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  1. We are unable to further clarify or make statements about the situation at this time.
  2. They are issues that don't come up often, but when they do they are extremely annoying to affected players.
  3. This hotfix is solely to fix the two issues listed in the notes.
  4. Dedicated Server Update 9/26 – All Platforms Fixed a search cancelling issue where a player could become stuck while cancelling out of a Quick Play match search Fixed an issue where server uptime could cause a handshake failure when connecting to a game server (this caused the "infinite connection" issue) Today's HotFix update should start going live for all players at approximately 4pm Eastern. Please keep in mind that the update may take a while to roll out to all players on all platforms. This hotfix represents the final update from IllFonic for Friday the 13th: The Game.
  5. We post most news to the forum, especially hot fixes and patch notes, but we have started to make sure we are creating community messaging for items that go out in press releases to make sure the community knows what's up before reading about it on a news site.
  6. A press release was sent out today in regards to a shift in development partners for Friday the 13th: The Game. Black Tower Studios will take the lead to work on bugs and continue improving the overall player experience. As such, now that work on Dedicated Servers is complete, IllFonic will transition away from development of Friday the 13th: The Game, while Black Tower Studios will be picking it up. Black Tower Studios have worked with IllFonic for over a year on content and maps for Friday the 13th: The Game, and we are confident in their ability to continue supporting the game. Examples include assisting in the creation of Pinehurst and Jarvis House maps. IllFonic will be moving on to different projects that are better suited to a full team. About Black Tower Studios: Black Tower Studios is located in Tokyo, Japan. Comprised of industry veterans from around the world, developers at Black Tower Studios have worked on a variety of AAA titles across multiple publishers.
  7. Looks like X1 may be sold out (online), but PS4 still available at BestBuy. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/friday-the-13th-the-game-ultimate-slasher-collectors-edition-playstation-4/6283712.p?skuId=6283712
  8. It is not the same, but I do not know what all is different (I don't have the La-La Lands Records album).
  9. It looks like he recorded this video right after the update was released on Xbox One. At that point there were likely not enough players with the update that included Dedicated Servers, so his game fell back to P2P matchmaking. Any time you see "F13 Official NA/EU" or similar, it means you are connected to a Dedicated Server. If you do not see that, or similar, phrasing, then you are in a peer to peer lobby.
  10. We're planning for the update to go out on Xbox One at 11am Eastern today.
  11. Hey everyone, if you are experiencing long load times, please let me know. We’ve been investigating an issue with this, and the main thing that seems to be common amongst players facing this issue is that they are based in EU and have a PS4 NAT type of 2. I would appreciate if anyone affected by this could DM me so we can gather as much data as possible.
  12. One of the shades are up in that office, so I had to increase the brightness on the camera. The game's gamma is 2.2. Here's the same room, with the game at the same settings, with the shade drawn:
  13. Campers, we’re rolling out Dedicated Servers on PS4 today. Please keep in mind that it will take time before the update reaches all players globally. The Xbox One Dedicated Server update is still moving through certification, but we’ll share information as we get it and will push the update live as soon as it is ready.
  14. When was the last time you tried logging in with the account shown in the video? I'm seeing 5/27/2018 9:09:34 AM MST. Could you try logging in with the account and letting me know what happens? Also, could you send me the name of your second account?
  15. Yes. Unfortunately, most reports go something like this: “Player A and Player B were doing [ban worthy] behavior. Please ban them” + cell phone picture of in-game player list. This type of report leaves out any kind of proof and is not considered actionable as it is too easy for a player to make a false claim about another player. If you have proof that a player is breaking the rules and you feel that the JKB process is too slow, fire a PM to me here with a link or embed of your video and I’ll take care of it.
  16. I had to learn to play games with no sound, that's for sure.
  17. Our next update for PC will address some issues specific to that platform, including a fix for the speed hack that players have been reporting. The next update for consoles - which will not be day and date with the PC update - will include Dedicated Servers, as well as some other bug fixes. We'll have more information as we get closer to the updates being pushed live.
  18. I mean, it's possible. Still technically against the rules, but you aren't banned. Just be careful about who has access to your account. Another member of the moderation team. If I had removed your posts, I would just tell you why they were removed. If it's worth me removing, then it's worth me being able to say why. Let me go annoy some people and see if I can't get some more information.
  19. Posts occurring within a minute of each other, from the same device, on numerous occasions is pretty compelling evidence that it is the same person. Although there has been a forum rule about there being a one account per device policy for a long while.
  20. Yes. The answer I previously posted as to what is being worked on is the same.
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