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  1. English is not my native language, so please, don't be a Chad. I'm sorry if i missed something in the last couple of months and this has already been debated, but seriously, something has happened to SA servers (and maybe EU too). On the very first day after the last update we were still able to play on south america servers, after that SA servers are completely gone!!! The game was taking about 10 minutes for us to be placed in lobbies with the old hosting scheme, now after a feel weeks we are quickly placed on US or CA servers. Gun used to answer tweets about this when the problem was happening before, but now we are completely ignored. This gives us the impression that the servers are now closed and they just didn't advertise us to not frustrate the players even more. Keep it clean, guys. We've been like this for weeks. Don't just say that this is a isolated problem.
  2. i'm so sorry to hear that. ? But everything will be fine for everyone, with this game or not. ❤️ Yes! Thank you! I knew I was forgetting something.
  3. SPOILER: This is not a hate letter. But this is a long one. First of all, english is not my native language. So obviously will be some mistakes here or there. Disregard it, please. Going on Twitter earlier today, I came across a tweet where @wes said the game had pulled him out of a depression state. And I also saw some people making jokes about it. Guess what? That kinda happened to me too! Besides depression, I have panic attacks. I can not face crowds, tension, stress or even meet new people. It's hard for me to make new friends when I basically cant even get out of my house. And this game did it for me. I met some amazing people, created bonds, friendships that go way beyond the game. And for that I thank you. I know I could have built those friendships in any other game. But I do not care about other games. I bought my PS4 exclusively for this one. This game is basically everything I've always wanted since I was a kid. Seeing it happening was like a dream. And again, thank you for that. I confess that after the last two updates I was kinda frustrated. Even bought GTA V to pass the time while the game did not stabilize. And then the bomb exploded... I did not get angry. I was sad. I was sad to watch all the news spreading around as if this game had already come to an end. Even more sad to enter here and see that the players themselves have stated the same thing. No, people! No! Let's not get discouraged. We are going through a difficult time, but that's just it, a difficult time. Difficulties are there to be overcome. Even when it involves money. I may be being a bit optimistic, yes, but being pessimistic does not help at all. And for developers, if my advice counts for anything... Optimize your time! Set priorities! Fix the main bugs! Launch some updates! It does not matter if we get 3 updates per week fixing an single bug if this bug is really gonna get entirely fixed. Other companies do that, why can't you?! It's better have a stable game than a game full of DLCs that do not work. And what about the weekly events like "kill x counselors or fix x times something to win x things"? (If the weekly events were supposed to work like that) Does this count as something new? If is not, maybe it's time to put these into action. This might keep people interested in the game even without new content. Thanks again. And sorry about anything.
  4. I have a large group of friends who are always playing. And because Brazilian community of the game is so "small", we always find the same people by the lobbies. I've always tried to keep everything calm, explaining that it was a small company and that things would become better as the time goes by. Now I have no excuses. I see many of them quit playing and I will not even try to stop them anymore. And tbh I kinda lost my will to play too. It's a sad sad situation.
  5. It happened to me several times too. Basically every time, tbh. But I did not notice if it was for trying to trade the mini game for an easier one.
  6. I have said this on another topic but I need to say it again I've always been very suportive and positive about this game. Always telling "things will get better". Kept my friends playing even with the previous glitches. But now I can't find excuses anymore. I'll let them stop playing. Even i have lost my faith. So disappointed. 
  7. I've always been very suportive and positive about this game. Always telling "things will get better". Kept my friends playing even with the previous glitches. But now... I can't find excuses anymore. I'll let them stop playing. Even i have lost my faith. So disappointed.
  8. Composure - 7 He is a good guy after all. Can take the pressure. Only dies to save the final girl. Luck - 1 Kinda smarter than lucky. Repair - 6 I mean, he should be able to fix some things to help his friends. He's a good guy!!! Speed - 4 Average?! Stealth - 10 We need a male character that can be stealthy! What's wrong with that? Strenght - 3 Not an athlete but he's ok. Stamina - 4 Again, not an athlete. And he could definitely look and wear the same kind of clothes as Nick from Part VII. Not that the stats fits the character, just the looks could be kinda the same.
  9. We need a "good boy", that's for sure. Not so sure about his stats, but...
  10. The funny thing is that they have someone to translate (even badly) the game, but they do have someone who understand portuguese. I don't know how this works but it seems very messy and lazy to me. This is why we need a report sistem.
  11. Or maybe people are just trying to unlock the badge for surviving the night. But yeah, we do have a lot of trolls for sure.
  12. I guess they just used the animations for Savini and that's it. If they launch a common version of the pitchfork it will make Savini even more "non-exclusive".
  13. Definitely the 7th. Then I gave up on doing Bugzy/AJ/Kenny to just waiting for Kenny to arrive after killing Bugzy. So I went to kill AJ.
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