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  1. We are working on bugs deemed Critical right now. There will be a listing of these up soon, but Critical would be things like the game ending when it shouldn’t, and not being the character you select.
  2. We had posts every week for four months talking about what was being worked on. Well, nearly every week. I readily admit that Chad dancing in the rain doesn’t really count. We've had threads about the issues present in the engine update, and we are working on one for the next update as well. Random counselors, game ending early, and death by escape are some of the big topics. As stated in the press release, we are still going to work on fixes, and dedicated servers are being worked on as well. Unfortunately dedicated servers aren’t really something you can say are “80% done” due to the nature of how they work. They’re kind of either done, or not done. There are other topics that I cannot communicate about, and those questions will go unanswered.
  3. Localization is when a game's audio and/or text is changed for the region it is in. Like, "the game has been localized for France". What you are wanting is more of a "Client side save patch".
  4. I don’t know the logistics of making the save client side versus the server side system we use, and it’s after 7pm, so I likely can’t get an answer on that today.
  5. We definitely appreciate the support. I, for one, was expecting the announcement to be received more poorly, but you guys have been awesome. It's definitely an emotional time. I *might* have a browser tab open for everyone streaming F13 on either Twitch or Mixer right now. It might not be the most meaningful thing, but if that +1 to view count helps, then I'm there.
  6. Unfortunately, there is nothing that I can add to this that was not in the press release.
  7. Art books and the soundtrack are unaffected for backers.
  8. You guys deserve more than a standard form press release, and the man himself is working on that.
  9. We will still be fixing bugs and other issues players find in the game, and we are still bringing dedicated servers out for our players on consoles.
  10. The press release quoted is a legitimate press release that we sent out.
  11. #SaveCrystalLake from the pesky counselors ruining it with all of their boozing, premarital sex, and drugs.
  12. It's very difficult, likely impossible, to effectively stop someone from purchasing a game from a store that you do not own. You can try to have them hardware banned, but you can't do that yourself. If someone purchases the game, the fair thing to do is to allow them to play it on that account unless they break the ToS with that account.
  13. Thank you for reporting this. We’re still taking in feedback from the latest update. There were a number of new issues that appeared with the update, and the team at IllFonic have been working on them since Friday. With it being Sunday night, there isn’t a lot else I can say about it right now, but we’ll update players on the issues as soon as possible.
  14. I can’t “ban” people from Twitter, but I can (and do) block people who either use profanity and/or insults when tagging my personal account, as well as people who jump on all of my tweets - not related to work - demanding I talk to them about the issues they want to talk about in regards to Friday the 13th. We have a twitter account for that. It’s @Friday13thGame, which he is in no way blocked from interacting with.
  15. We're definitely hearing the feedback about the latest update causing some pretty big issues for players, and we already have the team working on them. You weren't blocked from the Friday the 13th account and we are more than happy to hear your thoughts and feedback with that account, here on the forums, on Facebook, and Reddit.
  16. Each account must be treated as it’s own account. If those accounts show evidence of hacking, then they will be dealt with accordingly.
  17. This player purchased the game multiple times and was rightfully banned multiple times for hacking. Then the player purchased the game again, and was incorrectly banned for hacking, with no proof of hacking, and the ban was overturned. Events: Player account 1 bought game. Player account 1 hacked the game. Player account 1 banned. Player account 2 bought game. Player account 2 hacked the game. Player account 2 banned. Player account 3 bought game. Player account 3 banned. I looked into it and there was no evidence of hacking on that account. Player account 3 unbanned. That player has 2 accounts that were used for hacking that have been banned, and one account that is clean, with no evidence of hacking, that was unbanned. If that account is flagged or shows evidence of hacking, it too will be banned. Each account that purchases the game must be viewed as it’s own account, with only the actions taken while using that account being used to judge wrongdoing.
  18. I was asked to ban someone based off of his translation of a video. That will NEVER be a thing. Ever. I explained why in the post that he shared. I (me, not "we" or "Gun" or "IllFonic") do not speak or understand that language, so I (again, not "we", "Gun", or "IllFonic") will not ban that person. Is this being looked into? Yes. But not by me, because I do not speak that language. I will not hand out a permanent ban based on a user's translation of events. Bringing "evidence" directly to me, as was the title of your Reddit post, and requesting I ban someone on your translation will not be a thing. Me (again, just me) banning someone for remarks that they make in a language I don't understand would be the same as me banning someone based on a tweet that said: "RandomGuy1 and RandomGuy2 were cheating!" You also never said anything to me about that user making homophobic remarks. The first you mentioned it was in this forum post where you didn't tag me. We already have automated systems in place for people hacking (and it's doing a pretty good job), so no, I was not very worried about this specific user as the automated system would have caught up with them (and in fact, it already has).
  19. Anticheat flags it, so those people end up banned automatically.
  20. You may need to restart (full power cycle) your console to get it pushed instantly. PS: Please don't quote the full OP like that.
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