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  1. They should. Most don't. I play almost exclusively quickplay so maybe my experience is different.
  2. Maybe my bad on terminology. I'm talking just simply combat stance on and off real quick.
  3. Depends on the Jason. If i think they're overly competent i'll use cabins. If it's 95% of Jasons a cabin just gives me less room to mess around with. If i fake 3 turn and burns and the Jason grabs/swings at all of them, a cabin offers me no protection that i need, it only limits my space.
  4. Team killing exists in offline mode lol. Just had a Tommy blast Fox as i was dragging her to an environmental kill. Wonder if i can get them to run each other over in the car.
  5. Jason is in such a sad state that anything involving a cabin (after looting) is irrelevant to me. These days the only reason i even have to go in a cabin with Jason on me is to get a new weapon. This goes back to what another poster said earlier in the thread about people only being concerned with a kill instead of helping get things fixed. I'm horribly guilty of it. Unless they turn the balance of combat in Jason's favor, escaping easily becomes an afterthought. Skilled counselors can easily get bored of attempting to escape when escaping is a near certainty instead of a feat to be proud of achieving.
  6. And Jason is not chasing a ping at the shack. As a Vanessa who grabs the sweater literally every match i play. I have never, i repeat never, had a Jason preemptively target me on my way to the shack. And as Vanessa you don't have to care about alerting Jason at the shack. Grab sweater + axe and sprint out home free. Well, home free if you can handle Jason. Realistically you should not be grabbing the sweater if you can't handle Jason anyways.
  7. And this is why stealth is an irrelevant stat. Jason is not chasing pings at the start of the match (or really any time outside the last counselor standing if i don't have rage) he's objective checking/protecting. Anyone who is not near an objective is meaningless to the game so i don't care that she's sneakily found a part. I can't stress this enough to people who play this game. IF YOU ARE NOT AT AN OBJECTIVE YOU ARE NO THREAT TO JASON (unless you are kiting) and if you are no threat it doesn't matter what character you play. You can have 10 in every stat or 1 in every stat. If you aren't at the objectives you don't matter unless you are kiting and wasting Jason's time.
  8. Almost always in quickplay lobby. Occasionally but rarely with 1 or 2 friends at a time. The game is actually less fun to me to do private lobbies with all great counselors. It was a bad time for Jason even before his nerf in that scenario.
  9. Not really, no. I very rarely am entering cabins in a panic during shift anyways. Shift grab being what it is now, i'll be honest, a cabin isn't even a safe haven for me unless i've somehow drained all my stamina which is very rare. But i also don't play like alot of people do when Jason is on me. Most people want distance and will waste whatever stamina they have to make sure they have that distance. I on the other hand prefer Jason as close to me as possible. It can be a great way to neuter shift in general. a) if you're far Jason is more likely to use shift if nothing else than to gap close b.) at that distance if he wants to grab he's got to quickly shift, quickly come out. The smart Jason's will actually just use shift as a stamina waster and use it it's full duration with very little expectation to actual grab me. Most of the time this will instead play out with the shift then me making one zag with sprint as he comes out with very little stamina used. Proceed my casual jog with occasional combat stance turn to make him miss a grab/swing or stop. Rinse repeat.
  10. Mostly i was raised in a barn. If it happens to be a 1 door house with the only window right next to the door i will occasionally shut it.
  11. I'm not going to convince anyone that leaving doors open is better. It's never going to change in quickplay. I'll just add that to escape you need to get objectives done. The sooner you get to parts the sooner they get to the objective. If everyone had the mindset to get in and out of cabins as quick as possible everything could be looted and at the 3 objectives before shift even comes into play. Then you have a Jason who has to make actual decisions on what he wants to contest without his most dangerous tool. The boat should ALWAYS be at worst, a contested objective before shift. But it's not. Why? Because people take their time locking/trapping/doing things that aren't resulting in a pushed objective. So onto real life and not my dream scenario. I'm through 2 large and 1 small cabin, part in hand to objective while quickplay AJ is still going through large cabin number 1 locking doors/setting traps. And for what purpose? To survive the night? If you aren't pushing objectives that's the only goal you are working towards. And that player is just an NPC to me. If they are someone who could survive more than 30 seconds anyways they are someone who can work their way around a shiftless Jason with a non barricaded door. If they can't, well, that person is not helping the end goal anyways. That barricaded door isn't saving THAT person for long enough to matter for the rest. I get called out for in lobbies semi regularly. Most of the time Jason is not even around. I'm sure i'm selfish about it. Just the tangible value of saving the people's time (and let's be real here, its only adding time to their life, not saving it) who can't survive because a door wasn't barricaded has never produced results for me.
  12. I'm sorry, you (not you, him) don't get to call something that was in the game for 5 months+ a bug and exclude it's change from being considered a nerf. I'm not one to complain about the current grab range because i prefer counselor but it sure as shit was a nerf. Doesn't matter that there's still ways to be optimal as Jason. If you let your playerbase get used to a present mechanic for the length of time they did, then pull the rug out from under them it is a nerf, bug or not. Either fix your bugs quicker or stop talking to people like they are idiots please.
  13. That's how it goes most of the time in quickplay lobbies. I basically "try" to kill Jason every match in quickplay. I get the sweater and demask solo maybe 75% of the time. Maybe 10% of those demasks actually end in a kill. It fails in many ways. Afk Tommy. Tommy player finds a way to die again in 3-5 minutes. Tommy hides under a bed. Tommy escapes immediately to police. Tommy won't drop his shotgun and pick up the machete i've personally delivered. Tommy takes the machete, proceeds to hit with machete during sweater animation. Tommy hits with machete instead of hitting X. I'm probably missing a few scenarios. It can be frustrating to do all of the work. Getting the sweater, getting the often times 6+ hits (Vannessa main), Using sweater. Animation canceling sweater into bat swing bringing Jason to his knees. Then Tommy asleep at the wheel. This is compounded by the fact i'm communicating calmly and clearly the one and only button i need him to hit. I don't know if it's party chat? playing with the TV on mute? Language barrier? I've just learned to accept that unless the Tommy is actually talking back to me he's probably going to botch it when all i need him to do is hit one button, the rest of the work is done without him. I don't get angry at it anymore. Just onto the next game. It is funny however how pissed off the people who had no hand in helping with the kill rage at the Tommy while i just shrug, say oh well and move onto the next lobby.
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