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  1. TiffanyIsBae

    How dare you . . .

    You never mentioned removing combat completely. He did.
  2. TiffanyIsBae

    How dare you . . .

    Yes really. Empty drawer simulator with no combat doesn’t sound fun.
  3. TiffanyIsBae

    How dare you . . .

    As if we didn’t already know that. Like I said, any asymmetrical game with a killer needs counterplay. If we gave Jason and nerfed counselors the way you wanted it, the game would die faster than it already is. Sad truth 🤷🏽‍♀️
  4. Darkness. Can’t see anything during high fear.
  5. ^^^ $20 is reasonable, unlike $40 for constant bugs and glitches.
  6. TiffanyIsBae

    Mask and sweater

    It’s pretty annoying, but grabbing the sweater early game is a good and decent tactic for counselors. Majority of the time killing Jason is 75% a bug will screw you from killing Jason, 25% chance you actually kill him.
  7. TiffanyIsBae

    New ideas and improvements

    The OP is most likely learning English. No reason to even comment that. It’s rude.
  8. TiffanyIsBae

    How dare you . . .

    How will they defend themselves then? Pallets and flashlights? Or is it gonna be a extremely biased asymmetrical game, regardless of it being Jason, there always has to be counterplay to the killer.
  9. TiffanyIsBae


    @al1ve For Jason I usually use a passive-aggressive playstyle. I trap all objectives before killing any counselors. I ignore groups and single out solo counselors. As for counselors, whom I play 99% of the time. I always play Tiffany, Victoria, and Deborah. So a stealthy playstyle, most of the time I fix objectives as Tiffany, so I solo and use my stealth as an advantage. Once I fix an objective, I ain’t helping anyone but my damn self.
  10. @Anonymous Not helpful or funny. OP is right, getting to level 113 is a damn mess with the long waits and dreadful 20 minutes for a small amount of XP. Any other old and unfunny jokes you have to say? Or will you actually give a clear response?
  11. I didn’t see him say it was broken, but it’s way to dark for anyone to see. Turning up the gamma just makes the colors washed out and doesn’t help with extremely dark atmosphere. Once you get to full fear it’s over, certain Jason’s are invisible in forest or dark areas.
  12. TiffanyIsBae

    Dead by Daylight Discussion Topic

    Same. Too bad I’m on Xbox, worse is that I’m a Pig main and she’s a licensed killer.
  13. TiffanyIsBae

    Friday the 13th Part X: The Homecoming Game

    Because this is a game. Victoria is based off Melissa, so she didn’t die.
  14. Yes, 40 dollars is way to expensive for what we’re getting.
  15. Common trolls are Lachappas and Vanessa’s. Buggzys are usually trolls or don’t know what they’re doing. Jenny’s are stupid.