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  1. It's called the window glitch and is fun. It was just patched on the other consoles.
  2. Lol probably not, but it should still be a lot of slower. That's if the percentage taken off is the same as the difference between a 3 and 10 speed(12%) It's probably not though. I tried testing against Adam using Buggzy with the -14% last night, but he kept zig zagging to know for sure lol It's probably just -14% from Buggzy's 8 in speed. Which would bring it down to 6.88. And for Jenny it would be 2.55. @mattshotcha Could you guys extend it to a 10% possible negative speed roll for Low Profile, Preparedness, Sucker Punch, Marathon in the next patch? It would just be funny to see Buggzy or Jenny running at 5.6 speed & 2.1 speed if someone purposely equipped 30% less speed lol
  3. If you happened to perk up 14% negative sprint speed on Jenny, would it be significantly different than her regular 3 speed? Just messing around 😄
  4. Apparently the servers are acting wonky. I haven't really tried to get on a lot the past 2 days so cant say myself definitively. Although yesterday I was in a European lobby for some reason.
  5. Depends on how they make it. It wouldn't really make that much sense to release entirely new game with basically the same gameplay. It would make more sense to rerelease this game.
  6. The game will likely never see any new content. The only possible scenario I see is if Horror Inc. themselves invest into the game to promote a new movie with a new playable map & Jason of it. And they help the game get carried over to the next generation of consoles. Because the Devs cant do anything.
  7. This isnt new. It would disappear on the screen, although you would still be able to use it. So it would be a invisible weapon. Unless you mean disappear entirely.
  8. I'm assuming the door glitch is still there. Where if two people interact with it at the at very close times, it'll bug out.
  9. Usually when Jason gets rage and I'm the only one alive, I just run, jog and jump out windows in the same area over and over again, avoiding his shift. I usually play Jenny with the no fear build. Sometimes it could be useful when I have to hit Jason for stamina.
  10. I dont even know how to do the dodge and I've been playing 2 years. I just know how to do combat stance and block😂
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