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  1. I rarely get it tbh, maybe 1 every 100 or 50 matches lol
  2. It's possible, but it would have to take great organization and communication. Would have to find 1,500 people willing to give 5$ a month for example. @mattshotcha
  3. Night Owl is trash.. I'd use those type of perks like 2 years ago Sneaky is situational, it depends. I dont think its worth the slot placement.. Evasion is good for people that mastered combat stance.
  4. No, they still havent made a court decision about the lawsuit. A month later than expected, still nothing
  5. No, running Jasons can catch to anyone jogging besides Vanessa and Chad. Dont know about Buggzy
  6. Your stamina regin will take a hit, that's one of the main purposes of the build lol
  7. Tbh, maxed out she still screams. Mostly when Jason tries to shift on her, it's just a mechanic independent of the fear state.
  8. Has this been tested? For some reason, I think a 15% marathon would only boost a 3 stamina to 3.45 because the people over these perks dont like us 😂
  9. Allegedly the stairs glitch in Pinehurst is still accessible...... @mattshotcha
  10. Hiding spots are still glitching out, where Jason can see you. Please fix it. Usually happens when you hide a while.
  11. That's not what I said Although that backfires anyway, it just gives Jason more a opportunity to get the kill as opposed to them suiciding.
  12. No, dont think it should affect repairing. Although, they could bring back dealing slightly less damage from windows with a higher luck stat.
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