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Found 8 results

  1. Feel free to post any of your Friday the 13th fanart for the game or for the FT13th community in general! Can't wait to see some amazing art!
  2. Whats the latest horror movie you watched? The latest one i watched was... F13 New Blood. Watched it recently because at first glance it didnt seem like a good movie at all.
  3. If you have any Artwork or GFX art for friday the 13th or any other slasher be sure to post them down below!
  4. Hey all! Just wanted to make a thread so people can post their art inspired by either the game or the franchise!!! Ill start off with one I made the night after the game was released! I had so much fun playing...it inspired me!
  5. https://gl-comics.deviantart.com/art/Jason-Final-Concept-MAYBE-711417388 Story Idea: lets say the real Jason is "dead" this teenage kid goes to his grave.. without knowing.. something happened maybe he was bullied or maybe he had an abusive mother, no father.. and one day he ran to the grave yard that was once known as crystal lake.. and he says "I wish to kill them all.. " little did he know it was jason's grave.. lightning ends up hitting the boy and he ends up in the hospital but when hes found there is a black jason mask.. on him.. when he puts on the mask he basically becomes a seriel killer that part im still working on. its a Jason Vs Jason story. What do you guys think so far?i
  6. After the NES Jason update on PS4 I've notiticed that I can't watch the credits and listen to "He's Back". The Credits screen is just white with the word Credits at the top left and a Back button and it just continues the regular menu audio. It also looks strange that Tiffany Cox's legs have such dark baked in shading down the insides like she's been riding a horse coated in charcoal dust, unless she has been.
  7. Here is an Official Fanart thread to post all your fanart of your desires. Even though I can't tell but please post your own original fanart. Just saying. This is my own particular work, I JUST got done with it. I wanted to incorporate my favorite survivor of the Friday the 13th series into a original artwork. An this is what I got, I really do love it. Her name is Tina from part 7 if any of you don't know. I added the Friday the 13th the game title just to add that I'm ready for the game and already love it while loving my favorite character from my favorite movie part of the franchise. That's really it, I wanted to take a easy, simple, and quick route with drawing whatever type of fanart I really wanted to do. Can't wait to see everyones work. (This also makes me think of a suggestion for the suggestion and feedback thread, it would be cool if the game had loading screens they could in-corporate Fanart pieces in the loading time screens. Lol. I remember a Korean mmo did it and I didn't know cause the artwork was that good at the time, lol.)
  8. Feel free to post any of your Friday the 13th fanart for the game or for the FT13th community in general! Can't wait to see some amazing art!
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