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  1. We should both bookmark this. If he makes it in, this would be a great addition to pitch later on.
  2. He may end up looking better with engine update.
  3. He was 14 years old. It's not realistic for him to be completely unfearing. His character background is to learn to not be afraid of nothing from where he comes from. That's literally a quote from the movie. Obviously, that's technically impossible. But Reggie showed much bravery in the film, and although obviously scared, he became composed enough to come rescue Pam. He was true to his words.
  4. Jenny Myers is based off Chris Higgins and has 10 composure. Yet, she went coockoo at the end of the movie, much more than Reggie screaming and running away. I'd suggest rethinking what composure means in this game in relation to the character roles. Oh yeah, Reggie also jumped on Roy in the barn and nearly sent him to his death. Guess he didn't need a tractor then.
  5. He's also the same Reggie that said he's not afraid of nothing in the movie Has a nickname of "Reckless" which means daring and unconcerned about consequences. And rode a tractor into Roy But continue to act slow
  6. You do realize he saved Pam right? He rode a fucking tractor into Roy at 14 years old with the most fearless facial expression. He was courageous.
  7. We need a male counselor with luck + composure. I'm sorry, but I don't see any better male characters from the movies for this trope and stats in the OP than Reggie. If there's so much better characters maybe they'd be getting requested.
  8. This gif is just so awesome @Liquid Swordsman did that. I hope they use the idea of it. Imagine the Devs using your gif. Although it won't likely happen, this would be a cool intro sequence for Pinehurst. Or perhaps, Roy's death instead of the sweater.
  9. You don't know who will be next. Neither do I But facts are Reggie has gotten the most attention EFFORTLESSLY for a male since y'all only campaign for females. And the next counselor is male. Unless it's Mark, who may just be a single player challenge...Reggie has a very strong chance to be next. Sorry.
  10. I already asked for him to be a counselor. Your gif can still be used though. As a pitch for a trailer for his introduction in the game. He can be perceived as a hero. As a hero spawn. Like we were discussing before, with Jason chasing after a counselor, and Reggie is found. He comes out the wall and saves them. Or we can use the other idea you pitched last night. Either one works.
  11. Y'all love these characters but the ultimate truth is their trope/role is generic and already represented in the game despite being iconic characters. I don't see them being added.
  12. Hmm... I'm not sure if the Devs would do a high strength + high luck counselor. It's an overkill, but best of luck.
  13. Adam has strength and composure + the ability to repair....
  14. #1 Reggie (An iconic character from the franchise despite being from the arguably least liked movie. Pitched to be older in the game, he will fill in the role of the male luck counselor with composure. And who doesn't love that red jogging suit, perhaps we'll get to hit Roy with the tractor as well.) #2 Tina ( Although hard to implement, Tina is special. She has the ability to hit Jason with objects with her telekenesis. If not a hero, a seperate game mode would still be successful.) #3 KM or Brodski (Let's be honest, who wants to see Tommy Jarvis in space. We need another hero character to be released alongside the Grendel map. And why not the bad ass heroes from Jason X.) #4 A Repair counselor with better stamina and speed. Okay, the Devs aren't going to overkill it, but a 6 in each stat is feasible and fair. #5 Mark, he's going to be in the game someway anyways, so why does my opinion matter