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  1. I adjusted the name of an account based on this thread. Deleting an account just allows the email address to be reused, this way it is still a banned account but also a reminder to everyone, including @Kodiak, that @KodiakIsAwesome.
  2. Please don't create multiple topics for the same issue, especially in the wrong part of the forum. To help with your problem, go to My Games & Apps - Highlight F13 - Press A - Select "Manage game & add-ons" - Scroll to "Saved data" - Highlight your user save data and press A - Select "delete from everywhere". User save data is stored on the servers. so deleting from your console will not impact your unlocks.
  3. We aren't ignoring it, but this is the list of currently confirmed fixes coming in the next patch.
  4. We have some fixes for a patch slated for early to middle of next week here:
  5. Hey everyone, we’ve been a bit quiet since the last update, as we’ve been focused on getting fixes completed and wrapped up for patching. We’re looking at early-to-mid next week to push patches out on all three platforms, but they likely will not occur at the same time, or even the same day, as different platforms are facing some different issues. There are still things that need to be worked on, but here is what should be going live early next week: Xbox One Crash at start – This was one of the highest priority issues for us. We’ve fixed two separate issues that could be causing Xbox Ones to crash at the “Press A to Start” screen. Vehicle Rubber-banding – This was another high priority issue for us. There are two Rubber-banding bugs that have been a problem over this past year. The first is the bug that appeared after the December patch and is a different issue than the one that is currently in the live build. While we had fixed the first Rubber-banding bug during our work for the May patch, the engine upgrade had also consequently created a new Rubber-banding issue. Both of these issues are very different, but look nearly identical to players. This has understandably caused a lot of confusion. We have made a fix for this newest rubber-banding bug and we hope that this upcoming patch will resolve the Rubber-banding issue once and for all. Numerous Gameplay Crashes – We’ve fixed a bunch of issues that could cause game crashing. This was another high priority issue. Missed or Missing Audio Queues – This includes door, window, and barricading sounds not playing. They should play now. Jason Car Physics - Jason should no longer be able to kick cars across the map. Jason Shininess Reduction – Jason shouldn’t be so shiny now. Savini Skin Pixelation – Savini Jason’s textures should look much better now. Speed Demon Objective – This objective should complete correctly for players now. Tiffany Swimsuit – Players can now correctly choose both the top and bottom of Tiffany’s swimsuit. Non-selectable Emotes – PC players should now be able to select any emote that they have unlocked. Key Binding – Added throwing knife functionality to key bindings. We fixed Roy’s orange hands. Emote Loop – The new dance emotes loop. Have fun dancing. Part 6 Jason Skin – Fixed some discoloration on his mask straps. Victoria Clothing Change - Victoria no longer quick changes her pants when she puts on the sweater. Muting Players - Addressed an issue to make muting players more consistent We are still working on a number of high priority items, including the following: Character Randomization – This has caused a number of other issues including the wrong skin, wrong weapons, wrong Jason in intro/outro, etc. We are still working on this. Counselors not being able to pick up items – May occur when swapping an equipped item with an item on the floor Stun/Grab Floating – Occurs when Jason is stunned at the same time as a grab lands. Violent Shaking during kills – Counselor bodies violently shake back and forth during the kill animation. Grab Insta-kill – we’ve only seen this reported 2 times. If this has happened to you, or in a match that you have played, let us know. If you have a video of the match, even better. We have a lot more work to do, but this patch should address most of the high priority issues that are keeping people from being able to play.
  6. Yes, boats are considered vehicles in the game. @i-cold thank you.
  7. It's definitely a priority issue for us, and one that is present in a few games that use the same engine. The team at IllFonic is hard at work to find a workaround.
  8. This is a Known Issue, you should also be able to select them if you highlight them and press the Space Bar. We're looking into making the grab a little less punishing for Jason players. This is listed under: "Interaction locks occurring due to a variety of different circumstances" It's not yet on the list here yet, but this is a fairly highly reported issue among PC players. Seems as though some players only get the game to save settings if the "Low" or "Epic" presets are selected. Known Issue listed under: "Counselor characters shaking during kill animations for Jason."
  9. That is listed under "Particle issues causing rainbow effects in certain locations (blood, collisions, Savini Jason eyes, liquid)" Listed as "Items may sometimes lose their ability to be picked up when dropped under certain conditions"
  10. Can’t Hide isn’t missing, it has not been implemented. All we have done so far is to run a poll due to the response the song received from the Challenge trailer.
  11. Known Issues for 5/24 Update Below is a work in progress list of known issues associated with the update released on 5/24. We will be updating this list as issues are reproduced, fixes are completed in development builds, and when fixes are in live builds Uber Jason & Kills Selectable by some players on PC. Game crashing after the “Press A” screen on Xbox One. Game may end when Tommy is the last Counselor character alive Selected character is sometimes not the character that players load in as. Interaction locks occurring due to a variety of different circumstances Customizations for Jasons & Counselors not always saving. Interaction prompts sometimes not appearing Morph reticle not showing for some players on Xbox One. Vehicle “rubberbanding” issue Items may sometimes lose their ability to be picked up when dropped under certain conditions Issues occurring between Jason and vehicle physics Exploits related to counselor stamina Medical spray may sometimes require multiple attempts before it will activate Counselor characters becoming stuck in grabbed animation after a grab is interrupted. Some Jason skins are appearing incorrectly. Failure of the match to end after all counselor players escape, die, or exit the round. Players no longer able to select Medium Bloody Jason skins on PS4 disc version. Players taking damage when exiting from a few open windows on ground floors. Counselor characters shaking during kill animations for Jason. Items carried by counselors disappearing when the counselor is drowned. Particle issues causing rainbow effects in certain locations (blood, collisions, Savini Jason eyes, liquid) Phone and Victoria call animations not correctly synced. Audio popping at various times. Sound issues during perk rolls. Missing sounds when selecting Jason or Counselors. Sounds will sometimes be missing when breaking windows, locking doors, etc. Players being sent to the Microsoft Store when attempting to launch the game after updating on Xbox One. Xbox One controller lockout when joining a Private lobby. Characters unable to move between couch and stairs in Higgins Haven main house. It is possible for Jason players to sometimes not hear the car starting sound A delay may sometimes occur between the throwing knife activation and animation. Drawers will sometimes incorrectly close after being opened PS4 animations not working after exiting a vehicle. Issue occurring with Chad speedo texture seams. Wheelchair Buggzy will stand up during certain transitional animations Savini Jason may appear in outro cinematics when the host owns Savini Jason DLC, even if that Jason was not in play. Killing 2 Counselors at the same time in a challenge results in two versions of Pamela VO to be played simultaneously. Weapons may sometimes increase in size when picked up by counselors. Steam VR can be erroneously activated if a VR device is connected to the user’s PC when the game is launched. Display issue with Savini Jason in game. PC Players are unable to equip certain emotes using the mouse. (Selecting them via arrow keys or controller still works) Some players are unable to unlock “Speed Demon” objective, even when objective criteria are met. Multiple versions of the same counselor may appear in Single Player Challenge cutscenes. Escaping in the car can result in odd camera angles. Hair is appearing extra “bright” for some users. Tiffany swimsuit top and bottom cannot be individually changed. The Lobby Leader is listed at the top of the scoreboard instead of Jason on PC. Challenge 8 map lists location “Vaction House” instead of “Vacation House”. The option to Mute players in the menu is unavailable on Xbox One. Players with dual multiple monitors may experience their game launching on the incorrect monitor Hiding under beds can result in the player’s character being displayed as standing through the bed. Roy has bright orange hands. Players keybinding for Morph on PC can make it impossible to select a morph spot with the mouse button. J6 Mask Strap is discolored. When equipping the Sweater on Victoria, her pants take on the pattern of her shirt. Counselor’s model may continue the repair animation on the phone box even after the counselor player has died from stepping on a trap Throwing knife activation button is missing from the keybinding menu
  12. We've been checking our 4 major communication platforms (forums, reddit, facebook, and twitter), as well as JKB, since the patch released to compile an issues list and gather more information. Replying to every post is difficult (if not impossible), so we have focused on documenting. I encourage people to continue letting us know about issues on whatever platform is easiest for them.
  13. No, it'll be its own thread in the Suggestions/Feedback section.
  14. I don't think I've seen reports of this. Could you throw me a PM with more details?
  15. Of the 12 posts in this thread before I responded, none were about car rubberbanding. However, we are currently investigating vehicle rubberbanding issues.
  16. The possibility of spawning as Uber without selecting him is very small, but fear not, the people being banned right now are done because there is definitive proof that the character was accessed by other means.
  17. We’ve had numerous automated bans going out for this. The people being banned are - with 100% certainty - using external methods of accessing that character. Banning someone based off of a screenshot of a Steam username isn’t going to be a thing. It’s far too easy to manipulate images, so we err on the side of players. Automated bans are done with 100% certainty and there will be no “appeal”. People using external means to access content illegitimately are being flagged and banned in waves. In the meantime you can still come across them in game. Also, if you have been banned for this, please don’t message me with a story about how some other programs have caused the issue. You know what you did.
  18. We are aware of a crash to dash occurring on Xbox One. Could you let me know which version of the console this is occurring on for you? Thank you for reporting this. That seems to be a new one for my list.
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