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  1. Oh! Did not see that coming. Thank you! But sometimes there are so many more things I would like to say and I can not because of the language barrier. I mean, I do understand you guys perfectly, but my writing sucks. Hopefully I will improve it ☺️ Amen, I guess 🤣
  2. English is not my native language but I'm always trying to interact here 😳
  3. ifuseekandy

    Tagging the phone?

    It's just a matter of time for you to memorize where the phone house is based where you have found the fuse. It's kinda a pattern. Just need to memorize
  4. I always find one every once in a while. But as my friends and I already have all the tapes they end up being there anyway.
  5. Part 2. 7 traps + sense.
  6. ifuseekandy

    Weapon Selection Unlock Level

    For me it's fine. Some kind of reward for those who played for so long even with the broken game.
  7. I don't change, actually. Part 2 is gold for me. 7 traps + 10 seconds morph. I basically have eyes and ears everywhere.
  8. ifuseekandy

    Thank you!

    When you have a group of friends that knows how to play and have kinda the same time free as you do, yes, you still can play 4+ hours a day and still have some fun.
  9. ifuseekandy

    Thank you!

    It's kinda frustrating, but the game still remains incredible. I keep playing 4 hours a day and still have a lot of fun. Level 150. All tapes. All badges. All achievements. Still loving the game.
  10. Jason has to grab and kill someone else when this happens, then the sweater will work properly. It kinda sucks when there's only Tommy and the sweater girl left.
  11. I didn't know half of these things! The game looked actually way better than it does now. It's kinda frustrating. And I'm not even talking about the graphics, they must have had their reasons for that drastic change... But the intros! The animations! Why in the hell they would think that the ones we have now looks better than the old ones?
  12. ifuseekandy

    Has anybody else found a hot girl from playing this game?

    This is so wrong in so many levels that i can't even start
  13. ifuseekandy

    Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    It's raining oil now or something like that?