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  1. Reggie "Reckless" Winter

    Reggie isn't that blunt & bold/mean Reggie is faster than Tiffany Lol Y'all gotta do better
  2. Keep it maintained most of the game. - Use it for regaining stamina (turn on flashlight) - Use your minimap to your advantage - Hide (At the best moments, this is purely skill learned). - Face Jason (if you're using her luck, he sure to equip sucker punch perk) - Build with sense avoidance perks.
  3. Where is everybody from...

    Flint, Michigan
  4. Reggie "Reckless" Winter

    Reggie never diesđź‘€
  5. Reggie "Reckless" Winter

    Lmao OT - "Lights going off" Chad - "whimpers" oh my god, no, no, no Reggie - "whispers" - Shut up, you trying to get us killed bro. Get it together. @Santi_Lee @Barbara Ann Melissa - I'm not touching that gas, I just got my nails done. Reggie - No one has time for your rich white girl antics. You wouldn't last one day where I'm from. I'm surprised you're not dead yet. Eric - I'm out of stamina. I can't run anymore. Help! Reggie - I can't carry your ass. Somebody chasing us, fuck stamina. Bring on the cramps and light-headedness. I'm not dying. If he grabs you, I'll hit him. I don't leave no one behind.
  6. Next counsellor and map

    On the road map, there is ONE counselor left Other counselors would depend on another road map
  7. Next counsellor and map

    There's only one more planned counselor It may be Part 5 map, but if it's a mean girl counselor, it's likely part 7 map to go with it. Part 5 map should come with Reggie as a counselor.
  8. Fix the glitched gas

    Having the gas stuck behind the chair isn't fun lol
  9. Friendly fire should only work if both people agree to hurting each to other Counselors would have to type in a 4 code within distance if each other for example. Other than that, no.
  10. Why is it behind a chair and not interactive? I just got myself stuck behind a chair trying to get it. Correction - I did. Now I can't get to to the other side of the chair again @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben
  11. Driving is damn near impossible

    I haven't crashed driving the car yet, so I have that going for me.
  12. Reggie "Reckless" Winter

    You're right In that case, I wonder what his Halloween costume would be But I like my swimsuit idea. He'd have some clothes on without looking dorky like Eric lol
  13. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    @Barbara Ann I made a thread about the new counselors being included in the intro so hopefully you'll see both Chad & her scared out their mind lol
  14. Repair

    Well, I like it the way it is. 3 & 4 repair is a waste of points at this point.