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  1. Add A Door To Jason's Shack

    It seems I have been armed with knowledge I didn't previously possess.
  2. Add A Door To Jason's Shack

    What Jason needs is not added protection for his shack, but a mechanic to counter being ganged up on. As he is right now, it's no big deal for the counselors to group up and beat the living dogshit out of Jason until the mask comes off.
  3. No evil in being creative with your traps. I once trapped the map stand in Packanack. A friend of mine that was playing counselor that match would not shut up about how it was a "dick move" for a whole week. Still, I think you should only get creative with your spares. No one's going to force you to trap the phone box and the cars, but if you don't, you risk allowing the counselors an easy escape.
  4. (Hey guys, I know I'm late for the party, but if you'll let me, I'd like to join in too.) So, you've been spawning in that phone house and Jason's making you the first course in his slaughter buffet? Well, fear no more! Here is a user friendly guide on how to not get rekt by Jason in the first two minutes of the game. -Yay, you spawned! Such a glorious thing to be alive! -Get inside that cabin and close the door after you. Don't bar doors or open windows. Take a moment to prance around and get your bearings. -You spawned in the phone house, didn't you? -Well, look for the nearest hiding spot. Close the doors behind you, it's rude to leave them open. Dive under that bed and wait for Jason to finish his trapping/crashing ritual. -Seriously, if you hide before he morphs to the house the only way he'll know you're there is if he walks in front of your hiding spot. Don't hold your breath though, that's a stupid thing to do, and stupid people die in this game. You don't want to die, yes? -Oh no, he morphed before you had time to hide. Friggin' leg it man. Or hide anyway if you're playing a character with high stealth in hopes that he didn't see a sound ping. -Seriously, he only gets Sense by the 0:45 mark. If you didn't do anything to give yourself away, just stay cool and he'll go bother someone else. -Yay, he's gone to mind his own business elsewhere. Now's the time to jump out of your hiding place, let the whole world know where the phone house is and go about looting stuff. See, that wasn't so bad, was it? -Or, if you're feeling mean, go outside, step on his friggin' trap and picture the look of dismay in that Jason player's face, as he panics about his trap being sprung right after he morphed away. That's enough to break a man's heart, isn't it? Then hide, wait for him to retrap the phone and go away, and after that trip the trap again. Clearly he wasn't gonna need those traps, am I right? Controversely, you may also do this: -Don't give a fuck. -Go about your business as usual. -Oh look, it's the phone house. -*nsert come at me bro meme here* -He's coming for you. -Run like the wind. -Avoid throwing knives. -Make Jason chase you for two minutes while the rest of the lobby fixes both cars and washes Pamela's sweater because who the hell would even wear that gross thing? Yuck! -No one fixed anything while you were giving Jason the Benny Hill treatment. That probably means you were screwed anyway, so just sit back and watch Jason murder the living crap out of those idiots. -Or don't run away if you don't want to. That's your house and you should not be forced to leave it! Instead, loop Jason around some furniture. -What's that you say? Furniture looping is a low blow? Well then, how about you don't come inside my house, break my doors down and try to murder me before a freaking minute has even passed? -Watch as tears streak down Jason's face if he's a walker and you're Vanessa. -You'll still have to dodge those knives tho. -Pay close attention to that Kikiki Mamama at 2:15. Jason's shift finger will be itching by the time the ability has finished charging. -In the end you were forced out of your house anyway. but hopefully someone will have done something by now. -Jason gave you the Dark Souls treatment, but that's okay, you can still come back as Tommy Jarvis. Also, he's probably feeling very stupid right now for tunneling you and letting everyone else do whatever they wanted. And remember, the most important is to have fun.
  5. So I was playing a match tonight with my good buddy in Jarvis House. The player that was selected to play Jason had Part 9 as his default Jason. However, when he morphed near the car and I was able to hear his chase music, it was playing Retro Jason's. Also, his skin was not the regular Part 9's, but instead Part 9 with a sort of Retro Jason color scheme. Furthermore, when he grabbed and killed me, he used one of Part 4's kills. To me, it clearly looks like he was messing around with the character models in a way that is not endorsed by the developers. I actually took quite a few screenshots from the game, enough to prove my point. However, should I really go through the trouble of reporting this guy? Or is it probably not going to result in anything and I should just let it go?
  6. How about getting rid of the CP system altogether, removing perks from the game, making all Jason kills level-based unlockables like the Jasons already are, and finally adding minor, unique traits to each counselor to make up for the lost perks?
  7. Why the hatred for slashers?

    Case in point: No one has the right to dictate how other players should go about murdering counselors. Flaming people for not meeting your Jason standards is just plain disgraceful. That being said, Friday the 13th: The Game has a myriad of creative, spectacular kills which are a big part of the game's charm. In that regard, slash/knife kills are the most uninspired, bland kills of the bunch, so it really should come as no surprise that quite a few people would consider slashfests to be lame. I guess we could say that there is a distinction between doing a good job and doing a beautiful job.
  8. Daytime maps

    Anyone who disagrees with you is automatically wrong and whatever they may claim becomes void of any validity whatsoever. Internet discussion 101. By the way, to the guys who did not sistematically disregard other people's opinion and actually posed the valid point that spotting Jason in bright daylight would be scary, I'd like to say that I agree with you on that, but also that fear buildup is a big part of how Jason can find people around the camp, and most people would probably freak out at the prospect of being attacked by a serial killer in a dark campsite. At least when it's bright you'll probably see him coming, but in the dark? He could be anywhere.
  9. Throwing knives.

    That's a weird remark you're making. Even if Jason can destroy doors with ease, he's not phasing through the wood like weapons can do.
  10. My point exactly. It seems to me that Caulus is so enamored with the old "force" grab that he doesn't realize the current patch is much more harmful to counselor gang bangs than the one he says was "perfectly tuned".
  11. Did Jason have higher melee damage during his pre-grab nerf days?
  12. Funny you'd say that. I haven't played during the Darth Jason days, but from what I've picked up from reading these forums, the only thing he had going for him was a longer grab range. Now, you seem concerned that the counselors have no deterrent against ganging up on Jason, but if that's the case, wouldn't the current balance, with reduced item spawns, be less favorable to that strategy? How exactly is a longer grab range supposed to dissuade a mob of counselors armed with a stock of bats and wrenches from beating you to pulp?
  13. The problem with what you are suggesting, Caulus, is that you want the game to be balanced around high-end counselor play. If the devs were to do that, it would basically wreck low-end play beyond salvaging. Most lobbies with inept counselors already end with a very high kill count anyway. Make no mistake, matches like that should end with a high kill count, but making it so only very skilled counselors can make it through the night is pretty much asking for newer players to abandon ship.
  14. I don't think this is a good idea for the same reason people say adding an easy mode isn't a good idea: we don't really have a big enough player base to suport multiple game modes/difficulties. Hell, it would probably take forever to fill a lobby in the conditions you are suggesting.
  15. Let's not get too hardcore now. I love how my games (as Jason or counselor) mostly end with a single survivor since the patch, but I really don't think buffing the grab is the way to go from here. After all, against single counselors Jason has become quite dangerous. Instead, making his melee combat more reliable would probably be better in order to improve the overall experience.