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  1. So we're waiting for Horror Inc to refile an appeal they already filed in October. They really love trolling us to get our hopes up. Not expecting anything positive, but best believe I will lose my shit if they announce they're trying to come to a settlement.
  2. I actually did survive yesterday by running the clock surprisingly. I just kept running around in the big house on Pinehurst. If Jason kills everybody at the car, I usually don't try it anymore. It's a death trap sometimes.
  3. Surviving the clock, unfortunately, that's not likely anymore.
  4. This patch indirectly makes stamina and speed more desirable than the other stats in the game. Luck is almost useless after rage and now a double edged sword, and composure and stealth are more mediocre to have. It completely changes the scope of the counselors to play as. @mattshotcha To offset this, composure can get a boost of sense avoidance and reacting to lights going out 1 - 4 (No boost) Screams when the lights go out in every circumstance. 5 - 7 (5% sense avoidance) Screams when the lights go out if nervous. 8 - 9 (7.5% sense avoidance) Screams when the lights go out if scared. 10 (10 % sense avoidance) Screams when the lights go out if hysterical Luck After Jason gets rage, high luck counselors receive a small boost in damage resistance of going through broken windows and traps. This was already in the game before, but removed for balance purposes back then. 1 - 4 (No boost) 5 - 7 (5 - 7% damage resistance) 8 - 9 (8 - 10% damage resistance) 10 (10 - 12% damage resistance) Stealth Every counselor, unless this has been changed recently, benefits greatly when Jason goes into rage, by his range of hearing. Although his sense range expands significantly.
  5. 1 - 4 Composure = No Sense Avoidance Bonus. * Always screams when the lights go out. Not sure why Deborah and Vanessa are an exception but Jenny always screams👀 5 - 7 Composure Stat = 3 - 5% Sense Avoidance Bonus *Screams when the lights go out if nervous 8 - 9 Composure = 5 -10% Sense Avoidance Bonus * Screams when the lights go out if scared. 10 Composure = 10 - 15% Sense Avoidance Bonus * Screams when the lights go out if hysterical, (no mini map level of fear)
  6. I died as Chad, came back as Tommy and he seemed to get scared significantly fast for some reason.
  7. Do you expect them to somehow make Jason invincible if 7 counselors team up on him? That's not realistic. I'd also like to add, if there are 7 counselors teaming up on you with the sweater and your mask is off too, you're not a good Jason or you're just having a bad game lol To negate that, they should increase the hit points on his mask. It is too easy to take off.
  8. At what point in the past patches was Jason better than now? He's faster and has more throwing knives.
  9. If a whole bunch of counselors team up on Jason, that's called teamwork. Jason should pick people off one by one. And he can outrun everyone jogging besides Chad and Vanessa, not almost. Chase them until they lose their stamina if you suck at shifting and throwing knives. I will admit, perhaps the grab mechanic needs tweaking a little bit, but that's it. Also, the hit points to get his mask off should be increased. This is the best Jason has been so far.
  10. Um...you don't save your stamina? It's not endless. You clearly didnt read and interpret what I typed. I said I had no problem with Jason because he can almost outrun every counselor jogging. He's not weak.
  11. I never said Running Jasons matches a counselor's running speed....
  12. Any Jason with the "Can Run" strength moves at a speed of 8 (compared to a Counselor jogging speed), so the only Counselors able to out-run "Can-Run" Jasons with purely jogging are Chad Kensington and Vanessa Jones. This makes "Can Run" Jasons very dangerous, and very difficult to out-run for slower Counselors. https://fridaythe13th.gamepedia.com/Speed
  13. They literally gave Jason a speed buff a while ago. So unless they removed it, I'm not sure what you're talking about.
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