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Found 4 results

  1. Soooooooo... I was pretty disappointed when the update for Fox, Shelly and Mitch's customization went live because I thought Gun Media was going to give customization to the casual outfits of the original cast above level 101. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE their new outfits (especially Fox's Yellow outfit), it's just that I was really expecting new clothing for the others and I got dissapointed. I'm currently at level 148 and I grinded there only because of the bloody Jason skins. My suggestion is that I want Gun Media to give customization to the original cast of Friday The 13th: The Game characters above level 101. If they decide to raise the level cap again to level 200, I want another reason to grind for XP again. It would be nice to see Deborah in a red sweater or her in a black sweater with a Checkerboard pattern that goes across her chest like this: Gun Media DID say they were adding future content with the new level cap, although they hadn't released any information on it ever since (it's like they're pulling a paranoia lol but then they gave an update on it.) Maybe they could give extra customization options such as changing up hairstyles or misc features such as Deborah's glasses? Idk lol. Anyway, that's just my opinion, what do you guys think about adding customization to the original cast of the game? -Qcici
  2. Legitimately looking for an answer here. All the time I see very high level or max level players using Adam and I really just don't understand why. As Jason they never seem to give me more trouble than other counselors who try to fight me and in general I don't see them escaping more often or anything like that. From what I've heard it's because he can both fight and repair although less efficiently than counselors attuned one of those playstyles? If that's the case, I don't see why people wouldn't play a character who excels at one rather than one who's ok at both especially when Vanessa has higher stamina, speed, and luck for stuns as well as being able to wear the sweater. Is there something in missing? Adam mains enlighten me please.
  3. Hello Campers! I'm wondering if any of you have noticed some ps4 Players recently that use Brandon/Adam with special looking outfits? Ive never seen before and i play quite alot. *LvL 81* Brandon counselor being a "LIFEGUARD JUMPSUIT" ADAM "WHITE Sleeves /BLACK Jacket"
  4. Since the other guys ruined the other topic with their off-topic apology demandingness and such, I figured we should get back on track to the only topic that really matters. Now this is a topic a lot of people can get behind I still say they should round it out a bit more, but we'll have to wait to see it in action before making a final verdict. Base model, zero texture pictures don't do it justice. (Come on now, you knew this was coming)
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