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  1. Nice work! Seems he understood that he needed to make up for his almost completely defensive first round during the second, but you were on offense nearly the whole match and landing blows. Way to own the ring, sir!
  2. I can't pretend to know what nerfs or buffs have occurred/may occur with Jason(s) or the counselors, but I'll try to get the info that Randy shared on the stream posted here. I *am* still working on forum themes (not even looked into "likes" yet) but that is in between trying to learn the other systems that I'll be using on a day-to-day basis that are different from my previous gigs. Sorry for the seemingly slow start, but I'll get up to speed as soon as I can!
  3. Good looking out. You win an internet hi-5!
  4. All notification text (over dark and light backgrounds) is the same color, I've done my best to select a text color that is visible over both, as I am unable to find a way to change read notifications from having a white background. The Light theme has had some minor reworking to make it fit with the overall forum theme.
  5. I will, but I'm still trying to get caught up on all things Gun and Friday the 13th. I'm a little behind, my apologies.
  6. I like the way this sounds, but I can't make any promises about forum feature updates right now. Still working to ensure readability on the current theme.
  7. Thank you, the notification background is listed under #1 in my second post in this thread.
  8. I can see who likes my posts, so it’s likely a small change to permissions will be needed so make it available to non-administrative users. I am currently on mobile and making some notes. I’ll need to update my to-do list.
  9. Thanks for the feedback! I’ll be sure to dig back into features (such as listing who liked posts) as soon as everything else is buttoned down/readable. 1. Read notification background too light Done 2. Tags users should be red Done 3. Post cancel text too dark Done 4. Post likes - display user names 5. Quoted text and background colors in message composer are too similar 6. Blue line between some posts in mobile view This marks the beginning of unread posts and cannot be changed (stuck with it) 7. “Like this” button outline too dark Same color as forum body and cannot be independently changed (stuck with it) 8. Poll percentage colors make reading poll results difficult Done Please feel free to throw more readability issues at me, I haven’t been able to explore every page of the forums I apologize for the rushed roll-out issues with the new theme. You should still be able to use the Light theme with all the same functionality as before (I literally just renamed Default to Light). The problems are 100% my fault, I’m used to PHPbb & vBulletin forum software, so there is a bit of learning going on for me.
  10. Hey everyone, I've rolled the forums over to the "Slasher" theme. If you have any issues with it, please make note of them in this thread. Things like the "Cancel" button when posting being too close in grey to the background color, that kind of thing... If you 100% hate the theme, you can select "Light" from the theme drop-down. If you DON'T switch over to the Light theme, then you may notice some colors changing as you move from page to page. That's just me making theme adjustments. This theme is not perfect (yet), but I noticed quite a few of you mention missing the "old theme", and we all know that the previous blue & white doesn't really fit with Friday the 13th. I'll do my best to get this wrapped up at some point tomorrow, thank you for your patience.
  11. So, I've been annoying Ben all day with small updates to this very much in-progress theme update. I was hoping it would sneak by without being spotted until we were ready to just make it "The Theme", but you guys are too quick for that. Anyhow, enjoy the theme, we'll be changing it up a little more throughout the day.
  12. Hey all, I'm doing my best to get up to speed right now, but I've been looking around the forums a bit. You will be seeing me around here more when I think it's less likely that I will say something that may not be correct, as that would be a disservice to you, Gun, and Illfonic.
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