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  1. Your stamina regin will take a hit, that's one of the main purposes of the build lol
  2. Tbh, maxed out she still screams. Mostly when Jason tries to shift on her, it's just a mechanic independent of the fear state.
  3. Has this been tested? For some reason, I think a 15% marathon would only boost a 3 stamina to 3.45 because the people over these perks dont like us 😂
  4. Allegedly the stairs glitch in Pinehurst is still accessible...... @mattshotcha
  5. Hiding spots are still glitching out, where Jason can see you. Please fix it. Usually happens when you hide a while.
  6. That's not what I said Although that backfires anyway, it just gives Jason more a opportunity to get the kill as opposed to them suiciding.
  7. No, dont think it should affect repairing. Although, they could bring back dealing slightly less damage from windows with a higher luck stat.
  8. Now with Jason in rage mode, it's the hardest things to do, we should be awarded.
  9. Stamina is most important stat in the game, it's like a life bar. After that, I'd say repair for 2nd place and 3rd place would be composure. #1 Stamina ( Life bar, once its out, you're basically dead unless you have a pocket knife) #2 Repair (A stat to repair vehicles and the phone faster. Obviously important especially for a good Jason. Only high repair counselors can repair when Jason is in the vicinity.) #3 Composure (Having less fear keeps your stamina regenerating normally, allowing you to use your minimap and inventory, and breaking free from Jason's grasp. Also helps prerage when you're outside of Jason's normal sense detection range. Also helps stumble less when not scared) #4 Luck (Useful for bodyguarding people and battling Jason, although has little significance after rage outside of starting the car faster and tripping less if you have high composure.) #5 Speed (A bonus to have with stamina but not that important in the grand scheme since Jason can outshift anyone running. Although high speed counselors dont have to sprint to keep ahead of running Jasons, so they preserve stamina) #6 Stealth (Useful to a degree if you know how to use it properly to push objectives or wishing to stay away from Jason prerage. Although after rage, stealth has absolutely no significance in the game since everyone's stealth is significantly boosted. I think Vanessa's stealth is a 8 in rage mode. Jason also relies on his sense in rage, his range is significantly boosted) #7 Strength (not useful in normal gameplay unless your intent is killing Jason, I'd say the weakest stat, although it helps a bit with breaking from Jason's grasp, composure is better for that but both combined is ideal. )
  10. They're supposed to troll Jason and/or be bodyguards.
  11. Aside from the knive/car glitch what is being fixed? #1 The bed glitch is annoying and happens quite often now, your character will stand up through the bed even though the camera is under it. Most people probably dont know about this one, but it makes hiding almost pointless. #2 Weapons dont work after you exit the car, you have to drop and pick it back up to work. Inventory items isn't showing when you exit the vehicle, you have to do the same thing for it to show again. #3 The phone and calling Tommy glitching out. @mattshotcha
  12. This is if they were in a movie, not really related to the game because it's a different experience. Also Jenny is not hard to play as, maybe confusing because many players don't comprehend the game mechanics/stats, but not hard. Especially No Fear Jenny, her stamina will recharge normally, no other counselor has that. Takes like 25 seconds to regain full stamina when in full fear for everyone else. For Jenny it would take less than half of that, and in this game, every second counts.
  13. Who dies from first to last if the counselors in Friday The 13th Game were in a movie. Basing it primarily on stealth + luck + composure as these are stats that can keep you hidden from Jason and buy you more time. Ties will be broken based on speed/stamina. #1 Buggzy - 8 Points #2 Vanessa - 10 Points #3 Adam - 12 points #4 Fox - 13 points #5 Shelly - 15 points #6 Kenny - 15 points #7 Lachoppa - 17 points #8 Deborah - 17 points #9 Mitch - 17 points #10 Chad - 17 points #11 Tiffany - 17 points #12 AJ - 18 points #13 Victoria - 19 points #14 Jenny(Final Girl) - 24 points
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