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  1. Very well, so are you going to make the case that the devs intended for Jason to be locked out of trapping objectives due to object collision? Because if it wasn't clear enough from my previous post and the subject of the topic, this and this specifically was what I said to not be intended. If you're not making this case, then I believe there is no discussion to be had. Also, the doorway combat was presented as an example that the devs have already frowned upon cheeky counselor tactics that take advantage of collision before. Surely I do not need to also explain what the purpose of an example is, yes? Oh, and please do not get me wrong. It was with a dash of sadness that I bid farewell to free machete hits on Jason whenever he started knocking at my door. And this bear trap lock? You can be sure I'll put it to practice as soon as the chance is given to me (wasn't this also mentioned in my previous post?). You can rest assured that it is not my kill count that will suffer because of this little trick.
  2. Case in point, the discussion is entirely pointless. Why? Because this is clearly something that has been overlooked by the game developers so far. Still, it is a design flaw that can be taken advantage of, so people will take advantage of it. Hell, it's not outright cheating, it's not grounds for getting banned (if people were actually getting banned, of course), so I might even do it myself. The awareness that topics like this bring, however, is important. It brings situations like this to the attention of the community and the developers. The devs might decide not to take any action against it, sure, since the standard meta and the community culture pretty much demand that the phone box be your number one priority starting the game, but if doorway combat is any indicator, I'd say that if it never gets patched out, it's simply because it never escalated enough to be a pressing issue. For now, your best course of action, as Jason, is to simply trap the phone box as fast as you can and you should be good. Here's a summary of my argument so it's very clear: 1-This is not intended by the developers. 2-It represents no actual rule violation, so people will do it regardless of being intended or not. 3-Taking doorway combat as an example, it seems likely and natural to assume that the developers would not consider this a legit strategy. 4-Despite all the above, it' not a major issue, so it's very unlikely that it'll be removed from the game.
  3. Setting up the stage usually takes about 2 minutes on average. You know, the basic stuff. Properly trapping objectives, smashing a power generator you might come across, breaking a window or door here and there, picking up knives you find along the way. Maybe scaring off a counselor or two. Now, I'm all in for a good spawn kill, but that only works if you catch the counselor completely off guard. Otherwise, a good counselor will have you waste those 2 minutes chasing after him with no guarantee that you'll even get the kill. Given these circumstances, might as well wait for your shift to charge up before going full agro on the other players.
  4. We're gonna have some really long weeks from here on out, aren't we?
  5. Let's face it, the CP system sucks. Removing perks altogether in favor of special abilities tied to counselors would do wonders towards giving each individual counselor a bit more of personality and flavor. Not to the mention it would also make it easier to balance the counselors. A character that is already powerful stats-wise (I'm looking at you, Vanessa) could do with a simple ability, while the underpicked ones could have something cool to make up for their bad stats. Also the Jason kills could be unlocked by leveling up, like the Jasons and the counselors already are. Geez, we could really do away with the CP system.
  6. You can essentially make the game as difficult for yourself as you want as Jason. Don't place any traps. Don't use any throwing knives. Don't slash. Don't grab. Don't Stalk. Don't Morph. Don't Shift. Don't Sense. Don't finish any counselor except with an environmental kill. Don't trap any objectives, only use traps in other places. Don't destroy any power boxes. Don't break any windows. Let the counselors demask you. Use any mix of the above. I could go on. Anyone who thinks playing Jason has become too easy need only set their own rules. OR, they could invite some of the high level players from around here and be taught a lesson in humility.
  7. Some more applicable ideas have been thrown around, but I believe it's unwise to upset the game's pocket knife balance. My reason for such a belief stems from what many people have already said in the forums: people are prone to taking the path of least resistance. The perfect example in Jason gameplay? Slashing Tommy to death. It is, after all, the most realiable way to ensure he dies. At the end of the day, pocket knives are valuable because there are so few of them. This ensures that if you find one, you can almost always get some value out of it. However, they still can be circumvented, and easily at that. Adding more individual knives or giving them more than a single use will ultimately only serve to devalue them as a whole. Trust me, anything more than advocating the addition of just one more knife to the pool of drawer/camp items means advocating something that will have serious repercussions on how we play this game.
  8. Rest assured, good sir. All ideas you mentioned are just as stupid as counselors running around with upwards of 10 pocket knives. Let's remember that this is a game, and while it is quite acceptable to wish for the game to have a similar atmosphere to that of the movies (including Jason being actually threatening), we absolutely cannot have it balanced around what was and wasn't done in the movies. It doesn't matter that you can physically cut a strap of a hockey mask with a bladed object. What matters is how many hits should Jason be able to endure before he loses his mask, and that is something that needs to be decided based on gameplay aspects, and gameplay aspects alone.
  9. You know what gives more players a chance? Teamwork. A pocket knife perk isn't as innocent as you think it is. Add it and you'll have the second coming of the slasher Jason meta, where Jason players flock to Part 3 and Part 4. They'll just slash/knife players to death, no questions asked, leaving the counselors salty because the pocket knives they were carrying were meaningless. If you ask me, that's a lose-lose situation.
  10. My point is that of all actions the counselors must perform in order to ensure a Jason kill, removing his mask is by far the riskier. Sure, Jason's not gonna be very happy if you nab the sweater, but you can still make a run for it. On the other hand, to get the mask off you have to either fight him or strike when he's in a vulnerable position. One way or another, you have to get close to the towering buff guy that's trying to rip you to shreds. Well, that's how it should be anyway. Surprisingly, I'm not a fan of the movies (it's actually a weird story how I got into this game), but I don't think they should hold any relevance in this particular aspect of gameplay. If we look at the current steps for killing Jason, demasking him should be the hardest simply by merit of requiring actual contact with the killer. However, even if we exclude the one-hit demask trick during the sweater stun you may see some kill squads doing (which is beyond stupid in my opinion), it's still ridiculously easy to get the mask off on your own, just for the fucks of it. I mean, every time Jason breaks a window you have a free hit if you're close enough. If he tries to break down the doors by the conventional method, he's just inviting you to land more hits. If he grabs someone who has a pocket knife, he's wide open for another hit. This wouldn't be a problem if a single power attack with the machete (with the right perks) didn't send the mask flying. Hell, even if you're not Buggzy or Tommy you can still get the mask off by playing it safe and capitalizing on your opportunities to get hits in. Even good Jason players are still bound to animations that leave them vulnerable and are prone to mistakes, so it really doesn't matter whether the person in the video was a noob or not. What matters is that what happened in the video (demask with 3 hits) should probably not be a thing to even begin with.
  11. In all honesty I relish it when Jason tunnels me right at the beginning of the game. Giving him a run for 2 minutes until he realizes he should be looking out for the objectives is priceless. Hell, if I'm playing Buggzy it might even result in a first minute demask.
  12. Very well, let me ask you in all honesty. Would you kindly elucidate your reasoning for believing such a perk would be a good addition to the game?
  13. These reactions are to be expected, as the memory of the pre-February patch is still all too fresh in our minds. Of course, it wasn't just a surplus of pocket knives then, but I guess people don't want to go back to a time when you would slash a counselor to death and they would spray pocket knives all over the floor. Don't take it personally.
  14. Stop a moment to think about what you are suggesting. All counselors starting with a pocket knife each? Might as well remove grab and trap features from the game. I can see it degenerating into a Part 3/4 meta slashfest.
  15. 1-All items spawn in very close proximity, as is customary for small maps, making the process of taking them to the objectives much easier and faster. 2-Jason's shack isn't as isolated as in large maps, making the trek there and back faster and relatively safer. 3-Packanack's layout is easy to remember, so even without a map you know exactly where you are going. Also, the map stand is in a very obvious place. Basically, Packanack Small offers a few conveniences for players that cannot be bothered with improving their gameplay. Of course, the counselors still have to know what they are doing. Otherwise the game just becomes a bloodbath.
  16. Personally, I love the combination of Medic and Thick Skinned. It allows for a mischievous playstyle of summoning Jason and goading him into tunneling me that I absolutely enjoy. Sure, there are better perks to have when Jason is hot on your tail, but I couldn't imagine myself being unable to just casually eat away at his traps and knives.
  17. No evil in being creative with your traps. I once trapped the map stand in Packanack. A friend of mine that was playing counselor that match would not shut up about how it was a "dick move" for a whole week. Still, I think you should only get creative with your spares. No one's going to force you to trap the phone box and the cars, but if you don't, you risk allowing the counselors an easy escape.
  18. (Hey guys, I know I'm late for the party, but if you'll let me, I'd like to join in too.) So, you've been spawning in that phone house and Jason's making you the first course in his slaughter buffet? Well, fear no more! Here is a user friendly guide on how to not get rekt by Jason in the first two minutes of the game. -Yay, you spawned! Such a glorious thing to be alive! -Get inside that cabin and close the door after you. Don't bar doors or open windows. Take a moment to prance around and get your bearings. -You spawned in the phone house, didn't you? -Well, look for the nearest hiding spot. Close the doors behind you, it's rude to leave them open. Dive under that bed and wait for Jason to finish his trapping/crashing ritual. -Seriously, if you hide before he morphs to the house the only way he'll know you're there is if he walks in front of your hiding spot. Don't hold your breath though, that's a stupid thing to do, and stupid people die in this game. You don't want to die, yes? -Oh no, he morphed before you had time to hide. Friggin' leg it man. Or hide anyway if you're playing a character with high stealth in hopes that he didn't see a sound ping. -Seriously, he only gets Sense by the 0:45 mark. If you didn't do anything to give yourself away, just stay cool and he'll go bother someone else. -Yay, he's gone to mind his own business elsewhere. Now's the time to jump out of your hiding place, let the whole world know where the phone house is and go about looting stuff. See, that wasn't so bad, was it? -Or, if you're feeling mean, go outside, step on his friggin' trap and picture the look of dismay in that Jason player's face, as he panics about his trap being sprung right after he morphed away. That's enough to break a man's heart, isn't it? Then hide, wait for him to retrap the phone and go away, and after that trip the trap again. Clearly he wasn't gonna need those traps, am I right? Controversely, you may also do this: -Don't give a fuck. -Go about your business as usual. -Oh look, it's the phone house. -*nsert come at me bro meme here* -He's coming for you. -Run like the wind. -Avoid throwing knives. -Make Jason chase you for two minutes while the rest of the lobby fixes both cars and washes Pamela's sweater because who the hell would even wear that gross thing? Yuck! -No one fixed anything while you were giving Jason the Benny Hill treatment. That probably means you were screwed anyway, so just sit back and watch Jason murder the living crap out of those idiots. -Or don't run away if you don't want to. That's your house and you should not be forced to leave it! Instead, loop Jason around some furniture. -What's that you say? Furniture looping is a low blow? Well then, how about you don't come inside my house, break my doors down and try to murder me before a freaking minute has even passed? -Watch as tears streak down Jason's face if he's a walker and you're Vanessa. -You'll still have to dodge those knives tho. -Pay close attention to that Kikiki Mamama at 2:15. Jason's shift finger will be itching by the time the ability has finished charging. -In the end you were forced out of your house anyway. but hopefully someone will have done something by now. -Jason gave you the Dark Souls treatment, but that's okay, you can still come back as Tommy Jarvis. Also, he's probably feeling very stupid right now for tunneling you and letting everyone else do whatever they wanted. And remember, the most important is to have fun.
  19. So I was playing a match tonight with my good buddy in Jarvis House. The player that was selected to play Jason had Part 9 as his default Jason. However, when he morphed near the car and I was able to hear his chase music, it was playing Retro Jason's. Also, his skin was not the regular Part 9's, but instead Part 9 with a sort of Retro Jason color scheme. Furthermore, when he grabbed and killed me, he used one of Part 4's kills. To me, it clearly looks like he was messing around with the character models in a way that is not endorsed by the developers. I actually took quite a few screenshots from the game, enough to prove my point. However, should I really go through the trouble of reporting this guy? Or is it probably not going to result in anything and I should just let it go?
  20. How about getting rid of the CP system altogether, removing perks from the game, making all Jason kills level-based unlockables like the Jasons already are, and finally adding minor, unique traits to each counselor to make up for the lost perks?
  21. Case in point: No one has the right to dictate how other players should go about murdering counselors. Flaming people for not meeting your Jason standards is just plain disgraceful. That being said, Friday the 13th: The Game has a myriad of creative, spectacular kills which are a big part of the game's charm. In that regard, slash/knife kills are the most uninspired, bland kills of the bunch, so it really should come as no surprise that quite a few people would consider slashfests to be lame. I guess we could say that there is a distinction between doing a good job and doing a beautiful job.
  22. Anyone who disagrees with you is automatically wrong and whatever they may claim becomes void of any validity whatsoever. Internet discussion 101. By the way, to the guys who did not sistematically disregard other people's opinion and actually posed the valid point that spotting Jason in bright daylight would be scary, I'd like to say that I agree with you on that, but also that fear buildup is a big part of how Jason can find people around the camp, and most people would probably freak out at the prospect of being attacked by a serial killer in a dark campsite. At least when it's bright you'll probably see him coming, but in the dark? He could be anywhere.
  23. That's a weird remark you're making. Even if Jason can destroy doors with ease, he's not phasing through the wood like weapons can do.
  24. My point exactly. It seems to me that Caulus is so enamored with the old "force" grab that he doesn't realize the current patch is much more harmful to counselor gang bangs than the one he says was "perfectly tuned".
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