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  1. No. Updated game engine Single Player Challenges Legendary Perks Part 7 Adjustments New Jason skin Updated Jason selection process Ways to punish people ending games/lobbies More that we haven't talked about, yet
  2. If a Jason player is just wasting everyone’s time (like hiding in the water, etc) then it makes it very easy to escape, and then leave the game. I saw another question about leaving from the lobby screen, and no, leaving in the lobby screen before the game starts will not generate salt. That’s the perfect time to leave.
  3. You won’t play as Jason every time in Quick Play. So, yes, sitting in the lobby, letting the game start, and then ditching it because you didn’t get selected as the killer is going to earn salt. If you end up in the salt mines with other players who do the exact same thing it would be 100% working as intended.
  4. Salt Mines are not a replacement for Dedicated Servers. If you get run over and betrayed you can leave without incurring a penalty, unless you are the host. If a Jason teamer is sabotaging you, you can record video (modern consoles and PC allow for this) and send it to us at JasonKillsBugs.com. Leaving is still leaving, if you are waiting to play with friends, maybe don't start a match before you are all together. An occasional "I need to spllit cause someone is knocking on the door" or "My internet just went down" isn't going to put you in the Salt Mines. Is it "splintering the player base" when the people being moved outside of the general population rarely finish games as Jason or host? I don't think so because those players being moved to the Salt Mines will have proven that they don't finish games anyway.
  5. A quick search for "Host Left" or "Host Quit" will show you that it's certainly an issue.
  6. A once in a while connection issue won't put you in the mines.
  7. It's not like a global message is going to go out to all players when one gets flagged as "Salty" saying "Hey, Bob is now in the Salt Mines". Going to the Salt Mines is not permanent. Don't play like a jerk and you'll get out.
  8. Dedicated servers are still top priority for us. Hosts leaving gain salt between now and then. Hosts won't really exist when dedicated servers are live.
  9. We all know how excruciating it is to play a match, snatch up a counselor, and – BAM! – “the host has left” pops up on the screen. It’s annoying. It’s INFURIATING. It’s an issue that players have been experiencing, and telling us about, for a while now. But what do we do about salty players who can’t take the fact that they are losing? We give them Salt, with a Capital S. “Huh?!” Salt is a currency, only instead of being able to buy something cool with it, you buy an express ticket to the Salt Mines. More on that in a minute. Earning Salt is EASY! Just do any of the following: Leave a match early, like a jerk Leave a match while being killed, like a big jerk Leave a match as Jason, like a super jerk Leave a match while hosting, like a mega jerk “WTF are the Salt Mines?!” Great question, it’s almost like you’re reading my mind and asking exactly what I need you to, so I can explain the system. The Salt Mines are where Salty players go to play with their equally Sodium-soaked peers. They are kept to their own matchmaking queue where Salty souls only play against other Salty game quitters, locked away from players who know that, sometimes, losing is a part of playing In Quick Play, Salty players will play together, but they can play with anyone in Private Matches. “How much Salt do you get for each of the things listed above? Does Salt go away? How fast?” We aren’t saying, that would be like a "how to" for trolls Yes See 1 “When does this happen?” We’ll be rolling out this change with the engine upgrade update. Happy Matchmaking.
  10. I don't care if people tag me. Just don't be disappointed if I don't respond.
  11. Yes, every weekly post that we have done are items that should be included in the next update unless something catastrophic happens.
  12. We’ve seen a ton of feedback for a while now about Part 7 Jason being “underpowered” or “weak”, and while we agree that maybe his stats aren’t the best to encourage play over some of the other Jasons, we are not planning a complete reworking of the character. Even though we aren’t completely reworking the character, we do believe that a couple of tweaks to this character’s strengths and weaknesses will make for a better play experience: The following changes will be made to Part 7 Jason: Change 1: We are replacing +Grip Strength with +Weapon Strength. This will help to make Jason’s slashes more harmful to counselors. Change 2: We are replacing -Shift with -Stun. This change will allow for more mobility by Jason. We believe that these changes will increase the viability of selecting Part 7 Jason.
  13. This is almost as bad as saying that it was confirmed for April 13th. The simple fact is that no date has been given, one way or the other, as to when the update will be out except for "April, at the earliest". If the update were ready before April 13th, then we wouldn't hold it just to hit the first Friday the 13th in 2018. If the update isn't ready we aren't going to release it just to hit a Friday the 13th. It's an answer that nobody wants to hear, but it's the one we have right now: The update will be released when it is ready.
  14. I mean, are they brown, are they black? Who's to say. Not taking this one to the team.
  15. The Jason selection changes are in the next update. The next update has the engine upgrade. We never said that the update would be out on April 13th.
  16. We're having discussions about the possibility of a new roadmap.
  17. The SP Challenge release is not a demo. It's the full thing.
  18. Nobody promised new info every week, but we did say we would do better at communication. These smaller updates are us communicating changes that will have an impact on how people play. Will all of them be massive pieces of content like Single Player Challenges? No, but it's better to let you guys know what is being worked on, even if it's "lil mundane things".
  19. Just throwing this out there: We did NOT state that this update would be out on April 13th. Please read the rules regarding Naming and Shaming.
  20. Hello slashers, today let’s talk about changes coming to how Jason is selected in Quick Play matches of Friday the 13th: The Game. With the next update we will be introducing a behind-the-scenes ticket system that improves the selection process governing which player is selected to be Jason. Players who have marked Jason as their spawn preference are given a surplus of tickets. Each time they’ve played Jason, tickets are subtracted, to reduce the chance of a single player being selected in back to back rounds, even when switching lobbies. An exception would be if that player switched to a lobby with players who have all indicated a preference for playing Counselors. Counselors - in the event that everyone in the lobby has their preference set to Counselor, one of you will still be selected to play as Jason. What happens if two players have the exact same amount of tickets, and neither have played Jason lately? The system will randomly select a ticket, and the owner of that ticket will be selected as Jason for the round.
  21. The game was not removed from the sleeve prior to shipping. It is a new game, in original plastic wrapping, and cannot be shipped as used. The sleeves were produced by a separate manufacturer and sent, in bulk, to our signing event, as were the steel books. If you bought an item that required signatures, then the item is not complete until they have been signed. This does not make the items "used", it makes them a completed product. Customs policies are outside of our control, and we cannot list a new product as used to help you avoid fees.
  22. I hate to kill hype, but I really want to make sure people aren't expecting things that aren't going to be there when the update drops. There are a lot of changes happening (a lot of them already outlined) but there won't be premium DLC, a map, Jason, or counselor added in the next update.
  23. Dedicated servers are not in the next update. The next update includes Single Player Challenges, Jason Weapon Selection, the updated grab animation, the Perk Update & Legendary Perks, and a mostly-film-accurate skin option for Roy.... Oh, and the engine update.
  24. This one goes out to all of you Roy fans. After the release of Roy and Pinehurst, we saw large conversations about the color of Roy’s overalls. “Roy’s coveralls are green, but these are blue” “They are blue, look at this screenshot” “They are green, look at THIS screenshot” And back and forth it went for days. With no end to the debate in sight, I asked Ronnie what the actual color was, and he let me know that there were ongoing conversations about that exact topic, and that the blue coveralls were not the only color we planned on Roy having. Ronnie had been working with the team at IllFonic in creating mock ups of Roy to find the shade of green that matched multiple scenes from Friday the 13th: Part V. Apparently, Ronnie had spent quite a bit of time tracking down experts, memorabilia owners, and costumers to find the right shade. As it turns out, that’s not an easy thing to do. With responses from contacts of “cool grey” and “blue with green tones”, he was left without an actual definable color. Ronnie followed up on a lead of “spruce green”, and what he found is that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of colors named “spruce green”, and that they vary substantially. After weeks of digging for info, tracking down colors, and mock up iterations with an artist, we have settled on the following color. Is this color going to be a perfect match for every scene in Friday the 13th: Part V? No, but it is very close. Friday the 13th: The Game will include both blue and green coverall options for Roy - green being the default, and blue being a secondary option - for everyone's favorite paramedic in the next update.
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