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Found 1 result

  1. I’ll probably be adding other B movie ideas but first... The Blob I had a game idea I thought would be fun for the asymmetrical horror genre and since I have no where else to post it I’m just going to write it here. It isn’t fully fleshed out and I figure I can borrow the Friday set up to give you an idea. The one major departure is you’ll have to picture a small town map, I know we never got one and the distances between choke points will be shorter but it should be easy to picture. The opening scene can play out in a number of locations but I’ll use the Dr.’s office as the example. Basically a group of young adults are witness to the Blobs first kill, the twist being that it can be anyone of you. Rather than have a full on cut scene, I’d like to encourage the players to explore that first location till the Game randomly (or maybe not so randomly but in a way that happens behind the scenes like tickets) attacks one of them. Searching a drawer, looking in a closet or footlocker to find equipment you’re suddenly attacked but don’t worry you’re going to be the blob in about thirty seconds so it won’t really matter. You’re character will scream or maybe fall down and wither around, this gives the others a chance to see what’s happening or get out of dodge. They’re cars are right out front and they’re not broken or sabotaged at this point in the game, in fact the whole map is open to you literally as soon as someone is attacked. You don’t even have to go see them die/transform. While this is happening the Blob player is moved to the first layer of their map. It shows all the hidden paths that the Blob can take at this location to move between rooms ie. drains, pipes, vents, and into objects that are of sufficient size to conceal it. The drains lead to pipes systems and they’re highlighted when you switch between views, so after exiting your map for the first time you’ll see the pipe paths in this location. Some paths will be traversed with a prompt and be very quick first person trips that allow you to control the direction you’re traveling at each split in the path, hopefully this leads to players having to pay attention to the route to be efficient and end up were they want. Other paths like air vents (which come in different sizes) can be traversed without a prompt but they may be large enough to contain people or animals, possibly even traps. Some paths will take longer as you grow in size. The Map The map is bigger than any Friday map, but the goals aren’t the same, as survivors you’re not trying to escape... you’re trying to save the bot towns people. You can drive between locations and send people to a main location, be careful not to run them over because ever dead body is more potential mass for the Blob. The Blob has to move to higher level of the map and find a route out of the first location, as players learn the map they’ll do this faster but early on it will be a bit of a slower process. To move around the map effectively as the Blob you’ll want to discover as many locations as possible and highlight exits at specific points ie. manhole covers, sewer drains, and any other paths you find. By highlighting things later in the match you’ll be able to quick travel to points that let you attack larger groups or cut people off. I imagine there will be some counter play with a player monitoring the sewers or traps being deployed. I think using the militaries tech in the late game will be an option. Time Limit I figure a match will actually be divided into three sections, each no more than 20 minutes in length and possibly as short as about 2 minutes. In each section one side or the other will get the advantage, earlier in the match hunting the small half a man sized Blob is easy, but if that doesn’t go well the balance of power switches to the Blob. If the Blob simply leaves to go eat bots, there’s not a lot you can do but follow. If you can find it at that second location and lock it down, it might not get big enough to trigger the second stage and to be able to kill you easily. While small the Blob is weak against fire as well as cold, by the second stage it’s gained some fire immunity but is still weak to cold. Something Different - a short interlude The idea for the Blob as a bad guy was inspired by a dumb article I read, while I thought the premise of said article was dumb it did get me thinking. A game can be made or broken by the level of control the player has over his avatar, how responsive it is or just how well it moves around the environment. With an avatar like the Blob, the rules might be a bit different, it might not be a matter of being responsive, it might be a matter of communicating effectively with the other parts of the Blob. Sorry, I’m not explaining this well. Let’s try again. At the start of the Match one player is selected to be the Blob, and they can eat bots to get bigger... but what happens if they eat a player? What if that player gained control of part of the Blob? What if you had to work together to move fast but could also have more attacks, as each person could make a tendril to grab with? I think this could be really interesting but I think we could take it one step further by asking the obvious. What if you don’t want to be a Blob with that random? What if there was more than one? This is what I figured, being a collective should make you much harder to kill and shift the balance of power so the survivor players have to flee and try to set large traps for you. But you should also have the option to pull the Blob in two and be independent killers. Basically one would simply grab a tendril hold and wrench itself away (this would be a command, if you grab normally eventually you slip as the mass pulls you in the direction of travel). It should be doable regardless of wether the other player wants to be combined, they can always go eat bots and get their mass back if that’s the problem. I think it would be fun trying to follow or lead a collective of 4 or 5 people who are all trying to get those kills for themselves. You’re a team but also competing for XP. The Blob Stages 1. Baby Blob, hand sized bunch of goop. Normally A.I. Controlled but could have its own mode or intro. 2. Small Blob, Has eaten at least one person, starts off half the size of a person and grows by half a size per person eaten. Animals are worth less mass. But it works out to about half each meal. A person takes time to fully eat, about thirty seconds and eating can be interrupted. 3. Medium Blob, Has eaten enough people and animals that it can no longer conceal itself in a car. This stage can also reflect having two PC’s in control of it. As you have to be at least Med. size to split. 4. Large Blob, can cover ceilings and phone booths with ease. It’s very hard to reach this stage without starting to eat other players. Moving becomes difficult as your whole mass no longer is working in perfect conjunction. You literally hold yourself back, and collapse if you rise to high in the air. 5. Giant Blob, you can now rupture sewers and attack whole groups of armed people. Getting to this point is a group effort! 5 or 6 PC’s are needed to be working together to move at full speed. You can now kill a whole car in one mighty wave, devouring all within. At this point you spend almost no time digesting, you just keep coming. Ok, that’s enough for now. I’ll probably right more later. If you have any feedback, I look forward to reading it. PS. Sorry if this lands in the wrong section of the forums, it’s always a gamble with my iPad. Edit... Time to continue recording my thoughts, they’re not in any particular order as I was mostly jotting down notes at work... enjoy. Health and Damage - The Blob and the humans will have different health systems. Humans have a total number of hit points (Hp), where as the Blob will have variable Hp based on size and some types will only be temporary damage. The Blob can also regenerate by eating bots or players as some of it’s mass is health, damaging it can reduce its size. Size will effect speed, especially speed over obstacles and the speed of destroying barricades. Healing for human players will actually be more like ‘bracing’, you temporarily remove penalties that have incurred through damage. Bandages can be applied but could also be destroyed by the Blob returning the player to a damaged state. I’d like to include pain killers that help with the damage but also make it harder to tell when you’re getting hurt. This could be done by messing with the health bar graphic and doesn’t need to be developed here and now. As I picture players escaping from the Blob and taking damage, then bandaging but possibly losing those bandages the next time you’re attacked making it a back and forth. Types of weapons and damage. I picture the early weapons as being found or made, with more powerful weapons being available as you progress the match through its stages. So powerful weapons won’t unlock till the very end but may not be very effective against the Blob ie. guns. I’d still include them as I picture this game expanding in scope as time goes by. I’d like to have a scrap system that uses workbenches, the scrap is for filling in the blanks in any recipe, simple items should be craft able anywhere. Sprays - flammable one handed sprays with a heat source or two handed CO2 extinguishers, these are the most plentiful and useful of the items. Quick saves will depend on targeting the tendrils with either a spray or a melee weapon, something’s will require more strikes to cause a release. Ie. hair spray, WD40, chemical extinguishers both small one handed and two handed, like the silver CO2 extinguishers. Fire Sources - disposable lighters, Zippo, flare, acetylene torch. Possibly other DLC things like plasma guns, cattle prods or old fashioned blowtorches. Used in conjunction with the above sprays and you have some great improvised weapons. Melee - Is actually two fold as it covers the items you’ll be using to physical trick at the tendrils and the items you’ll use to break through doors, locks and barricades. Garden tools of all kinds but with roughly the same motion, crowbars, axes of different types and of course the classic machete. These weapons will be less useful than others but may just add to the feeling of being in a complete world. Even if they’re not useful people feel better when they have a weapon and besides without one you have no chance to save someone. Guns - While even less effective than Melee weapons at a certain point they may just buy you the time you need. I have a rather large list of types of guns I’d like and they are going to be set dressing anyway so may as well be useable. Revolver, automatic pistols, sawed off shotgun, pump, SMG, hunting rifle and even assault rifles. DLC - tranquilizer guns, paintball and other fun things should be on the list too. Finally the mother of all end game weapons, the LAW. These should be available in the last third of the match. Be back tomorrow with more, thanks for reading... and I’m back Barricading/Obstacles You may not think barricading will be as useful against an enemy that can simply push through it, either flowing around or smashing it with its mass but it slows it down and every second might count. Different types of barricades and obstacles will exist in the world, you’ll have to find and make use of them. Be careful though as they can slow people on your team as well. I figure we can use a vault system similar to Dbd and expand it to include things like a risk of falling if you’re going full tilt. To use a tipped over shelving unit covered in boxes as an example, the humans will probably leap right over. The Blob at a smaller size will push the boxes on the floor out of its way as it passes under the shelf at larger sizes it will happen faster. With its attack power it will rise up and smash down on the shelf, once big enough it can take on non-Newtonian properties, becoming more solid as it applies force. The boxes should be obstacles themselves and after being pushed out from under the shelf become a speed trap that either slows the human approaching from the box side or a stumble hazard when you’re jumping over the shelf. The size of the Blob will determine how many hits it takes to break a shelf permanently, but using the Wave power the Blob will cut the time in half, so you may pass over the same shelf multiple times before destroying it if you’re still small. I figure some things will have higher slow downs, like a heavily loaded shelf where as something like pallets will be useful against only med to large Blobs.
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