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  1. This game a Friday the 13th Game again? Or is it still Drunken Teenagers beat up a large mentally handicapped man Game?
  2. Suicide to escape Jason

    When I play Jason and someone Suicides...if they stay till the end of the round I always chime in with a... "I was so scary XXX Killed himself." "Way to bitch out!" or my Personal favorite. "Thanks ending the Match faster for actual players bro!"
  3. Still waiting for the nudity that was promised to be added to this game. And to be fair I do HATE, absolutely LOATHE! Playing with Kids in this game.
  4. Oh I know my additions were bad, but I figured this was just a troll thread anyway lol.
  5. Sure I'll co-sign this but only if the following is added. Once Jason stops the car that is it, it can no longer be driven period. Stamina doesn't regain at all for counselors. All Med-Spray and Pocket Knives are removed. Once Crippled Counselors slowly bleed to death over five minutes. And Sense is active 100% of the time.
  6. Yanno what. I support this topic, just because of the cry babies whining that this Topic already exists.
  7. Peet Peeves

    And? You guys ever think he might not want to Necro up an old thread?
  8. Or will I have to keep using a 3rd party program? It would certainly make exploiters being caught easier. inb4 Thread Lock. I dislike Necrothreading.
  9. Could I get a link to this guys stream too, or PM me his name. I like to keep tabs on the exploiters I run into so I can sound the alarm so to speak if I ever see them in the same Lobby as me.
  10. But how come Part 4 can Hammer down a barred door faster than part 9. They need to adjust the destruction bonus.
  11. It'd be nice to see a S.A server, and sure our EU comrades would love a RUS server. I doubt it though. With the games population taking a slight dip, all more servers would do atm would be to reduce the average player pool on all servers. So until then, I guess we just learn to communicate through emotes, and flash light clicks.
  12. Blood Is Blue And White Now

    I too seem to randomly get white blood during my games now. I have even done a reinstall to see if perhaps it was a corrupted file. Please tell me the games not going to get watered down even more. Already a bit disappointed at the lack of Gore.