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  1. Yup. Well, I don’t call it complaining so much as “letting us know that they perceived an issue with tape drop rates not correlating with the stated increase”.
  2. I trolled people at the office by saying “Let’s make it a 13% increase!” I got the dirtiest looks I’ve seen on my coworkers’ faces. The increase was in effect. We double checked on Saturday to make sure.
  3. Tomorrow's Thursday!

    Threads in "News" do not allow replies from non moderation/admin users. I post information in the "About Friday the 13th: The Game" section to allow for one-stop discussion.
  4. Signed sleeve rev 1

    Make sure you're hitting up the backer email address.
  5. News on update this Friday the 13th?

    It's 1pm Eastern time on the 13th.
  6. In honor of the first Day of Jason, 2018, we will be running a 130% increase in XP, CP, and Tape drop rates (Jarvis and Pamela) from 1pm EDT Friday, April 13th, until 1pm EDT on Monday, April 16th.
  7. For everyone asking. Victoria unlocks at level 42.
  8. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    She is Victoria! I did NOT lie to anyone.
  9. How DARE you? AJ is an ANGEL.
  10. News on update this Friday the 13th?

    Oh, sorry. No.
  11. Your favourite forum member?

    Ben is a producer here at Gun, and - as much as it pains me to say this - he's really good at the job. I am the Communication & Community Lead, so any screw-ups in communication are my fault (this includes last week's posting of Thursday's news). That also means that Ben isn't in community anymore, or my boss/supervisor/manager. Though if you have issues with me, or forum admin, moderation, or anything like that PLEASE PM BEN. Wes & Ronnie are our co-founders. Wes is the President, Ronnie is our Creative Director. They are the bosses and my job reports directly to Wes. My introduction to the forum probably wasn't that informative as I hit the ground running, but we can try to clear that up after this next update comes out.
  12. Hey everyone, it was my intention to have this posted up to all of the major places - forums > reddit > Twitter > Facebook - but I miscommunications that to the team. That’s on me. Unfortunately I do not have my laptop with me while at the show floor, and I was coordinating over the terrible LTE network that was a little overworked at the expo. There is some extra info to go along with this, though, and that is that each Single Player Challenge has three Skull Objectives, on top of multiple Challenge-specific objectives, for XP score, being undetected, and eliminating all counselors. For each Skull Objective you complete, you unlock a specific Emote. We do realize that not everyone is a fan of emotes, but we think that they can be fun to use and there’s no harm in having them. Especially when they don’t cost our players any extra money. Plus, everyone gets AJ’s interpretation of Violet’s dance (useable on any counselor, yes, even Chad), and it’s the best thing ever. Again, sorry for my miscommunication! Edit: have you seen a dancing Chad get hit in the face with a throwing knife? That shit is hilarious.
  13. New Road Map Poll

    Correct. Road maps spill all of the secret or exciting news about upcoming content by just lumping it all into a single image. There's no real info included. It leaves people too much time to speculate on WHAT the things will be well before we are ready to get into specifics. The simple truth is that plans can change, and then you're left trying to answer questions about a piece of proposed content that was an idea and an icon on a road map made 9 months ago instead of talking about what is right around the corner. As you might be able to tell, I am not a huge fan of publishing content and feature road maps. That doesn't mean that one for sure isn't going to happen, but it means that I believe that we should always be focused on what is next instead of talking about the 17th item on the road map. It also means that I would argue to keep some things off of the road map or left intentionally vague if I think that a later reveal could have a better impact. *Surprises are fun. *SOME