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Found 4 results

  1. First of all before I begin my quick idea... I have to tell you folks at Gun Media, as well as the entire Friday the 13th movie team. I have been a huge fan of this series since I was 6 years old. The various Friday movies used to come on T.N.T. and USA channels (censored/edited) of course.. but it was these moments that Jason first scared the shit out of me and gave me nightmares... I was a kid who lived in a small suburban neighborhood, looking out his window, expecting to see tall lumbering Jason walking down my dimly lid road in the evenings.. imagining that if I did see him walking down the road, he would keep going and not turn in my direction.. that if he DID turn in my direction, I had the excuse of being a kid defending me... he doesn't hurt kids.. that was a RULE that was stapled in my head, my protection. Later on, the NES game came, fast forward to high school. IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS. I wanted to see Jason in a game. I wrote to companies. I wrote a long letter to CAPCOM, I will never forget that. I actually mailed it to them with ideas. The game never came and everyone just accepted there would be no game. Fast forward to now. It's almost surreal, but just an accepted fact because of today's technology that i can sit here and talk to you guys and that this game is actually being made, AND.. that so far all of you are absolutely NAILING the feel of this game from what I've seen. I appreciate it.. it was a long wait. ANYWAY.. JASON TAKES MANHATTAN... We all know the movie didn't get the chance to film in New York like they wanted to.. the whole thing was shot on a boat. BUT NOW... (if the game does successful). This could all be remedied in the game. A "Jason Takes Manhattan" map pack could feature places like, 1. THE LAZARUS (the ship) 2. THE CITY 3. ALLEYS 4. THE SEWER SYSTEM The only major difference being A.I. NPC characters that would be doing their thing in the city. It would be interesting to see if you guys could capture that same feeling where even tho they were in the city, and even tho a lot of people were around, there was still that sense of dread and tension. No matter how many people are around the player, they'd feel alone or shunned away. The only problem would be A.I. in that if the player being Jason decides to try to goof with the A.I. he wouldn't be able to kill them. Or the A.I. responding to Jason, etc.. it would be quite the task. Maybe it could be a case to where Jason isn't allowed to walk out among the public for too long or cops will get called, .. it could act as a temporary safe zone for players while Jason works out a way to walk out there and get them. The sewer system is a given. Creepy Underground tunnels. So uncomfortable being down there knowing Jason could teleport around the next corner, it would be a very dangerous map for counselors because Jason could literally be there around a wall, or as you turn corners trying to make your way out. There's just so many things you guys could do with maps in terms of balancing out the characters WITH the maps, and making adjustments towards what players are able to do depending on the map itself. There are so many variables that can be made out here. I don't even begin to understand how people say this game will have no replay value. I mean.. You guys could even make a "Suburban Neighborhood" map where Jason is killing teenagers in their own neighborhood (playing out that childhood nightmare), you can run from house to house at night with 'your teenage friends' trying to figure a way out of the situation. (Just pretend all the parents are asleep) XD...
  2. If Jason (Part 7) were to be given a second weapon to buy with CP Points, I feel strongly that it should be the Weed Whacker. Here's why. The weed whacker, would be very terrifying to counselors (players) and would work similar to the movie scene it was shot with. The weed whacker, if picked by the Jason player, would see them getting a score boost for kills made with it, BUT, it would be very difficult to make a kill with it, UNLESS the counselor you are chasing is wounded, or completely out of Stamina. Why?? Fire the weed whacker up too early, and most EVERYONE will hear it, increasing chances of counselors avoiding Jason. Straight up chasing a counselor with it would be hard (not impossible), but slashing them once or twice (with it OFF, no noise)) to weaken them first and increase their fear on top of that is the preferred method. Once they are wounded, Jason can then fire up the whacker, and make the kill for more points than a 'normal weapon'. Jason would have to hold a button to crank the weed whacker up (it takes a moment). In that moment, after cranking it, the noise can be heard by counselors within proximity, and by counselors in the distance. Scenario: How scary would it be to hear that sound getting closer behind you after you have completely tired out your counselor. Or to hear Jason cutting through a cabin to get to you with it. Jason Players could easily use the weed whacker to simply intimidate other players, get them to leave a cabin, run scatter. People will hear that sound, and it's time to go. I feel that the weed whacker is a great weapon to place inside the game. The game mechanics for extra score using it would be balanced, and it would create a ton of fun and fear within the game.
  3. **FEAR METER** Scaring the Counselors and invoking "FEAR". As we all know the counselors fear is a key element, if not THE key element to easily hunt and kill them. I like the idea that if counselors are hiding out in a cabin, and Jason KNOWS that they are in there, he could search around for the power box to the cabin and destroy it to push a little fear into the counselors as they hide inside. Now the only downside to this would be that the counselor, seeing the lights go out, they just might try to leave the cabin, because after seeing the lights go out, most folks will assume, "Okay Jason's DEFINITELY on his way inside, so I should leave now". This may or may not work for gameplay balance unless there's a reason for counselors to stay inside the cabin, and to stay hidden. Just running around in a dark cabin by yourself would be crazy. One interaction that I would just completely bow down to you guys eternally for, would be to somehow be able to 'disguise' the fact that Jason has entered the cabin. Giving that, "He's inside with me.. I can feel it.. but I don't know where he is!" Remember that scene from Part 7 where "The Neanderthal Man, Hunter-Gatherer, seeks nourishment" dude goes downstairs and if you look close, at the upper left corner of the room as he enters the kitchen, Jason is just standing there, watching him from the shadows. CREEPY AS FUCK. I don't know how dark you plan on making these rooms when lights go out, but if you can implement these kinds of moments... (holy shit balls). SETTING UP CORPSES I don't see this getting placed, but still would be neat if it could.. Would be kinda neat if Jason could set corpses up in doorways, or have some way of spawning bodies that just appear to the counselor to again, invoke fear in them as they are searching. These would be classified more as jump scares I suppose, but they would be pretty neat to experience at random for counselors. I just worry about that if Jason manually set up bodies, it would take away from the time he SHOULD be hunting the other counselors. And even if he did set up a body or two, chances are a counselor would never even see or interact with it. So it would probably have to be some automatic perk that just is 'placed' when Jason uses it somewhere (cabin, barn). When used, would place bodies in that location. They wouldn't necessarily be the bodies of the counselors playing, but OTHER people (NPCs) who were unfortunate enough to walk through Jason's woods.
  4. The gameplay is awesome you guys!! Loved seeing the footage live on TWITCH last night! Everything had that Friday the 13th movie vibe and I was ridiculously excited. The teleporting, perfect feature and perk for Jason... honestly the only thing I would change about it is 2 things small. The smoke effect when he appears, I just hope counselors can't SEE that... as now it makes Jason like a witch or warlock, his teleporting should be something the counselor players KNOW he's doing, but they should never directly SEE him teleport. It should always be as if he's coming out of the shadows, or from behind a wall. That "whoosh" generic sound effect when he teleports, I feel like that should be something different, but that's just me. Make it to where Jason can't teleport somewhere as long as someone is able to see in that location. THIS would also give the camp counselors more initiative to stick together. Because if there are counselors sticking together that's more EYES covering the environment and when there are more eyes covering the landscape (which could be a cone of vision invisible to everyone except Jason, it would eliminate him being able to teleport everywhere because a counselor can actually SEE there... Where as if a counselor is alone and by themselves, they have an easier chance to die. Stick together, keep everyone looking out the windows for Jason. Keep an eye on your environment, because as soon as someone looks away for an INSTANT, Jason could teleport and sneak up on the group and grab someone at a window, or at a back door. This would automatically create a sense of 'working together as a group' and the anticipation and excitement of using multiple people to keep Jason at a distance AT LEAST from teleporting. It would also help keep that 'feel' of the movies as when everyone's together, you feel safer and Jason 'may not show up' during these moments of sticking together, less likely than if you are alone. The BLOOD. It looks a little comic book right now. It's very bright red and splattery, which is cool. But I feel like the gore in Friday should be more realistic than ' comic splattery'. The payoff for killing a counselor should be HUUUUGE. I mean people are going to be playing this game and killing counselors THOUSANDS of times.. so you can only imagine how many times we are going to be viewing these kills. Make the blood and gore to where people have to almost feel bad for what they've done, hahah. People have seen blood in games so much now that it's no big thing. Design the blood to ooze out of wounds. Make people go "Ew" again. And not just because someone's head exploded Mortal Kombat style. The girl that gets her head smashed by Jason in the door, where's her skull? Where's her brains? Where are the pieces of her head that should be left behind and there for other counselors to find later? The blood itself could play a little gameplay element too. Jason's footsteps as he walks through it, people can see where he went. Counselors too. When Jason kills victims, blood should be getting all over his clothes etc. In the movies there was blood on windows, objects, ... I want to have that feeling of coming up to a cabin and getting those butterflies in your stomach as you go to yourself, "He's in there.. or closeby, because..." and they'd have evidence. Blood splatter. A corpse absolutely MANGLED inside. Maybe Jason carried the body away to his 'hideout'. But there should be clear evidence that someone was murdered there. etc.
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