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Found 2,988 results

  1. Hey everyone,Ian is not my real name but its a pseudonime,so you can call me simply by this name,well i wanna show to you guys my theory about Jason and a chronology. i'm not sure if this is definitive,but i think Jason part 1 was drowned but not to death,and as a mentaly diseased boy turned into a survivalist kinda deal for the 20 years Crystal Lake was closed and managed to survive on the nearby woods with regular plants and animals,and robbing what he can find to survive and build his shack,than the events of 1979 he saw his mother and alice fight from the woods and could only saw his mother death before he could talk to her (presumably seeing just some part of the murders that she commited) ,and with Alice in the boat he picked up his mother's head and machete and followed Alice to take revenge some months later (the scene on the lake was a dream by Alice). Than in part 2 he have the memorial from his mother,and take revenge on Alice,than he came back to his shack and influenced by his mother actions in the past turned into a killer of the region of Crystal Lake,and as a mentally diseased boy-like grown adult he cant feel the usual pain as a regular human without mental diseases,so this can explain his survivalism to quasi (but not totally) fatal injuries on part 2 and 3,needing just some time to ''recover'' . A year before the events of part 3 Jason found the protagonist in the woods and scared her,but she managed to escape,and when she came back,he notices the movimentation on the nearby little farm and goes to his second mass kill,and almost died but recovered on a morgue of his wound on the head mistaken as dead (again) and came back to the events of part 4. In part 4 he definitely dies as a human by A REAL FATAL INJURY on the head after his third mass kill. And then in part 6 he comes back as a zombie,ressurected by one thunder,and having multiple mass killings until part 9 that he is torn into pieces by FBI and after posesing multiple bodies as a spirit he manage to recover his body and get finally killed by being pulled to hell. I consider the events of Freddy vs Jason being before of Jason X,so Freddy revives jason as a zombie again,and after Jason escapes of being killed again,and finally dies after the events of Jason X (being burned on athmosphere). Jason's reboot its a different timeline so not include it. Well,thats it,if some plot holes are in it,please answer
  2. So I've been meaning to write up a guide dissecting each Jason, their strengths and weakness and how best to play each one. I'm having difficulties with Jason part 7 and Jason part 8. Any help with them would be appreciated. And since you're already here, why not drop a quick comment how you feel about each Jason, or just your favorite one and what he excels at for you? All comments are appreciated, thank you for hearing me out.
  3. I believe it's just not as fun to play with the Rage buff. Cannot be stunned while in Rage by melee attacks unless the attack causes your mask to be removed. As a Counselor, you are limited to running, hiding, and utilizing bear traps to stun a Rage Jason. This serves as a nerf to high strength Counselors, their use is absent once Jason enters Rage. As Jason, Rage feels like playing with cheats on. Breaking through doors and walls is fine, but being able to tank hits sort of takes away from the fun for me. This is all subjective of course and I wouldn't be surprised if some people prefer the game the way it currently is, just wanted to share my opinion out there. Don't know if it would receive any updates in the future but fingers crossed. Thanks for hearing me out.
  4. I really wish I could like pt.6 Jason but that -Morph has fucked me over so many times on the switch that I don't bother on PS4 considering everything i endured.

    1. Carlso


      I was once a pt.6 main, then that -Morph cocked me 1000 times and I changed to pt.9.

    2. RetroJason89


      There we go!

  5. hi, ok jason needs a buff, cause i played with a fool brazil complete troll team, they were 7 friends, they just was intimidating me and dancing when they stunn me, all 7 got focus on me, they only hitted me 3 times and i lost my mask with savini jason at that 3rd hit, i thought you need 4 hits to mask off, well they were 3 vanesas 2 palomino 1 debie and 1 chad, jason needs a buff right now!, i only killed 4 they are very good team playing but trolls as fck, intimidating me calling me noob etc etc and bothering, they do this to all jasons!, they are not the only troll team, there are a lot of this sht people, thats why too much players left the game, and thats why there are hackers, i have a friend that was hacking for THIS, he says this is very annoying!, and thats right it is very annoying!, devs must put an stop to this trolls teams, and do a bug cause kill jason is very easy, game is very unbalanced, i hope some guys here understand what im saying :s
  6. So to my knowledge NES or Retro Jason was originally supposed to be his own individual Jason but thanks to that stupid lawsuit his implementation was never fully realized but what if he was? What would he be? Human or Zombie? Also what would be his stats? Post your theories down below as I would like to read them.
  7. Part 4 Jason Voorhees Cosplay (Coming Soon!) (HardgoreStudios) Part 2 Jason ✔️ Part 3 Jason ❌ Part 4 Jason ✔️ Part 6 Jason ✔️ Part 7 Jason ✔️ Part 8 Jason ❌ Part 9 Jason ❌ Part X Jason ❌ ✔️=Is done ❌=Not Done
  8. Provavelmente na hora de desativar o recurso de agachamento, esquiva em modo combate, e armadilhas. Problema resolvido . Todos esses itens eles usam para bugar. Como tem no youtube dando dicas como fazer. Outra coisa tinha tinha que tirar o manto da pamela, para não matar o jason, pois e´ mais facil matar o jason doque concertar o carro ou chamar a policia. se não der para fazer isso acho melhor que o jason possa dar teleporte para cima das casas ate fora do mapa...
  9. NECA Toys Part 7 Jason Voorhees And Victor Crowley Delayed Pre-Orders ^ Link for everyone to read.
  10. https://bloody-disgusting.com/interviews/3634450/exclusive-jason-lives-director-tom-mcloughlin-shares-concept-art-sequel-jason-never-dies/ Tom McLoughlin shares Idea for sequel and concept art with Bloody Disgusting!! I would Love for this to happen!!
  11. This is in response to the Wise's topic on Jason's stun resistance but to expand upon on Jason's other strengths & weaknesses that anyone else thinks needs either a buff or nerf. For me it's simple +Grip strength Allow 2 hits for Jason to let go of a counselor as this would cause pressure for counselors & for them to stick together plus it would make +Grip strength more viable +Stun resistance Either increase your chances of not being Stun or decrease the stun time & chances of not being knocked down +Weapon Strength Kinda weird as I don't know the maximum percentage of thick skin but whenever I play against bots especially when up against either Buggzy, Adam, or surprisingly Chad I know they have thick skin cause whenever I use pt.3 it usually takes 5-6 hits to kill them as oppose 4 & I dunno I think it's Abit overpowered especially when online as they can have medic+thick skin combo so maybe increase +weapon strength a tad? But what about everyone else? Which strength or weaknesses do you think needs a buff or nerf?
  12. When I was playing in a private match with one other person, I was a counselor and she was Jason, when the game started both cars were already started and it started counting down the time until the cops was gonna be there but I didn’t do any of that so I’m wondering how did the person who was playing Jason do that, lol like how did she turn on that on, I hope this makes sense lol thanks for any help!!
  13. Hey everyone hope you're all doing well, So it's been exactly 2 months (going on 3) since i've played friday the 13th on the PS4 & as mentioned before i'm a year long switch player but switched to PS4 as i wanted to make a gaming channel solely dedicated to Retro Jason as i was inspired by Play With Jason & also i wanted to branch out & have fun on the PS4 again (& also because i don't have a capture card for my switch lite). Currently i'm at 20 subs which is great but frankly i'm not about subs like most channels are but rather keeping this game alive as much as possible & to provide fans a channel & content who are fans of Retro Jason & the original NES game as i went the whole 10 miles in adding the title screen & game over screen after every match just to emulate the NES game. Now during my go with the PS4 i've had many trials & error as i'm not a master of this game nor i tend to be the best by any means just a fan playing the game with love & respect to both the franchise & Jason but with that said i've had many highlights during my run as Jason & i'm gonna share them with you guys as some are really neat. This one still remains my favorite for obvious reasons 😁
  14. Jeez been slipping up alot as Jason as I already had 2 matches yesterday where 2 people left in cars & my grabs have been shotty ... maybe I should take a break or something cause I normally do better than this. (눈‸눈)

  15. Working on one for counselors, but that one might take a while since there's probably 1000 of those to choose from.
  16. @mattshotcha is Jason being killed with his mask on intended or not? I said it is not, however, there are claims that someone from Gun is saying yes it is. Please verify. Thanks.
  17. I was thinking, it would be cool if Jason could throw his weapon, for an insta-kill against councilors. But this should also make him vulnerable, and give a chance for councilors to use it against him, and give them the ability to kill him, if his mask is off. Though since the weapon would be lodged into the floor or wall, they should have to repeatedly tap A to dislodge it. Those with high strength should remove it more easily. Councilors should be able also to knock the weapon out of his hands, after his mask is off. But Jason should be able to pick up other weapons too, that the councilors use.
  18. I Like playing this game an enjoyed it very much . Im Sick an tired Of going into a match where Jason Is cheating with another player telling him where every one is at. You guys need to fix that but since the game is going no where Im guseing your not going to do anything about it. thats the only thing thats making your game suck /
  19. Yea so my gamer tag is Murk Dlow look me up I have over 50 plus clips of killing Jason’s.. any way my question is why is it that some times after you get his mask off use the sweater me or my friend I play with is tommy we hit him and he won’t drop to his knees or sometimes he will but you can’t hit the a button? Now I know he can break out of the hypnotize but it’s to fast I mean you have to hit a a thousand times!! I just don’t get it like is it just the game not working right or what and like I said I’m not new to killing Jason at all I know how to do it but like I stated it just don’t work all the time and I know the person who is Jason isn’t hitting a that fast lol unless they are playing with a modded controller.. any body know why some times I randomly it won’t work and does it happen to any body else some time
  20. I realized that there has been a thread for this awhile back but i wanted to resurrected it now & know if anyone's opinions changed since then. Anywho with the variety of Jason's we have including Uber Jason (as his stats have been shown along with gameplay thanks to pc players in offline mode so we can get the gist of what he's like) who is the best Jason? Now opinionated i know but keep in mind this is mean't for fun & only to explain why you think a certain Jason is the best so don't go fanboy over it & keep it civil.☺️ My list can go for a top 5 but the Jason's that top them & rival each other in a nutshell are ones i don't have & they are ... Savini Jason & Uber Jason Weird i know but let me explain Savini is basically pt.4 but better as he has +Shift as an ability which will recharge faster than normal allowing you to get places faster or shift grab a unsuspecting counselor whose far away, 5 traps which is always good allowing crowd control, & Weapon Strength + Destruction which is the cherry on top for this Jason. Uber Jason like Savini is in parallel to pt.3 as they're very similar but Uber is better as he has +Stun Resistance which is always good, Destruction a no brainer, & Grip strength making it difficult for counselors to break & preform a hands on kill or environmental kill. Overall i think the non-running Jason's are the best as they have some of the better abilities & offer a challenge when going up against counselors who have have high stamina & speed but what about you guys? Also if anyone cares about the other Jason's on my list that go in order Part.8 Part.3 Part.5
  21. So last night I uploaded 2 matches of me playing Jason & this morning I went to check for comments or likes & for some reason they all got bombarded with 12 & 13 dislikes ... da hell? Never had this happen to me before & I didn't even talked crap about anyone in either matches just dropped a "crispy" one liner in my pt.8 match for a lil laugh. Oh well haters are gonna hate even though I didn't do or say anything wrong.


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    2. RetroJason89


      Yeh probably cause they thought since they were a team of Vanessa's & I was pt.8 they had it easy but no you shouldn't look down at a non running Jason or any Jason's because you're using Vanessa's. It's disrespectful cause all Jason's can be a huge threat if you use them right WITHOUT using exploits that is.

    3. I'm Not a Goalie

      I'm Not a Goalie

      A counselor that underestimates Part 8 is usually a dead counselor. To be fair though a cocky turd is going to act like a cocky turd regardless of what Jason they go up against.

    4. RetroJason89


      Amen brother.

  22. First of all, this suggestion is being written based on the Google translator so if there are any errors, don't notice. One thing that happens on any platform is that players disconnect for anger and other reasons then or other players that come in last in the session, apparently are always Jason. The suggestion is to make a system that chooses Jason based on the time he is in that session, dying or not, one hour being Jason instead of a random one coming in last and taking the turn of whoever was waiting the longest. Maybe this suggestion has already been made but I think it is important to pay a little more attention to this, but in any case I thank you for your attention :)
  23. RayRay


    I wish they would make Jason the killing machine he is supposed to be.i mean what movie is it that teenagers surround Jason and beat the crap out of him then T bagging? They have made Jason a joke.also make it where Jason can trap inside the cabins.
  24. Um, why? Jason in The Final Chapter had not one but two water kills and he's shit in the water in this game. The Part V Not-Jason is much better in the water even though Roy Burns never went in the water in A New Beginning! That's just fucked up. Doesn't make a lick of sense.
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