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  1. Jenny and Tiffany need a retouch. @Barbara Ann
  2. Increase his stealth, while lowering his other stats. None of the black characters in the game have any stealth. Reggie made it too the end by not being found and running. He also managed to hide at the barn.
  3. It’s on the other games section...
  4. Dead By Daylight: new emblem system!

    Not a big fan, the rank resets and the ability to level up harder makes matches frustrating with noob players. I hate having to fix 4 generators by myself because 2 people DCed after being down.
  5. With 3 repair he can do it better than Chad and Vanessa. The community agrees Strength and Stealth are pretty lackluster, why do you think everyone hates Shelly? Reggie shouldn’t be flexible and do everything by himself. He should have his niche.
  6. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    There’s nothing wrong with having more females. Especially since 75% of the guys in these forums are gay, gays love bad bitches. Hence why Tiffany and Deborah are super popular.
  7. His 3 worst stats are the worst stats in the game, making him have no downfall. Chad lacks composure, Reggie doesn’t. His stats are way too strong. He can repair, run, and fight.
  8. Every character should have a downfall, Reggie doesn’t have one. Since he’s already a distraction, with speed and stamina. Good protector with luck. @Armani👑
  9. The final boy usually has more strength than luck. A 6 in luck, with 6 as strength is usually the way a “Final Boy” has it.
  10. Counselor Tapes?

    I’m all for this. I’d get rid of Shelly, Fox, for the storyline. Lachappa doesn’t need one either, he should be a victim.
  11. Remodel Lachappa and fix Tiffany’s hair and eyes.
  12. Why Do You Play?

    I don’t 🤷🏽‍♀️
  13. Drama? Finally! The forums have been boring for awhile.
  14. Jenny and Deborah @Gummybish I really, really, really want a Latina in the game. Vera would be a template of the counselor. She could be AJ 2.0 with a composed and stealthy playstyle but able to defend herself. She could also speak Spanish, and cuss Jason out with Spanish. A redhead Latina maybe?