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  1. Happened to me once. Pretty stupid.
  2. Tina was never mean or rude. She was friendly, besides trying to steal everyone's man. If anything, Tiffany could be portrayed as sweet and nice. Save the mean girl act for (hopefully) Melissa. Heck if I wrote this I'd make her the final girl.
  3. Make her a tribute to Terry from P2. Doesn't die, but comes back to help kill Jason. Like you said, you like Tiffany. This is your story, not a cliche.
  4. Either I'm blind, but where is Tiffany.
  5. Yess! Jenny who? Tiffany is the real final girl.
  6. 1. Eric, dies alone in a cabin. 2. Buggzy, the black guy always dies. 3. Vanessa, chased by Jason after seeing Buggzy die. 4. Mitch, dies after going outside high as hell. His death concerns the remaining counselors 5. Tiffany, her and Chad go skinny dipping where he sees a Jason, Chad outruns Tiffany, and runs towards safety. Tiffany however finds his shack and is knocked out cold by Jason. 6. Kenny, becomes "heroic" and gathers the remaining few. He calls the cops, but is killed instantly by a sneaky Jason. 7. AJ, she keeps her cool and hides in a room, she hears footsteps and opens a window, where a sneaky Jason grabs her and throws her out. 8. Fox, fights Jason and safes Deborah. Unfortunately, Fox is brutally killed by Jason. 9. Chad, the remaining 4 decide to fix the car, Jason appears out of nowhere and the driver is startled. He drives quickly, where he crashes, and dies instantly. 10. Jenny, the last 3 run towards the barn. Adam is captured where Jenny goes off on Jason, and safes him. Jason grabs Jenny and punches a hole threw her body. 11. Jason, Jason chases Deb and Adam, their clever tactics slow him down. He throws his machete at Deborah. Where Tiffany appears out of no where, and grabs his attention. Jason stunned and confused, stands still. Adam then slashes Jason, decapitating the killer. Screw Jenny. Screw horror tropes.
  7. Counslers that should be in game

    She reminds me of Velma. Potential fixer? Forgot about her character though.
  8. Counslers that should be in game

    They made Deborah. They could easily race swap anyone from the movies to a latino. Reggie was a teenager, not a child.
  9. Counslers that should be in game

    I'd prefer a Hispanic or Latino. We already have Fox, Brandon, and Vanessa. Reggie would have to be a Tommy replacement in order to make him work. Most likely not. He wants to kill the teenagers and adults. If he killed children then all of the kids would've died in P6.
  10. Best Counsler for fighting Jason?

    Fear affects damage dealt. Nothing funny about that.
  11. Best Counsler for fighting Jason?

    Adam. Buggzys low composure makes it so he deals less damage the more he's scared. Adam has a few more minutes to get Chad face. Surprised Fox isn't in here. She's pretty good against a Jason.
  12. Is Buggzy underrated?

    He's a good runner, but like Tiffany is overshadowed by Vanessa. Better stamina and speed, luck and repair. Strength is only helpful when you try demasking him. If that's the scenario Adam and Fox are better choices.
  13. Why is stealth bad?

    Your irrelevant opinion doesn't matter either. He's right. You're wrong.
  14. Why is stealth bad?

    Not if she's far away.
  15. Why is stealth bad?

    No video. It's a composure forum , not 100 credible, tried it and it worked though. Jenny can still glow red with rage without being scared or have anything scare her. She and high composure counselors get Chad face faster than usual.