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  1. @wes I'm sorry, but if the ruling is soon and somehow goes well, there is no reason to not release Uber Jason. You say his model is not finished, but he's already in the game files, meaning he's damn near finished. You will likely struggle to receive funding or support for your next project if you leave this game in a bad spot. Uber Jason and its map was the #1 thing people looked forward to seeing in the game. Dedicated Servers are very important, but its importance will turn mute with no additional content to keep the player base up. Uber Jason would have been the biggest inclusion for this game for new content, and would have brought lots of hype. Please reconsider your decision if the ruling happens soon. Uber Jason is how you end this game if you really have to.
  2. They truly just threw in the towel huh? Sad that not even Uber Jason is coming. No one won in this. R.I.P to this game. I don't agree with his decision to just quit completely if given the opportunity to resume but whatever.
  3. They did tell him yes, but they can't do anything now as you can see. This has been the case for months. Not any new news
  4. Ironically, I emailed him over a month ago. It's not going to help. He cannot do anything. We already had a hint of this, when @westold Shavar Ross they were having legal issues at the moment regarding Reggie. I never expected it to impact the license to things they already had. This is really bad. Tragic.
  5. Lol, 😂 I guess my title was accurate and prepared . We knew there was a lawsuit keeping Reggie from coming, but I didn't expect it to be so bad that Grendel and Uber would be not released too💀 We still have till July. I believe that's the termination date for Victor to "hopefully" lose
  6. We don't know, but he's likely not next. We have to wait till July.
  7. I can still see Mark being next, even though a part of single player challenges.
  8. Armani👑

    Come on guys

    Considering how long it took, the update really isn't anything that satisfactory with bugs such as rubberband still present and now a new bug where you can't even play as the counselor you want. I'm sure there are more. The new content is good though
  9. Armani👑

    "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Frim that video, I don't like her voice while stunning Jason from 1st listen. Is her regular voice or screams better?
  10. How unexpected, ya'll released this today
  11. Shavar Ross is older now........... This will be "Return of The Reckless" if or when it happens. So he'll be a few years older. Only way it's going to happen. His age was old enough to kill in the movie. Movies like Children of the Corn, It, Pet Semetary etc exist. Not sure how that corresponds with sex scenes. The F13 franchise just decided not kill a kid in the movie. You're also ignoring he was going to DIE in the 6th installment ONE year later, but he declined and the script was scrapped. What's acceptable in movies is not the same as video games.
  12. They have Uber Jason finished. Not sure about the map though.
  13. I've been optimistic but the game isn't really fun at the moment in multiplayer. Salt Mines and Dedicated Servers will be the resurrection of this game. Hosts are annoying.