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  1. It happens when you get hit by a throwing knife while still running.
  2. Paul Holt

    Exactly. 3/10 Isn't good or even OK, it's bad.
  3. What is your favorite Friday the 13th?

    Part IV.
  4. Nice job, both of our stats work nicely for Roy.
  5. Paul Holt

    I think we all love Paul. Well us true Friday the 13th fans atleast. If they can't get him in the game we need a variant of his clothes on Kenny or something.
  6. Paul Holt

    Oh oops. Yeah I agree but there is a alternate ending to part 2 where the decomposing Pamela head opens its eyes and smiles, indicating Paul is dead. Also the ending of part 2 is probably a dream, I mean Muffin the dog was still alive when she was killed by Jason earlier in the film. So maybe Ginny passed out as Paul was carrying her back to his cabin and while she was dreaming Jason killed Paul but before he could kill Ginny the police arrived on the scene so he ran off to get new clothes (cue part III)
  7. Paul Holt

    It is still in his shoulder when he grabs Ginny. Watch the ending scene again.
  8. Paul Holt

    In part 3 the opening news report says the body count is 8, this includes Ralph, Scott, Terry, Jeff, Sandra, Mark, Vickie and Paul. Since Jason's shack was never found the cop and Alice aren't included in the bodycount.
  9. Paul Holt

    Composure 8/10 (He remained pretty calm through the whole ordeal.) Luck: 2/10 (He got nearly killed by Jason twice and then died at the end of the film.) Repair: 3/10 (He seemed somewhat smart as he was able to help Ginny fix her car.) Speed: 5/10 (He wasn't too fast but wasn't too slow, so he's average in speed.) Stamina: 8/10 (He fought Jason twice and ran from the lodge all the way to Jason's shack and then he carried Ginny back to his cabin.) Stealth: 2/10 (Wasn't sneaky at all.) Strength: 7/10 (He fought Jason twice, holding his own for like 10 seconds.)
  10. What does weapon strength have to do with the tree kill? Why don't you think he should have morph?
  11. Infinite health spray?

    Probs had the medic perk and 3 sprays
  12. It's a glitch. It is used in private lobbies to choose who is Jason but sometimes when you go to quickplay it is still there.
  13. Depends. People like me don't give a crap about stealth so her having more speed and stamina is better.
  14. This is my opinion on what the upcoming Part V Jason/Roy Burns stats should be. Part V Jason Strengths Destruction (In the film he busted through a door quite easily.) Stalk (He was very easily able to sneak up on people in the films, almost all of them never saw him coming.) Morph (He was able to travel all over the place in the film quick. From a halfway house to a trailer park.) Weaknesses Can't run (In the film he never ran, he only sped walk.) Stun Resistance (He got beat up quite a bit in the film.) Water Speed (He is just a normal human so it can be assumed he can't swim fast like Jason.)