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  1. On 11/17/2018 at 10:05 PM, Psychophonic said:

    Hey, devs! What about infinite shift for Jason? This is possible for Jasons who has a short shift: Part 2 and Part 4. 


    On 11/18/2018 at 7:59 AM, PowellCampsNAKED said:

    Must be PC only a hack I suppose either that or he just shifted once and then morphed and you thought he shifted twice?


    20 hours ago, Vendredi13 said:

    Oh god i saw that too the cheater  is back


    8 hours ago, Psychophonic said:

    No, man. It's a shift. In video you can see how short the time is between the skill (shift). You don't know how the shift looks visually when Jason goes into the shift?

    Look at this, if you're doubting. (All the videos that I have posted have been recorded from the PCs). I know a decent number of people, who use this and I want it to be fixed.

    Thank you for the videos, I've forwarded them to the team. If the videos are yours, please don't remove them. 

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  2. 15 minutes ago, Slasher_Clone said:

    Shifty are you being impersonated by someone?... Because we’ve talked about this, you have to post a little dialogue to go with your list. You’re not living up to your potential, or my expectations. First you go on vacation, you don’t write or let us know if it was any good when you do come back, I’m starting to think you’re not taking this seriously. 😒 

    I mentioned this when we first tweeted out an opening for a Community Manager/Community Developer role, but my responsibilities here are growing. My current role is no longer specifically in Community Management, it's working with PR, and leading our marketing communications, community management, and customer service departments. Please understand that I know that community engagement hasn't been the best it could be, which is why we are taking steps to remedy the situation.

    We have a new Community Developer starting in a few short weeks - the first week of December - and they will be able to give the forums (and our other social outlets) the attention that they deserve. I've worked with this person before and I'm happy to be able to get their experience and work excellence into the team here at Gun. Our previous CS wasn't as good as it could be, so we reworked and expanded our in-house CS team in order to elevate our customer care abilities. CS currently has an average response time (during working hours) of less than an hour, which is an amazing feat given the two months they've been here. They are super on-the-ball and killing it. I am beyond proud of them.

    Unfortunately, and to the annoyance of my coworkers, I have not taken a vacation since I started here. Hopefully, that will change in 2019.

    To answer another question; no, this update was not planned to bring balance changes. This is the first update with Black Tower at the helm and, while we have planned for balance updates in the future, it seemed prudent to have their first update focus on some of the smaller QoL fixes. Letting them get their footing with leading the project before we start asking them to make larger/sweeping changes seems like a good idea.

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    • Fixed an issue where Jason’s throwing knives sometimes ignored car collision
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Pamela’s laugh from playing at the end of a round  
    • Fixed an issue that could result in a Counselor not being killed if they have the Thick-Skinned Perk equipped
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the loading screen images from cycling
    • Fixed an issue that could allow Counselors to continue holding items while being grabbed by Jason



    • Fixed an issue that could result in the morph cursor not appearing on Xbox One.



    • Fixed an issue that could cause display errors with blood and wood particles on Pinehurst
    • Fixed an issue that could cause graphical artifacts in Packanack Lodge
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent players from picking up the shotgun if it spawns on top of a barrel in Higgins Haven
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Counselor players to become stuck in a falling animation from barrels in Pinehurst
    • Fixed an exploit that could allow Counselors to hide from Jason behind the graveyard fence in Higgins Haven
    • Fixed the fence collision on Higgins Haven that could cause irregular car behavior
    • Fixed an issue that allowed Counselors to walk on a bed in Pfeiffer Flat Cabin on Crystal Lake Small
    • Fixed an issue that would prevent players from picking up a pocket knife if it spawned on a barrel in Higgins Haven
    • Fixed an issue that could occur when using boat while holding bear trap
    • Fixed a floating campfire in Pinehurst
    • Fixed a floating wooden box in Pinehurst
    • Fixed a collision issue with army bag in Higgins Haven
    • Fixed a collision issue with a bed in Crystal Lake Small
    • Fixed a collision issue with a pile of rocks in Higgins Haven Small
    • Fixed some floating boxes and crates in Pinehurst
    • Fixed a floating vase in Pinehurst
    • Fixed collisions with a rock pile in Crystal Lake
    • Fixed a floating campfire in Packanack Small
    • Fixed collision with a bucket in Packanack Small
    • Fixed a floating trash can in Packanack Small
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  4. People who hack to access content they do not own get banned. It’s not instant, but it doesn’t typically take too long. The increase in emails and reports we are getting that say “I was banned for no reason” have nearly all been attributed to DLC access hacking. We double check and respond to each one of those emails.

    So, yeah, we’ve noticed an uptick in players using this Jason that shouldn’t be able to, as well as an increase in player bans. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Cer1alkill3r said:

    Hmmmm?whatever happened to “not even a rock” you really confuse your fan base when you say stuff like this. Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful but why did you change your mind? You were so cut and dry on the topic of nothing new at all. and now your saying there is a chance. Just keep pulling in those heart strings. 

    This is game balance and not new content. 

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  6. 3 hours ago, Brigadius said:

    But they stopped working on content duringn the unneeded upgrade. What does the coding team have to do with the asset team? It makes very little sense to stop asset production when they are two separate entities. The guy who is coding(engine upgrade) is not the same guy building assets. It just doesn't make sense to halt production completely when each thing is handled by different groups. 

    It would be like going to McDonald's and the fry station is being repaired so they stopped making burgers. 

    Victoria, Single Player Challenges, Legendary Perks, New Outfit for Roy, Weapon swapping, Keybinding, J7 rebalance, new Jason ticket system... there were a lot of things finished and added to the game in the engine update when different groups had some downtime between working on things directly related to the engine update. The engine update touched every part of the game and things had to be checked by the teams that created the content. That includes people who are building assets.

    Your analogy doesn’t work here because it would be more like the entire McDonald’s interior is being renovated but some employees are still making food while they check over the old food and food prep hardware to make sure it works well in the renovated McDonald’s. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, Slasher_Clone said:

    I’d like one more answer if you wouldn’t mind @wes...

    Are you hoping with us, let me clarify, are you hoping to find away to carry on with development of Friday, because honestly knowing you want to continue, is the only way the fan and community can continue to wait and feel mollified about the way we have been treated in the past? 

    I’m willing to wait but this announcement doesn’t actually matter if you cannot answer my question. It can be easily turned against you by the trolls who frequent this place, let us know, thanks for reading. 

    The answer to your question is in the original post.

    2 hours ago, wes said:

    Gun wants to release content


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  8. 2 hours ago, thrawn3054 said:

    @ShiftySamurai After reading the prizes I'm curious about the control mentioned. Is it for Xbox or PS4. Or winners choice? 

    We’re having them done for both platforms. So it’ll be winner’s choice. 

    To enter you need to sign into gleam using one of the sign in methods listed at the bottom of the page. You also need to provide your first and last name, as well as your date of birth (must be 18 or older). After doing so, you’ll be able to perform the sweepstakes entry actions. 

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  9. Yup, there will be updates. We’re definitely feeling the “Jason feels weak” sentiment from everyone, and we’re looking at ways to address that. Some of what we’re looking at has been mentioned by the community, some of is hasn’t been. We aren’t ready to talk about the specifics of possible balance changes just yet, but the team at Black Tower is currently working on bug fixes as well. 

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