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  1. I never said Tiffany was the reason to buy a game, but you are extremely biased, wanting everything to be removed that benefits survivors. Don’t act like I’m talking BS, because you always say “counselors shouldn’t have X this, it’s not fair” As for a counselor bias, that’s a lie too. I have always advocated for Jason buffs, you should be aware that I called you out (like usual) for unfair changes that you wanted. I’m sorry, but some of bought a game to have fun. Regardless of a Jason game or not, everything should be balanced around counterplay and being able to have fun.
  2. Never said it was. But my opinion isn’t biased. Please, you’re biased. Don’t act like you aren’t either. You want every tool removed that benefits counselors. Like how you learned hitting Jason grants stamina, then you advocated for the removal of it.
  3. Sure, let’s have Jason get his ass beat to get rage in less than 5 minutes. Lots of counterplay there, lemme guess you want survivors to be nerfed again? Remove the ability to escape? Wanna know why the game is always hell for Jason? Because with items being obsolete there’s no incentive to play Eric or Deborah. Stealth play being absolutely useless, and them not being able to do anything when they get caught with spam sense. So they play Chad and Vanessa the bigger issues of Jason, and now with this patch, the obsolete counselors are even more obsolete. If stealth play actually worked and was more popular, then 7 teams of Chads and Vanessa’s wouldn’t exist. The game isn’t gonna be more fun with this change, you’re literally the most biased Jason main on these forums. You want survivors to be nerfed significantly while ignoring the issues that 60% of the counselors are terrible. You wanna act like your decisions are actually good and will help the game? Keep dreaming.
  4. By making the game easier so you can actually get a kill? Good luck with that.
  5. Of course, Jason needs some form of counterplay, but making him immune to stuns isn’t the way. Just reduce the time stunned significantly.
  6. So is the game since literally no one likes the change, but you of course.
  7. Because Vanessa doesn’t waste stamina as much with her speed, it’s clearly a buff to her.
  8. That’s how the forums have always been. Wanting a massive cake walk, and ignoring other opinions. This change will ruin the game. It ruins all forms of counterplay, making playing Jason easier and making already obsolete counselors trash. While buffing Vanessa again.
  9. Honest opinion, while I haven’t played in a while, this change isn’t good. The weapon change is, but the no stun isn’t. It ruins all form of counterplay. Add a decrease in stun duration, but don’t add the no stun.
  10. The arrogance is showing. @JennyMyers1984 Is using facts and bringing all valid points. Your 3 reasons why you hate the game is a bias opinion, making it less valid. Jenny won the argument, but you’re too stubborn and arrogant to know that. One game is dying, the other is still strong.
  11. His opinion is just opinions, whereas @JennyMyers1984 uses facts and doesn’t use the same argument, so it isn’t valid. Ones valid, the other is a bias.
  12. She looks sweet, a nice girl who isn’t a major bitch like Victoria. Promiscuous and bubbly.
  13. Like what, Halloween outfits and Swimsuits? Because DBD has twice as much cosmetics, and content with different killers, that work differently. Took half a year for a engine update, that did nothing.
  14. I don’t have a mic, which is why I didn’t join your invites, it’s deal breaker for a lot of people, some even kicked me out instantly after not hearing me. But definitely join the fog, until we get dedicated servers, I won’t go back to a buggy and inconsistent game. As much as I had fun and loved the characters, some pros couldn’t get rid of the cons. @HuDawg ahh, we meet again. Let’s make this clear. DBD is not a cheaply thrown game, just because it’s not your cup of tea, doesn’t make it a bad game. Especially it’s for petty excuses, like not being able to execute someone. It’s balanced differently because it’s a 1v4, if killers could insta grab and kill there would be no incentive to playing it. “The killers don’t kill” makes you look extremely ignorant since it’s the thing you can say about it, that and it’s maps. DBD has it’s flaws, but one thing it does have is competent developers and communication with its fan base. DBD is its own game, funny hardcore Jason fans trashed the game, but it gets 30x the playerbase Friday has. Sounds like your being biased, and too stubborn to realize it. A cheaply thrown game wouldn’t last 2 years, and still get content, and new players joining. So let’s make it clear DBD isn’t your cup of tea, but it is far from a cheaply thrown game.
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