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  1. I mean, we haven't announced a firm release date for Uber Jason - Jason X is, to me, Jason before Uberfication, and Ronnie has stated that we currently have no plans to add him - so it would be hard to say what all is coming after him. We will have more than Uber Jason, a map, and dedicated servers, though. We aren't talking about things that far out yet, as the only stuff I am talking about, or answer questions about, is what is coming in the next update. That's the focus.
  2. Friday the 13th: The Game is very much still in active development. We've been sharing news every week about the new developments, and things that people will see in the next update. Dedicated servers are going to happen, and there is more content that will be added to the title.
  3. From the video description: Gun Media, publisher of the award-winning Friday the 13th: The Game, today announced that it has entered into a publishing agreement with Bloober Team, developer of the critically acclaimed Layers of Fear franchise. Gun has acquired worldwide publishing and marketing rights to Bloober Team's next, currently untitled game. Bloober Team and Gun Media expect to announce more information about the game, including title and release date, at a later date.
  4. Good afternoon, counselors! Today is all about Perks, and the first thing we want to talk about is a slight reworking of the UI which is designed to help players who live with certain types of color blindness. Each perk, as well as the Perk Legend, will include a numerical value of 1 through 6 as a visual indicator of Perk rarity. 1 being for Poor Perks, while 6 will denote Legendary Perks (more on that later in this post). Next up, let’s share some value changes that we are making to Perks. Easy Listening – Radio proximity recharge rate boost: Old Value: 1-10% New Value: 10-40% Motorboating – Boat movement speed increase Old Value: 1-15% New Value: 5-35% Man at Arms – Weapon durability increase Old Value: 5-25% New Value: 5-15% My Dads a Cop – Cop arrival time reduction Old Value: -5 - -30% New Value: -5 - -25% Quiet Swimmer – Sense detection chance reduction Old Value: 1-25% New Value: 5-20% Lead Foot – Car speed increase Old Value: 1-10% New Value: 5-20% Aquanaut – Swimming speed increase Old Value: 1-15% New Value: 5-35% Finally, we would like to introduce Legendary Perks. Legendary Perks have all the benefits of the Perks that you know and love, but they also include a Legendary Stat Bonus. A Legendary Stat Bonus is a small value increase to a predetermined stat. For example: You could roll a Legendary Lead Foot Perk with +19 Car Driving Speed, -2 Boat Driving Speed, with a bonus of +4 Car Start Speed. Or: You could roll a Legendary Medic Perk with 2 Med Spray uses, an +8 Health Increase, +5 incoming attack damage, with a +3 to Repair Speed. We’ll release a full listing of Legendary Bonus Stats a little closer to when the next update releases. Please let us know what you think!
  5. Did you just proclaim Ben the king over Wes & Randy (& me)?
  6. Oh damn. Came for work, got a chemistry lesson. School is in session, ladies and gentlemen. Stop. Hamma time.
  7. You don't work in community for nearly a decade without becoming 95% sodium.
  8. That is my understanding. This is a good question, but unfortunately, I do not have the knowledge to answer it yet.
  9. For those wondering what a stinger is, here is an existing one from the game as captured by a random YouTuber. This is NOT the one used for the grab animation change:
  10. Hello slashers, today we’re going to take a quick look at improvements coming to Jason’s grab animation. As you can see, Jason’s new grab feels more powerful as Jason carries momentum from movement while executing the grab. We are also introducing a sound stinger, which we believe makes it even more unsettling for counselor players who find themselves being scooped up by Jason. In the last update we reworked the area and distance of Jason’s grab, and now the improved grab animation makes them look more powerful as well. Let us know what you think!
  11. Fixed an issue that allowed players to use unreleased content. If you used unreleased content and your game is now freezing, you will need to delete the SCCharacterSelections.sav file and restart the game.
  12. Just noticed that I didn’t follow up with one of the bigger questions in this thread. Weapon Swapping is a game changer for each Jason. We are still deciding on the exact level that it should unlock at, but I would suggest that players take advantage of Double XP weekends.
  13. Hello, slashers! Today we wanted to show you something that will be important to our fans who prefer to play as Jason. In the next update, and when you reach a sufficient progression level, you will be able to switch Jason’s weapon. Jason Part VII with a machete? Sure. Roy with a pig splitter? Go for it. Everyone on the Friday the 13th: The Game team is excited to see the community start experimenting with different Jason & Weapon combinations! With Jason being able to switch up his arsenal, we’re happy to let players know that custom key-binding is on the way for our PC players. We know that this is something that you have wanted for a while now, and our left-handed players have certainly been asking us about, and we’re happy to implement this highly requested feature.
  14. Hey everyone! Today we would like to share some news about the Single Player Challenges we are introducing to Friday the 13th: The Game. This game mode will not require any additional purchase and will be bundled in its entirety with the engine upgrade patch. In Single Player Challenges, players will control Jason and hunt down counselors in multiple movie-like scenarios. Here are some of the features that you can expect to see: Multiple replayable missions across varied locations, featuring numerous individual objectives Unique scenarios and maps specially tailored for each mission Cinematic Kills only available in SP Challenges New voice acting and responsive AI that tells a new story in each map We’re very excited for everyone to experience our Single Player Challenges! Let us know what you think!
  15. Hey guys. This was totally my screw up. The other guys just expected me to know what I was talking about, being the community and communications guy. It’s my job and I dropped the ball. Yes, this is exactly the kind of thing I am supposed to keep from happening.
  16. No offense taken. This is a fair point about our previous reveal-through-release performance. Our goal from now until the upgraded engine update is to only show things that will be available in that same update.
  17. We’ll post important news to its own topic when it’s coming out. Courier just put up the big fix notes and the patch should be hitting all platforms.
  18. We’re finalizing the notes to make sure what we post is accurate, but I think Courier is putting the notes up tomorrow (approx 4pm EST if everything goes to plan).
  19. We have a hot fix style patch that will be scheduled for release soon, we’re hoping a day or two, to fix some issues. We’ll have more info on the update throughout the process. We cannot give answers for specific questions right now.
  20. In October 2017, we announced that we would begin working on updating the Friday the 13th: The Game to the latest version of the Unreal Engine. This update will allow us to address many problems that negatively impact game performance as well as fix bugs that can’t be fixed otherwise. It’s also absolutely required for us to continue working on Dedicated Servers for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. We estimate that the integration of the new engine will be completed, at the earliest, sometime in April. The nature of this update means that there will be no regular patches until it is released. Upgrading the engine means touching every piece of content in the game, updating new content that is being created, and needing to retest all core features and gameplay balance to make sure they are not affected.With the release of the latest balance and bug fix patches, we’re now able to transition the full team to working on this upgrade. We will be posting regular news updates on our fixes as well as our plans for future changes throughout this process. We look forward to all of your feedback and we’re all very excited for the future of Friday the 13th: The Game! Thank you all for your patience and continued support! What will updating the engine change or improve? (Please keep in mind that we will have more specifics closer to release) Potential for physics improvements and fixes for vehicles, ragdolls, hair, and more Better performance on all platforms Required support for Dedicated Servers on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 Fixes for long standing issues that will be automatically resolved by moving to the new engine version Will the Dedicated Servers for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 be released with the engine update patch? No. The engine update patch is, however, a critical component in getting Dedicated Servers functioning on consoles, and is absolutely required for us to get there. Unfortunately, that does mean that our focus has to be on the update first - so we’ll need to wait until that’s wrapping up to start estimating the work remaining to get to Dedicated Servers, and provide you with that information. How does this affect the current Road Map? Following the release of Jason Part 5 and Pinehurst, the content on the roadmap from November will be delayed while we focus on engine updates and prepare for dedicated servers. We’ll be communicating regularly with everyone about the engine change and the content affected by it, as well as teasing new content during this period. We will not be creating a new roadmap until we’re at a point where we’re comfortable with the dates involved - we want to make sure that when we tell you something is coming, you can count on it.
  21. Today*. *You will not have Dedicated Servers "Today". Just to make sure we're all clear.
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