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  1. Because we're going to host a "clean" version on our Twitch. Can't do anything about what other people want to put on YouTube, but that doesn't mean I should just let that stuff sit on an official channel.
  2. The stream VOD will be put up in a few hours. We didn’t intend to remove the VOD of the stream, but we didn’t disable Steam notifications. That was definitely a mistake on our part. Some viewers decided to make some absolutely disgustingly named accounts and send us friend requests. I edited the video to blur out the pop ups, but the render estimate was over 5 hours (blur is render heavy in AE) which made it impossible for me to upload last night.
  3. Y'all really don't need to tag me in all of these "I designed a counselor" threads.
  4. This is true. I've been playing a bunch of Challenges, but I'm still going to mess something up... That part about it ruining my career was a joke.
  5. I've streamed plenty in other gigs before, but this will be my first F13 stream. I am excited, and also a little nervous. Definitely a bit out of practice in it, so this could be an amazing trainwreck for viewers (and my career). Let's all watch in grim fascination, shall we? Please don't go into the stream expecting more than seeing the new engine in action, as well as a bit more of Challenges than the first look showed.
  6. Loved it. Watched all ten episodes over last weekend. Going to watch it again. Excitedly optimistic about a season 2 and beyond.
  7. They were removed for a reason, as explained somewhere else on the forum by someone with better working knowledge of why than I have. I would not expect those animations to return.
  8. 我会问我的主管更多关于这个问题的信息。
  9. I spend 17 hours a day on the forum (well, with a forum tab open), 17 hours a week isn't anything. As far as features like a ranking system go... I'll read all the stuff you guys post, but I'm not the best person to speak about it. I'm the communications guy, not a game designer.
  10. Sure thing. Each Legendary Perk that you roll will have the standard bonus positive and negative attributes that we are used to, but they will also have a bonus stat. This is a listing of what bonus stat each Legendary Perk will have.
  11. Hello counselors, As promised, here is a full listing of Legendary Perk Bonus Stat categories. If you recall, all Legendary Perks have a Positive, Negative, and a Bonus Stat roll. Legendary Bonus Stat ranges will have values of either 1 through 3, or 2 through 5. Perk Bonus Stat Range Adrenaline Rush Total Stamina 1-3 Aquanaut Avoid Sense While Swimming 2-5 Controlled Breathing Overall Fear Reduction 1-3 Easy Listening Total Stamina 1-3 Escape Artist Avoid Sense 1-3 Evasion Avoid Sense 1-3 Firecracker Melee Attack Speed 2-5 Friendship XP Gain 1-3 Grease Monkey Car Top Speed 2-5 Grinder Overall Fear Reduction 1-3 Heavy Hitter Weapon Damage 1-3 Heavy Mover Weapon Damage 1-3 Heavy Sleeper Decreased Sprint Noise 2-5 Home Body First Aid Healing 1-3 Hypochondriac Police Response Time 1-3 Ice Cold Overall Fear Reduction 1-3 Lead Foot Car Start Speed 2-5 Level Headed Overall Fear Reduction 1-3 Lightfoot Reduced Fear Penalties from Darkness 2-5 Lone Wolf Break from Grab Easier 2-5 Low Profile Increased Crouching Stamina Regen 1-3 Man At Arms Weapon Damage 1-3 Marathon Swim Speed 2-5 Medic Repair Speed 2-5 Motorboating Swim Speed 2-5 My Dad's a Cop Increased Weapon Damage as Tommy 2-5 Nerves of Steel Less Fear from Dead Body 2-5 Night Owl Less Fear Indoors 2-5 Potent Ranger Avoid Stumble 1-3 Preparedness Crouch Speed 1-3 Psychic Hiding Spot Fear Reduced 2-5 Pyro Firecrackers Stun Radius 2-5 Quiet Swimmer Swim Speed 2-5 Restful Break Grab Stamina Boost 2-5 Scout Reduced Sprint Noise 1-3 Slugger Melee Attack Speed 1-3 Sneaky Stumble Reduced 1-3 Spatial Awareness VoIP Distance 2-5 Speed Demon Sprint Speed 1-3 Sucker Punch Increased Melee Damage 1-3 Swift Attacker Increased Stun Time 1-3 Teamwork Police Response Time 1-3 Thick Skinned Escape from Traps Quicker 2-5 Thrasher Reduced Weapon Damage Taken 1-3 Tinker Boat Start Time Reduced 2-5
  12. The last Mario I really played was Super Mario 64. Odyssey is a nice looking game, and it IS fun, but I don’t find myself wanting to boot it up compared to other games/systems.
  13. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Mario Odyssey 1 2 Switch Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Monopoly I think that's all I own on the Switch at the moment, but it's my wife's system. I do think that my wife's enjoyment of video games is worth the $399 price tag, as she has played the crap out of that thing. She also plays it while I am playing other devices on our TV.
  14. Ahhhh. That would make sense. I just saw the Slash N Cast video with the "Slasher Cast" and I was like "wat". Also (not to Truth, but to people asking me for more information about a conversation between Wes and Shavar) - Wes made a post that, as far as I am concerned, is the only thing that needs to be said about this. I'm not privy to my bosses conversations with other people, so asking me for more info is a fruitless endeavor.
  15. Hard answer for Uber Jason is that he isn’t in the next update, so there’s nothing to say about it yet. We’re focused on getting this update out the door, and we aren’t talking about stuff coming after the update until it’s released. Also, I’m not a fan of content road maps. They ruin surprises and don’t take the real world into account. Could there be an updated road map? Maybe, but I would argue against putting all planned content on it. I typically post news (not Chad rain GIF) to the forums, reddit, Twitter, and Facebook in the same minute. The F13: The Game Twitter won’t give you a better answer about Uber Jason than I just did. ;)
  16. Only this one. You'll have to unlock them in Challenges, or wait until someone else does, to see the rest.
  17. "All 3 objectives"? Those are just the Skull Objectives that every Challenge has in common. Regular objectives will show this popup when complete. They'll also say the name of the Objective you have completed, as seen in the First Look: Single Player Challenges video.
  18. Good afternoon slashers & campers! We’ve talked about Single Player Challenges a couple of times now, as well as some of the basics of Skull Objectives. Today we're going to discuss what exactly Skull Objectives are, and how you can unlock sweet new emotes within the Challenges. Each of our 10 Single Player Challenges give players an opportunity to unlock 3 emotes. Players who complete all of the Skull Objectives in Single Player Challenges will have earned a total of 30 new emotes for their counselors. Skull Objectives come in three flavors: No Survivors Skull: Simply enough, you complete this Skull Objective by killing all counselors. No one gets out alive, except for Jason. Mother’s special, special boy. XP Score Skull: Jason players must hit an XP requirement to complete the Score Objective. Players will earn points for performing certain actions such as; using Stalker Points, executing special kills, regular kills, and more. Not sure if you’ve hit the XP score? Don't worry, you will be able to track your progress in the tab menu during each Challenge. Undetected Skull: Simultaneously as simple, yet difficult, as it sounds. Save Crystal Lake from the filthy teenagers without being seen. Not sure if AJ saw you? Don’t worry, a pop up will occur if this Skull has been lost due to Jason being detected. Missed a popup and unsure whether you completed an Objective? Each Skull Objective will be displayed at the end of the Challenge to let players know how they performed. We’re listing the Challenges by their unlock order, so we don’t spoil anything before they drop for everyone. Challenge One is unlocked for everyone, but after that players will need to unlock each Challenge by completing two Skull Objectives in the previous Challenge. Each completed Skull Objective will unlock an emote reward. Let’s take a look at the emotes you can unlock for every Skull Objective in each Challenge. Challenge One (Broken Down): No Survivors: Hurry! XP Score: Check Pockets Undetected: The Cabin Boogie Challenge Two: No Survivors: Praise XP Score: Melbourne Shuffle Undetected: Pelvis Thrust Challenge Three: No Survivors: Scatter XP Score: Air Guitar Undetected: The Mia Challenge Four: No Survivors: Apologize XP Score: What was that? Undetected: The Pumpkin Patch Challenge Five: No Survivors: Victory Celebration XP Score: Gun Show Undetected: The Sexy Sway Challenge Six: No Survivors: Silly Gestures XP Score: Friday Night Fever Undetected: Crotch Grab Challenge Seven: No Survivors: Yawn XP Score: Feelin’ It Undetected: The Vincent Challenge Eight: No Survivors: Flirt XP Score: The Freaky Friday Undetected: Flip Off Challenge Nine: No Survivors: Temper Tantrum XP Score: The Low Down Undetected: The Bel-Air Challenge Ten: No Survivors: Threaten XP Score: Bouncin and Boppin Undetected: The Running Man Some of the emotes are different based on the gender of the counselor, but each emote unlocks an action for both female and male counselors.
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