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  1. Armani?

    Jason is weak

    Jason seems fine to me.
  2. Armani?

    Winter Maps

    Maybe we can see it next year. With a winter clothing pack for all counselors. Hopefully....if the lawsuit ends in the next 6 months.
  3. I had a round with someone using this glitch today
  4. Armani?

    Current state of the game❓

    It's okay, but a bit stale gameplay wise. It depends on what lobby you get in. If it's mic less, it will be boring. If a lot of people have mics and work together, you can still get some very good games. Interaction bugs need to be fixed next update.
  5. I don't think its worth the resources. It makes more sense to do a special edition of F13 Game or something when the lawsuit ends.
  6. Armani?

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    No anything. It's over, and it's highly unlikely anything will change. Horror Inc will just keep appealing till both, Miller and Cunningham are dead from old age. Hopefully the box office scores for Halloween will mess with their minds.
  7. Armani?

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    Welp, back in the dark ages again. I'm going back on my hiatus, BYE Forum Horror Inc is full of shit though lol, they want to settle with Miller without giving him the rights. They'll probably die trying to do this. Sean and Miller are old already.
  8. I don't think it's worth all my 3 slots. I use Sucker Punch so I don't get grabbed if I use a wrench.
  9. At least Victoria is actually in the game...
  10. Sneaky works I think. Does an increase in animation speed not get you out windows faster?
  11. Yeah, 8% I think. Although it only works while alone.
  12. Currently have a Epic, 9% fear resistance from Preparedness & a uncommon 5% fear resistance from Nerves Of Steel. It's noticeably better. The most afraid my Jenny gets is the nervous stage from being around Jason a long time for the majority of the time. Here's to rolling that epic Nerves of Steel.
  13. I know he doesn't. That's why I said he'll get to run him over with the tractor.