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  1. The OP has a point. It's been 2 years and this game is still a glitchy mess, some glitches like roof glitches should have been fixed a while ago. Only my love for Friday The 13th franchise and horror films keeps me playing this so much.
  2. What about changing the grass color to white so it looks like snow for winter 😏
  3. I keep getting stuck/glitched in between things. This time at Packanack, jumped out the window and ended halfway stuck in the wall. Jason grabbed me and killed me🤨 @mattshotcha
  4. I know not a lot people do this, but there's a bug in the game for hiding under the bed. Sometimes your camera will get stuck under the bed and your character will leave on their own randomly, and you can't see anything but their feet until you try moving them away and you can't see them anymore. Even had one time where I was somehow invisible to Jason slashing me. I was right by the bed lol @mattshotcha
  5. They apparently had their "meeting" but nothing happened after that.
  6. "If the lawsuit settles" They'd rather drag it out till they die in court than settle it. It's over. They reinstated it.
  7. Buggzy, Mitch and Chad would be the top 3 I think. Gameplay wise. Buggzy has lots of speed and stamina. Chad has a lot of speed, and luck (this is downplayed after rage) Mitch has a lot of composure, so he can keep his cool longer than every guy.
  8. Honestly, I'm officially over it to be honest. Of course I'd love content to resume though. If they have a movie scheduled for next year if they get the lawsuit scheduled, I do think new content may have a chance. It would then bring more marketing potential back into the game.
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