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  1. Make part 4 eyes darker

    My problem with putting my gamma down is it puts only me at a disadvantage, no one else. So I'm more likely to get killed, crash the car, etc when gamma is lowered, despite how much more immersive and scary it is when you have your gamma at 1-1.5
  2. The idea of the dead bodies spawning in various areas after the counselor is dead is fantastic! Would definitely make it more frightening and suspenseful just like the movies!
  3. My opinion on her stats and reasoning: Annie Philips Composure: 8/10 (She wasn’t that scared to go back to a camp supposedly cursed, though she did get scared and jump out of the jeep when it went past the location they were supposed to stop at. When being chased down by Pamela she wasn’t hysterical, screaming or crying.) Luck: 2/10 (She got a job as a cook but then was murdered by the former cook of Camp Crystal Lake...if that’s not bad luck then idk what is!) Repair: 2/10 (She was the cook so I doubt she would have any knowledge on how to repair stuff, maybe just a little bit.) Speed: 8/10 (She went somewhat fast running through the forest even though she was just limping.) Stamina: 9/10 (She ran for a good while in the woods even when limping.) Stealth: 3/10 (When she ran into the woods she was easily tracked down by Pamela.) Strength: 3/10 (She didn’t really seem to be that strong and there was no showings of her strength in the film.)
  4. New car ideas.

    I'd want the cars from the corresponding films in the maps they belong in. Crystal Lake - Pamela's Jeep CJ-5 as a 2 seater Packanack - Ginny's Red 1971 Volkswagen Convertible as a 2 seater Higgins Haven - Chris' 1979 Dodge Tradesman as a 4 seater and Rick's 1963 Volkswagen De Luxe Sedan as a 2 seater. Jarvis House - 1973 Chevrolet Caprice Estate as a 4 seater (used by the partying teens) and Trish's 1970 Dodge Polara as a 2 seater Pinehurst - Pam's 1964 Ford F-100 as a 2 seater
  5. Outro Songs after Killing Jason

    No, when Jason is killed Crispin Glover should pop up and dance as Love Is A Lie plays.
  6. Player Benifts

    If there were personal stats that would just encourage elitists - they'd be like "HEH YOU SUCK TRASH KID GET GOOD I HAVE APPROXIMATELY 3,000 ESCAPES AS COUNSELORS AND 10,000 KILLS AS JASON!111" As for a customizable counselor, that would just make it so people wouldn't even bother to play as the regular counselors.
  7. Even though I am a skilled Jason player and regularly clear out matches, I still want this implemented as it would be more suspenseful and feel more scary, getting "better" at playing Jason has nothing to do with this.
  8. Yeah, they need to remove him from the minimap, make him only appear on it when he is hit with a flare. This would make Jason much scarier especially if he is stalking and you can't see him on the minimap anywhere. And also they should remove counselors screaming as Jason morphs into their area cause it totally ruins any surprise attack you had planned.
  9. When did F13 end?

    Part 8 was legit the worst Friday the 13th film besides Jason X. I think the series should have ended on Part 6.
  10. Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Creature From The Black Lagoon - 7.5/10 Scream 2 - 7.5/10 Madman (1981) - 7/10 Silver Bullet - 6.5/10
  11. Actually, she has expressed her regret for being in the franchise and hated the Friday the 13th movies so I doubt she'd want to be involved with it anymore. During Part III she even convinced the director to tone down some of the gore and nudity.
  12. Yeah he'd be a great skin for Part IV Jason, I always thought he looked cool. He's basically Part IV Jason but with a more green-ish outfit and more blood on the hock.
  13. I've always wanted Adam with a battle jacket with a bunch of metal bands on it.
  14. I've always wanted this honestly. I want to be able to play as Part III or Part V Jason with a machete.