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  1. Buggzy, Mitch and Chad would be the top 3 I think. Gameplay wise. Buggzy has lots of speed and stamina. Chad has a lot of speed, and luck (this is downplayed after rage) Mitch has a lot of composure, so he can keep his cool longer than every guy.
  2. Honestly, I'm officially over it to be honest. Of course I'd love content to resume though. If they have a movie scheduled for next year if they get the lawsuit scheduled, I do think new content may have a chance. It would then bring more marketing potential back into the game.
  3. If they release a movie next year, they'll try to use the game to market it I think.
  4. Supposedly the lawsuit may end soon. Very unlikely anything will happen soon with the game, we'll see.
  5. Well it's only been one year since the the fun mess we had on here😄
  6. Oh really? Another counselor isn't on the list of urgent priorities anyways. It's on the secondary list of things at the moment.
  7. Pamela is a very far away stretch goal that would need it's own game mechanics, we want Uber Jason and its map. The clothing & kill packs and maybe a counselor before her. Manhattan is also stretch goal. They have to see if there's money worth putting into the game when they finish what they started. One step at a time.
  8. Well we don't know the current financial state of Gun and how much money would be needed by us to offset you guys losing money etc. We would need to know a certain number estimate of money we would have to raise for it to work. Certainly that can be determined somehow. I'm sure it's over a million though.
  9. Wes's statement was based on if Gun had to finance the entire thing. It would be costly and not a good business decision. If fans theoretically could raise a significant amount of money if it went viral, would it be enough to finish a few of the things Gun wanted to release? I would like to hear Wes's response. Perhaps it could be a question in the next livestream.
  10. Someone came up with this back in the About page for Wes's last thread here. Unfortunately content has been cancelled and the longer the lawsuit remains unsettled, the more unlikely content would resume when it did, simply because it's a bad business decision and would jeopardize the company's profits. Seeing that the lawsuit would get settled this year, which is basically the last hope for future DLC, a few people on here mentioned starting a fundraiser if Gunmedia couldn't make the decision to pay for a creative team to begin working on new content again. Originally I thought this was unlikely, but if it went viral, perhaps it would happen. Of course this depends on how much it would cost to finish the unreleased DLC's like Uber map (which is least likely to come out. ) @mattshotcha This thread becomes irrelevant as soon as Horror Inc decides to re submit their appeal to Victor Miller, it would go out too many years to be a good decision for Gun.
  11. Hobbs said she would break the game mechanics a while ago on Twitter. That's too bad as it would be cool to see her.
  12. If they ever do another counselor(extremely unlikely at the moment), he's their top pick. They have his likeness approval and gave the green light to him on the phone, but the lawsuit deadline got in the way. There was no way they could spend time on creating him in time. They knew that.
  13. Me? Composure - 7 Speed - 6 Stamina - 4 Strength - 3 Stealth - 7 Repair - 3 Luck - 5
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