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    Any news?

    That sounds like it could have been interesting. This game was in desperate need of more gamemodes. Sucks Paranoia never panned out. I've always had a gamemode idea of my own: Slasher Competition. 2 Jasons vs. 14 counselors. The objective of the Jason players is to get more kills than the other Jason. For counselors it'd just be standard gameplay of trying to escape, etc.
  2. This was something I always wanted implemented in the game. More hero characters. It'd be something you could customize from the menu, like how you can select your Jason or counselor, you'd be able to select various heroes that have their advantages and disadvantages. - You could be Rob from Part IV, he'd spawn in with a machete, 2 PKs, and a medspray with 2 uses. Though he can't kill Jason. - You could be Sheriff Garris from Part VI, he'd spawn in the map with a two seater police car and a shotgun. If he is driving the car alone it can't exit the map to prevent the player from escaping as soon as he spawns in. He'd only be able to drive out alone if he was the last one on the map. - You could be Duke from Part 9. He'd spawn in with the Voorhees Dagger, which would contain a new way to kill Jason. But alas...the lawsuit murdered the game before it could continue to grow and evolve into something even greater.
  3. I've never been into those type of games, but watching the gameplay footage I can see there's a lot of effort put into it and I think alot of people will dig it. When does it take place in relation to the films? Or does it take place in its own little timeline?
  4. Was it a combat stance swing or a regular swing? Regular swings tend to have unreliable and weird hitboxes at times.
  5. Assuming they are indeed making a Halloween game...I can only imagine the issues that could arise as a result, since the rights to the films are split between a bunch of different companies. Halloween 1, 4 and 5 are owned by Trancas. Halloween 2, 3 and the 2018 film + its sequels are owned by Universal. Halloween 6, 7 and 8 are owned by Miramax. Rob Zombie's Halloween I and II are owned by Dimension Films/The Weinstein Company I agree with this. If they cast a mocap actor who doesn't have Michael's mannerisms down, it will take alot away from Michael and turn him into some generic brute slasher. I also think the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game is a very real possibility, especially considering there's a upcoming film. Kane to me seems like he would make a decent to good Leatherface.
  6. I'm aware. I've been playing since June of 2017. Stopped playing around May 2018, before dedicated servers were even implemented, and now I'm getting back into playing it. But it always stings when you have a intense match going rather as Jason or a counselor, then all of the sudden you are back at the main menu screen. Not that salt mines would completely stop this, but I feel it'd make it less frequent than usual. You're right about just being the host, though sometimes it can take upwards of 10 tries to get it. Not to mention the low FPS for me as host.
  7. What didn't work as intended? I've read a lot of posts from people who were in the salt mines, so it seemed to work to some degree. I even saw one post where one guy claimed he played 20 matches in the salt mines and still didn't get out.
  8. Sooo...are there still no plans to bring back the Salt Mines? Because from all I've read, host migration is a definite no-go, and we have absolutely nothing to stop ragequitting hosts and players in general.
  9. In general, Parts 2-5 Jasons are all pretty flawed, it's probably the body type - They look too big and muscular, they should be more slimmer and small, not gigantic. Kane is good as menacing behemoth-zombie type Jason but not as the human Jason.
  10. Don't think we really need to bring LGBT into Friday the 13th..that's the last thing we need, What's next? "THE REPUBLICAN COUNSELOR" "THE LIBERAL COUNSELOR"
  11. Dude yeah we do need Jimmy from Part IV, but I think the trope name could use some reworking like "The Buttmonkey" or something, but I think his repair should be lowered, considering he showed no repair capabilities. Repair should be like 4/10 and the 2 points could be given to his stamina and speed.
  12. I feel adding Muffin would make the game and Jason himself even more of a joke, why add a dog when there's so much other memorable counselors/people from the film you can add in? Adding Muffin would just appease the audience of 12 yr old kids who want to meme around and do stupid crap.
  13. I think if a counselor survives a night it should do like a dream sequence type thing from Parts 1-3, like maybe if you survived the night as Kenny, it'd show Kenny on the canoe in the middle of the lake and then Jason jumps out of the water and pulls him in, only for him to wake up being put into a ambulance or something. Would be a great nod to the films and give it a more climatic and cool ending.
  14. I just appreciate what they tried to do - give a slasher film some mythos and backstory which is very rare for any slasher film to attempt. I also really dig the gruesome kills and some of the characters are likable: Steven, Creighton Duke, etc. Infact, I enjoy the film more than Part VIII and Jason X.
  15. My problem with putting my gamma down is it puts only me at a disadvantage, no one else. So I'm more likely to get killed, crash the car, etc when gamma is lowered, despite how much more immersive and scary it is when you have your gamma at 1-1.5
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