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  1. Deluxe Maps

    Smaller maps help fixers get to cabin to cabin and be able to get items much faster. As it is, Jarvis and Pinehurst are antifixer, with all items being separated much father. Deluxe maps would benefit speed and stamina counselors even more than they already do.
  2. Counselor Choice

    You can’t :|
  3. You have a solid point. Maybe make it a different shade of red?
  4. I really like the counselors uniforms, but as a DLC. For mastery, I really want bloody and torn outfits.
  5. Marathon and Night Owl

    They get a better boost in stamina, but its harder to replenish it. That’s why I build restful on my high stamina counselors and marathon on poor stamina counselors.
  6. Thank you!! It be cool for Jason’s as well, but they already have bloody outfits
  7. After the Catty girl, 2 new counselors would be good. We can’t make to many counselors with the 35 stat points. Shelly and Mitch were failures in my eyes, hardly anyone plays them.
  8. What are my benefits to using chad vs Vanessa?

    In a speed and luck meta, Chad and Vanessa excel at bullying and distracting Jason. Chad and Vanessa can easily smack Jason with bats and wrenchs and stunning Jason.
  9. Ignore the double post The game already rewards players for that. New players don’t have Medics or Thick Skinned. Both games are imbalanced, but DBD rewards more skill.
  10. That is true, but considering this games gore it would make sense that the counselors could of gotten blood on them during the 5 minutes. As much as I want camp uniforms those are coming later or never. The self perks or passives would be unique and help the said counselor in either a strength or weakness. For example; Tiffany could have a perk or passive that gives her ability to mess up repairs and have a high percentage that it won’t notify Jason.
  11. Playing a survivor and increasing their level up to lvl 50 gives you the ability to prestige. When you prestige your face and outfit become bloody. Up to the last prestige your survivor gets this look. Along with her outfits.
  12. For both or one? I only found one for prestiges
  13. Op Counselor ?

  14. Counselor Choice

  15. I saw the prestige, but it didn’t have a personal perks idea.