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  1. And yet none are on the first two pages to spite there being like "30" of them.
  2. I wonder if it is possible for them to set it up like consoles. Essentially where a player hosts the lobby in effect becoming the server. Yea that means crybaby hosts rage quitting and ruining everyones fun would spread to PC. Yet it would extend thw games life after the offical servers go down. Aaaand no I didnt and will not rifle through the forum looking for a dead thread simular to this to Necro.
  3. The Dev's made several promises during the kickstarter, especially concerning certain items that would be added if set goals were reached. Now they are backing out of those promises, the lawsuit doesn't matter the promises that were made weren't going to be DLC we had to pay for, so I expect Gun Media to deliver.
  4. You guys going to fix your game or not?

    Your bullshit is getting quite tiresome.

    The lies, and delays are utter horseshit. If you REALLY are from GUN MEDIA then why can't you "people" fufill any of the obligations you agreed too. OR Promises for that matter.

    At this point it really seems like all you people did was run a scam on fans.

  5. Well the way they have acted with this game, pretty much insures I will NEVER trust a product from GUN Media again. When I think of GUN Media I will instantly think of a big pile of steamy shit.
  6. How does the roadmap end? They still have no provided Jason X (A trailer doens't fucking count), they still have not provided the wheelchair counselor. Hell they still have not event given all the goodies they promised to kickstarter backers for gods sake.
  7. Won't deny it. They don't deserve any love or appreciation at this point.
  8. It can, will, and is. It's a very sad fact, but when the Dev's show absolutely no interest in trying to fix this bugfest of a game, why have any hope? Honestly this game should still be in BETA not full release.
  9. Because they already cashed in on it. Eventually they will throw something retarded out like "NEW EMOTES, NEW DANCES, NEW KILLS!" Probably less from wanting to evolve the game, more from "Oh shit I gotta pay my car payment. Better shit out some garbage on F13."
  10. Play Dead by Daylight instead. The Dev's actually somewhat give a shit on that game.
  11. I think they just don't care. They made the money they wanted off pie eyed fans already. I am even starting to think this Engine Update is a stalling tactic to milk a little more money from fans that haven't given up entirely. The apathy of the Devs in this game drove me to Dead By Daylight. Less things to do true, but at least the dev team actually does something on that game.
  12. Alot of great ideas, it's a shame the Dev's really, and truly don't give a shit. I literally think they just cashed in a few paydays for this game, and are now done with it. They could care less if it lives or dies at this point. They still can't even get all the bonus goodies to the kickstarter people yet, and it's been how long? All this game is for the Dev's (other than a payday) is something to put on a resume later. I know it sucks, but it's something we have to accept. Why else would they put a game this riddled with bugs, cheaters, and exploits out for sale anyway? Why wouldn't they even try to fix these the problems? The answer is they don't care, and it's all about Greed. Why should they spend ANY money fixing problems? Shit I'am willing to bet IF the engine change even comes through it's going to introduce a whole host of brand new bugs we'll have to deal with...that will take YEARS before the Devs admit (if they ever do) that issues have arose. I know we can't get refunds, but maybe if the majority of the playerbase started flooding them with e-mails demanding one..we might just get them to actually reply. Probably not, but you never know. Especially if those demands come from the screwed Kickstarter donors demanding there money back.