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Found 157 results

  1. Will there be multiple maps in the game, like of camps or locations from the movies or just made up ones, or will there just be one big map? Also, will the maps or map have different weather scenarios each time you play like at random the map could have rain, fog, or just a clear night? The game looks great though and no matter what map sitation it looks like a blast either way!
  2. Will this be aviable on Mac? If so will it be cross-play between pc and Mac? I'm in college so when I'm away for most of the year I only have my Mac and I would love to beable to play this well I'm gone. And I just asked about cross play because that will ensure population cause I fear Mac wouldn't have enough players all the time without cross play.
  3. Hey guys! Check out our new Friday The 13th Facebook fan page! https://www.facebook.com/FridayThe13thFans - Danny
  4. Hav a skin to promote the 13th movie in the series? Like how star wars battlefront had that free "Jukku" dlc. depending if the movie actually gets made... but you could just go off their artwork and what they had done...... (hoping it gets made)
  5. I know a lot of us have different opinions on movies/comics/actors/directors connected with our favorite masked killer... So let's hear em! Let us share in a healthy debate about what we liked or loved or disliked or utterly hated about the FT13th series! No bashing or actor/director shaming or nasty behavior, please! Are you a Kane-Hodder-as-Jason fan? Or did you prefer another actor's portrayal? Who was your favorite director? Why? Got a favorite movie that stands out in the series? What makes it better than the rest? I wanna know, folks! Let's discuss!!
  6. Feel free to post any of your Friday the 13th fanart for the game or for the FT13th community in general! Can't wait to see some amazing art!
  7. You may not see too much of me, I'm not the biggest web-head for chatting online. But this concept and development is truly engaging. I followed the Kickstarter right from launch; though no pledging. I'm terribly embattled by money woes. So Halloween 2016 approx. release. It gives me plenty of time to get a new system to play this next year! I'm fortunate enough to have driven by the original campground in NJ - along with going down that little dirt road toward the start of the first film. Small stretch through a field with tunnel like trees on either end of the path. It flipped me out when I was down it, as I had just seen #1 again. Lastly: I spent a great deal of time living in MI, so Bruce Campbell is a favorite. It was exciting to see him on a "speaking tour" not too long ago. All in all, I got my Jason and Ash backgrounds. Pretty horror-iffic!
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