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  1. All PCs on my lan have static IPs, and my son can send/receive invites from his steam account no problem from the same PC.
  2. Wife recently started her own steam account and bought a copy of F13. She's able to join Quick Play matches without issue. However she's unable to send party invites or receive them. Any ideas? She can bring up the invite window and click the "Invite" buttons next to her friend's names.
  3. And apparently you don't have google either, lol
  4. So they announced a new perk system and legendary perks, which is awesome. But I'm curious... where does that leave those of us that spent 150+ levels worth of CP getting all the epic perks we need to have a fighting chance of surviving 20 minutes against a supernatural mass murder? Are they now basically worthless and replaced by legendary perks? Are we all forced to redo the tedious grind of farming CP in order to get legendary perks or be underpowered with the new balancing changes that will more than likely come once most people have legendary perks and everyone starts to complain about Jason being a pinata more than he already is? Are most of you saving up your CP for the update, or still rolling epic perks hoping they will be upgraded when the update comes?
  5. That's a pretty weak cop-out, countless games have done a great job of policing their servers and removing hackers & cheaters.
  6. Any real answers? I don't leave matches early before I die, troll, or do anything that would result in being put in the "salt mines".
  7. The last few days has seen a sudden influx of hackers (blatant speedhacks, floaters, instant attacks, instant car starts, instantly breaking free from grips, and more), people using hacked Jason skins (Savini Jason with Part 3 kills, Music, and purple skin, for example). Seems like every lobby I join there's at least one person blatantly cheating. Lobbies are taking forever to fill, or not filling at all, more times than not. Over half the time I get thrown in an empty lobby that never fills, or put in an EU lobby (I live in the US). What's the deal???
  8. The world is on fire.

    I realize the update roll out will be gradual but can we please get an update on if the holiday event has started? Thousands of us have CP stored up and are waiting for the word that we can spend it... thanks!
  9. So it's been almost an hour since the event was said to supposed to start @ 3pm EST... how will we know when it actually does? I don't want to waste CP rolling for perks before the event starts.
  10. Will it be possible to do Private Matches with 3--4 real players and the rest offline bots? I'd love to be able to fill private matches with my kids with offline bots rather than random people that shout vulgar obscenities, racial slurs, and make sexual comments at my kids thinking it's funny....
  11. I tend to agree with your point about Sense Avoidance perks, kind of nullified by Jasons that know how to spam Sense. What about Man at Arms for low luck fighters? Lightfoot for stealthy chars?
  12. Have you tried Level Headed + Medic + Lightfoot for eating traps then running off aways and hiding for a minute until Jason leaves? Seems like it could be fun.