how to survive more every match. Also I get that internet connection making one or the other lag out could be the cause of missed hits but me having good connection matches not really. I'm just bringing this up cause I didn't find a thread for this topic and possibly everyones concern as well the only thing I see people use is mainly the shot-gun but then you gotta be really close and Jason is bobbing and weaving and the person playing him is taunting you on mic and he can grab you without his model touching your models body, I feel like they should be that close for Jason to pick a counselor up. Not from a far. ADDED EDIT : It's hard for me to say anything is wrong but seeing other peoples actions, there is something up I feel about the melee combat/battling scenarios that I don't see much of. Could be not on peoples minds of course but saying only if you are in a pinch to start fighting.
  4. My suggestion is about to balance gameplay between counselors versus Jason, every counselor needs to be good on something useful to survive or escape. Not to survive alone but in group. Like FPS, make each counselor as a class, 4 classes would be fine: "Faster" They can run faster to escape from Jason and execute actions like jump out the window and not fall on ground, they just would escape running. This class would be useful to transport ítems faster from point A to B. "Stronger" They could use melee weapons and do more damage to knock out Jason and help partners in danger. This class can install traps or close doors and windows so easy and faster that any other class. "Nerds" They maybe arent stronger or faster, but they are good healing injured partners (they have equipped a med kit) and they heal unlimited times. This class is good for stealth, they can hide from Jason more easy cause they are Hard to be detected. "Luckiest" They are fast but not as fast as "Faster" Class, they are weak but they can use fireworks or any other ítem as a decoy to confuse Jason player, This class is a good mechanic that can install auto parts so easily and fast like anyone else. Stamina bar needs to be improved, every class waste stamina but not in the same way. Make Faster class waste less stamina running, Make stronger class gain stamina faster anytime, nerd class gain stamina faster just hiding, and last Luckiest class can gain stamina faster When player is being chased by Jason.
  5. So, Friday the 13th, we love it, obviously if we didn't we wouldn't be here. But one of the things that I was considering the other day while hyping this game up to a friend of mine, is the topic of Sex in the context of F13. Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, those things are totally important to the franchise. Just as much as the slaughter our favorite maniac dishes out, but there's some considerations that I'm just a bit concerned about, especially in the sex aspect. Now we know Sex will be part of the game, devs have said it's an option before [likely to provide buffs to the players who engaged in it, and as a call to action for Jason]. But how deep does this go? Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking about how porntastic things will be, because obviously it won't be super graphic [we ARE still shooting for an M rating, not AO.] but in 2016/2017 [even in a game taking place in the 80's] I'm curious about representation, primarily of the GLBT variety. Now I'm not asking for trans characters, since Trans was kinda...well not exactly very common in the 80's[at least not in representation]... but let's be real, at the very least the GLB part of GLBT was still pretty much rockin even back then. And while we don't really see it in any of the films, I was curious if the devs had even considered Same Sex sexual encounters. I'd assume, for the event to trigger in the first place, to players would have to be in the same cabin or near the same object, and essentially queue into the action, meaning it would have to be consensual for both players [a button prompt: Press X to agree to sex.] which would set the animation into motion. Since that's likely how it's set up, I'm wondering if the devs considered allowing two male, or two female characters to interact through this prompt. Now I know for some this is a bit of a controversial topic. And homosexuality tends to be the butt of some horror jokes [just look at A Nightmare on Elm St. 2.] But in 2016/2017, in an age where we have same sex romance options in various games like Mass Effect and Skyrim and the like. Are we going to keep on that bleeding edge, or are we going to revert entirely to the 80's level of no overt representation [which would personally, be a shame, since it would likely take two consenting players to even start the option.] I'd just like the community, and developer's thoughts on this, if possible. On another note... has anything been discussed about recreational drug use in game?
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