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Found 157 results

  1. My GameChat doesn't work at all, I've messaged Xbox support and they tried a few things and then they sent me here
  2. ib307301

    Hard copy PS4

    Anybody know when we're supposed to be receiving our hard copy format of the game?
  3. Hello everybody I just wanted to ask if someone ever got the perk on the pic below and if yes the what is it because I always see it while rolling perks but I never get it and I want to know what it is because I think it's a perk that you start with pocket knife so if someone has it can you please tell me what it is? Here's the picture:
  4. Hai everybody Vesper Angel 89 here, Just joined the forums even though I've been playing this game for a bit now. So who am I you might ask? Well here is your answer My GT is Vesper Angel 89 and I play Friday the 13th on the good old XB1. I live in the Netherlands and I'm always up for some gaming when I'm on. So if you see me on this game don't be scared to say hi as I will be nice and play along.Unless you're Jason then I refuse
  5. For those who want to hear the full song,here it is... Im glad that Mitch kept some of the original game music in this chase theme.
  6. I absolutely love friday the 13th and enjoy playing as the counselors and Jason, but there's one problem, the hosts. When I'm playing as a counselor and fight Jason, call the cops, and call tommy Jarvis, I don't want the host to rage quit before I get my xp. I would have done all of that for nothing. That's why I think we need host migration so the host doesn't ruin the game for the rest of the players just because Jason killed him. Thank you for reading this, I really hope you guys add this into our game. Goodbye.
  7. If I backed the game on Via backerkit will my name appear in the credits or is that just for those who backed on via Kickstarter
  8. So yeah Paul Phoenix is back at it again,he made a NES skin for Jason and showing different Jason kills trough the point of view of the victim. Also as you can see,it is possible to give any weapons and killing animations to any of the Jason models,so anyone who tought it wasnt possible have been proven wrong. And here's a bonus video from Paul Phoenix...
  9. Jason Mask Unboxing That's a video I made for a mask I just received the other day. If you're a Friday fan you'll love it.
  10. hello i want to start by saying well done on a great game big fan of friday the 13th movies and a big fan of the game, i was thinking of way to make the game better and here are some of my ideas: more way to kill jason you could do part 6 way to kill jason by using the boat with Tommy and finding a chain somewhere on the map and a rock could be near the boat and that could have it in a way of jason grab escape thing if jason wins he get a one hit kill but if Tommy wins then he put jason to the bottom on the lake, next can use the part 9 movie way to send jason back to hell could have it that only a female character can use the dagger that can be found somewhere on the map and have the same set up as using jason mother sweater where it stun jason then use the dagger on him. next could do part 8 way to kill jason if you do a map for Manhattan sewers could kill jason by first throwing toxic waste at jason and then like calling the police you use a control panel with a count down till the sewers get flooded with toxic waste. for the jason kills i would say use a random feature so you can't kill jason all the time. next here a idea some player use the psn party group to find player and kill them faster way not have it that if your using the psn party chat you only can do a private match as then if they try to cheat they can only do it to them self. i would like to see for dlc maybe jason skins i.e: jason x skins both human and his machine look, more maps would be nice maybe the manhattan sewer and more kills for jason to do, i hope you find this helpful and i am always happy to give any help and ideas your big fan brian ribbon
  11. Alright guys! whats going on, Im Its Haviik and i am on this forum because i want everyone to join me on my quest to find the hidden pamela tapes on the brand new game on Xbox one and many other platforms, Friday the 13th! So if anyone would like to join my stream just go onto twitch and search my username and there i am! See y'all in the stream
  12. For any of you folks who have never played or seen the NES Friday the 13th, I thought this would be a fitting introduction:
  13. I would like to know when players will be able to wield this weapon, I feel it's unfair that the Savini Jason character has the pitch fork while other Jason's don't. This is a gameplay style that shouldn't be locked to the backers only, I remember some early videos of the pitch fork kills back before the Savini Skin was announced and shown. I do hope when a new Jason skin comes along we can have the pitch fork, cuz man watching people die on the end of a pitch fork is awesome.
  14. So is this a realistic solution to the Savini Skin debacle? Since many original backers feel slighted and many people who bought and supported the game with 40 dollars feel left out or were unaware of the option to purchase the skin. They could sell it on all platforms as a way to be a BACKER for new dlc. Seems like it would keep the creators at keeping their word as exclusive to backers, but also give the new supporters a chance to be included as backers. Again sold as a BACKER product for new dlc. Many companies do many rounds of investors (backers.) Thoughts?
  15. It be a cool idea if we were able to play as the first killer Jason mum its makes sense, I can't be the only one that has thought of this right, Jason preferably the Jason X one could be another killer we could play as. You know a cool Easter egg could that the kid Jason if your swimming in the lake could possibly he could maybe grab you for a jumpscare, mm. Who else could we add as killers maybe the ones who were Jason temporary in Jason goes to hell
  16. I would like to make a subjestion. I find the game has had a very bad start the servers have been bad and all the bugs in the game. I feel in my opinion we shud be giving a free DLC like savani Jason or a new map or game mode for us the players who have been through this bad experience please type ur subjestions down below
  17. Note: Pamela, Roy, , JTGH Possessions, and Jason's Demise are included The Remake Is Not
  18. I'm sure they've already thought about this, but wouldn't it be cool if you could chain Jason on the bottom of the Lake, like in Part 6 and 7? You have to find the chain and then have Tommy in the boat in the lake, exactly like in Jason Lives. This would, of course, only work for the Jason Lives and New Blood Jason.
  19. I live in Europe and i have gotten my Game from Backerkit. But i have not yet gotten the Savini skin or the Clothing pack. I have emailed support about 10 times and no response. Has anyone else in Europe gotten the DLC Codes yet? I'm really frustrated.
  20. Good Morning Jason fans, I am a Friday the 13th fan and wanted to join the forums to chat with others regarding the game. I am a big horror fan and wanted to introduce myself. Thanks
  21. I've looked everywhere, and I cannot find a physical copy of the game anywhere. Why is the initial release only available digitally, and when will the physical version be released? Thank you.
  22. I figure it's best suited for them to be able to see a compiled list of everyone's suggestions, including my own and friends from 10 or so hours of play. So if you want to add your suggestion, and it's not already in the OP, just put it in this thread and I'll add it. Suggestions from the Community: 1. Private Game options/settings customization. Include adjustable stats for Jason and the players, abilities on or off, match time limits, victory conditions on or off, perks on or off, adjustable handicaps, so on and so forth. Let us create our own custom experience in Private matches. 2. Improve hiding/stealth, and enable more ways to avoid "Sense", such as crouching and stealth being overall more useful, therefor allowing the player to avoid continuous encounters with Jason if you manage to get away. 3. Camera work needs improving, too wonky/finicky, indoors especially. 4. Too easy for Jason to catch up to you using Teleport and Shift, perhaps increase cool down, and with the right hide mechanics could help balance it. 5. Jason's kill prompts come up too quickly/easily, perhaps a quicktime prompt battle between Jason and the Counselor trying to break free to decide if the Counselor gets free or if Jason kills them? 6. Visual indicator on who is talking. 7. Stamina is currently the most useful skill in the game by far, it's essentially your life meter, so perhaps a retooling of character speeds and making the other skills more prominent? 8. Avoid possible scenarios where a Counselor can simply circle a car to avoid Jason. 9. Calling the Police is arguably easier than getting the car parts, so perhaps some retooling and balancing on victory conditions and how they are obtained? Have the Police as NPCs at the exit, where Jason can take the time to kill them, thus making it a gamble of time spent for both sides? 10. Vote to kick feature(excluding Jason), to eliminate potential trolling and griefing. 11. Add Tutorials for different aspects of the game that aren't as obvious. 12. Remove or change the VHS static/distortion effect from Shift to something that doesn't hinder the Counselor's as much, when they are already greatly struggling. 13. Bots fill empty slots, at least in Private Games with friends. This will enable a more balanced play where you don't need 8 people to truly stand a chance. 14. Possible alternative win condition option for the last Counselor alive, a boat escape, taking down Jason, have this be where the Police come in, or something else entirely? 15. No friendly fire option, at least in Private Games. 16. Each Counselor can only be selected by 1 person (possible alternate mode). 17. Add text chat to the game, as not everyone has a mic, and a good chunk who do will likely use other programs to speak outside of the game with friends. 18. Allow the map to be opened while moving, or possibly implement a double tap of a button to enlarge the mini-map for better mobility and navigation while on the run.
  23. Hey Guys, I was looking at the Trophy List on PS4 and noticed that we have a trophy called "Cooking With Jason Vorhees". This is a very, very, very, little nitpick of me, but why is his last name spelled wrong? I know one of the pledge tiers on Kickstarter was Design a Trophy/Achievement, so if a fan designed it, I can understand the misspelling, a little bit. I think it should be spelled correctly whether it was a Fan Trophy/Achievement or not. Unless that person specifically requested it spelled that way, since people constantly spell his name wrong like that. Almost like an inside joke among the community. Okay, that's my two cents. I think I'm gonna change my name to Roy Borns. It's only fitting that I do.
  24. Hey Everybody My names Bawkbasoup and I can't flippin wait for this game to come out. I've been reading the fourms a lot recently and there's so many cool passionate people here. I haven't been this excited for a game in a long long time!! I hope to see some of you in the game on Friday and beyond. I'll be playing/streaming it for all hours of the day on release. Hope to get grouped with some of you on day 1
  25. Hello all, is anyone selling the tom Savini and/or counselor Clothing pack?, I missed out on it and I really do regret not buying it when I had the chance. If any potential sellers (or people who know others that are selling it) see this post could you please leave a contact method/link so we can negotiate the price ¬Thanks
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