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  1. If I remember correctly, the game community wanted dedicated servers, but we didn't know at the time there was a deadline for content to be put in the game. They didn't tell us. We only got a hint with that response to Reggie thread back in April.
  2. You got my thread closed 😂

    1. Brigadius


      Really? Sorry man. They must really dislike Muffin. Or, thought a Reggie Muffin team up was too dangerous for them.

      That is ultra lame though. I can't believe they have nothing better to do.

  3. @Liquid Swordsman There's still a faint glimmer of hope for Reggie @wes So, did you say no new content ever back in June because you didn't know Black Tower Studios would take over or because Horror Inc told you to say that? @Nic | Slash 'N Cast I didnt know you guys had a account here.
  4. I played many hours last night. One noticeable thing is sometimes when after you are grabbed or injured by Jason, you lose the ability to do anything besides run. Can't pick up items, climb through windows, and close doors. Annoying bug. Please fix next patch.
  5. They do, just not in Friday The 13th series. He was also technically a teenager in the movie.
  6. Which mod locked your thread?😂

    1. Brigadius


      I don't know. Just saw it myself. An act of animal cruelty. RIP Muffin😢

    2. badassgixxer05


      I saw it was locked yesterday. Guess no longer open for discussion. Join the ever growing list of things we can't talk about....

    3. BomberBuddy


      Your remembrance thread that you posted for Muffin has been wiped from existence. Who is the cruel soul that keeps us from honoring such a good dog?

  7. Is fear management noticeably better on AJ/Adam with 20+% fear resistance. I personally think AJ fear management is trash with the way composure mechanics works and it being a 7.
  8. The 3:21 for Jenny, was determined by standing next to Jason outside, I would assume as soon as the match started. No grabs or slashes.
  9. Speaking of balance, it doesn't make sense that Vanessa and Deborah don't react when the lights go out, but Jenny does. A complete contradiction to her 10 composure. This has been in the game for months, when will it be fixed?
  10. Armani👑


    Lowkey tired of that gif lol
  11. It takes 3:21 minutes to get to black (hysterical) screen of Jason being on Jenny. Just wondering if it's been tested how long it takes for Mitch, who has a 9 composure.
  12. Armani👑

    Jason X and the grendal map

    Horror Inc has not really given Gunmedia the green light to resume any content at the moment. Their statement was a mixed signal with no specifics. If Miller had lost the lawsuit, things may have been different, but who knows. Back in June, Wes said no content, even after the lawsuit, but I think Dark Tower Studios knows how to use the coding on the game to add content since they've assisted on it before. So his next statement may change the next time he's allowed to. That said, the game is in a post dark age era. We don't know yet, so it's just a waiting game.
  13. Armani👑


    Anyone know Horror Inc's contact info so I can send this to them - "The statement regarding future content for Friday The 13th Game was poor. The lack of taking responsibility for anything is laughable. Victor Miller is not the right holders for the game. Horror Inc made the decision to suspend content regardless the outcome if Victor won or not. That said, if Victor RECENTLY declined to settle with Sean just after the ruling, this contradicts Victor's stance of not wanting to halt the franchise or the game which was leaked via email. Horror Inc contradicts themselves by "aggressively exploring" projects not pertaining to anything Part 1 related. Yet continues to let the game sit, with no clear indication of what content is allowed to be put in the game. A clear indication to Gunmedia would be appreciated, and a settle with Victor would be appreciated for both fans and your pockets. You're not going to gain anything by attempting to appeal and lose more money."