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  1. It’s the XP Score Skull. The XP earned from completing action and kills in Single Player Challenges goes towards unlocking the XP Score Skull. I understand the frustration of waiting for a response, though I am sure you understand that I’ve received far more questions on many platforms than is typical. That’s why I am still going through them on Sunday.
  2. We do care, that's why I'm answering questions on a Sunday afternoon.
  3. Single Player Challenges do not award traditional game XP. They award a one time CP award and a one time Emote unlock for each Skull Objective that a player completes.
  4. This appears to be an issue only with the PS4 physical edition of the game.
  5. Update times aren't always set in stone, which is why we don't give specifics. It could be earlier, it could be later. We'll be waiting just like everyone else.
  6. Launch Anniversary Event! We're more than doubling the chances of Tapes spawning into games (the highest drop rate it has ever been!) and bringing back the seemingly universally loved 2.3x XP for 5 days to celebrate one year of Friday the 13th: The Game. Thank you all for playing, and make sure to accumulate that sweet, sweet XP and those cassette tapes! This event starts at 4pm Eastern on May 24th and ends at 4pm Eastern on the 29th.
  7. We say “at no additional cost” in messaging to help stem the amount of questions asking how much the update will cost, which is something that happens every time we release new counselors, maps, and Jasons. “No additional cost” does not mean “free” as much as it means “this content has already been paid for with your purchase of the game”.
  8. The feedback we've received is pretty split on the 113 level unlock.
  9. That pinball table was made in a third party piece of software, I didn't code that whole thing. Also, that wouldn't be a Ben call.
  10. If people didn’t care, then they wouldn’t care. They wouldn’t give us crap, they wouldn’t get angry, and they wouldn’t tell us that they were upset. Players only do that when they care about the game. That’s the thing I remember every time I read a “bad” post, comment, Tweet, Reddit message. If they didn’t care, then they wouldn’t care.
  11. I’m laid up at home with a pretty horrible migraine, but let me clear up something: I don’t know why someone would think a tweet (that isn’t deleted) from me saying “Nah” would mean that an announcement like that was happening today. It is not.
  12. These two people (in this thread) have stated that they have found tapes since the event ended. We started monitoring it a couple of days ago and things look right on our end, but I'll see if we can dive a bit deeper into it.
  13. I’ve seen a few comments like this lately and asked someone to check to make sure the drop rate is set correctly, and it certainly appears to be. We’ll look into it some more to make sure.
  14. We announced Victoria as a level 42 unlock the same day we announced her, didn't we? Also, thank you for all of the feedback.
  15. Sending out 30 to 40 console test kits to community members, "verified" or not, will never happen.
  16. If you all want to have a discussion, have a discussion. If you all want to bash each other, take it elsewhere.
  17. Purchased Kill Packs are tied to the weapon and not to the Jason. If you own the machete kill pack, then any Jason with the machete equipped will be able to use the kills from the kill pack.
  18. Quick Update: Jason Weapon Selection unlocks at level 113. Jason Strengths and Weaknesses are tied to Jason and not weapons.
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