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  1. Wow, just looked it up and they closed them after just a year of the game being released for the switch. Sure glad I didn't get got by that money grab.
  2. How much longer before the dedicated servers for switch are shutdown and that game is killed off too?
  3. How do you address something they have no control over (when it comes to Jason helpers) ?
  4. Great advice from someone that I've seen exploit animation canceling repeatedly. ?
  5. I sure hope the new "developer" has a clue as to what they are doing. The fact that the game is left with so many glaring bugs and issues is a huge slap in the face from Illfonic to Gun Media (and the entire Friday the 13th franchise and all the fans for that matter). Sad. @ShiftySamurai Thanks for the update announcement. We appreciate Gun Media and everything you guys have done.
  6. So is parties joining matches together no longer a thing? Been trying on and off for days and have yet to be able to get a match started with a few of my friends / family at once. Every time at least one of us gets "Failed to join party leader's session" error.
  7. Nah, not just that. The core game being in such a broken state for most of the time since we bought it is also a big part of that. At least before the lawsuit there was a reason to hold on and hope that they would at least continue to try to fix the game and release new content. This is the only reason a number of us didn't just get a refund on steam within the first 2 hours of playing. Now they have no compelling reason to fix anything since new players are going to be virtually non-existent.
  8. So me and several members of my family bought several copies of the game based on the promise of future content that was on the roadmap when we purchased the game. Since this isn't going to happen due to legal issues we'd like to know how to go about getting refunds for this game. Thanks in advance.
  9. Whoa, only 2 legendaries from 160k CP? Ouch. Guess I was lucky! I'm very happy with the perks I got. Also upgraded my Medic, Man at Arms, and Marathon to max stat Epics (had Rares before). Not to mention picking up a few other useless epic perks that I'll never use....
  10. Thanks for the reply. Good suggestions. Sad that with over 100 views you are the only one that bothered to help, yet posts whining about changes made in the update have hundreds of responses.
  11. So this is the end result of me rolling over 200,000CP into perks after the latest update after months of saving up CP! If these were your perks... what would your top choices be for a counselor and perk loadouts? Looking forward to different interesting combination ideas to try! Thanks in advance! Currently testing Vanessa with: Legendary Thick Skin, Epic Medic, Epic Scout to tank traps
  12. Suiciding then quitting will be the new quitting. Saltmines will do nothing but make good players have to sit through matches with hackers, trolls, mic spammers, etc.
  13. Because then 7theye couldn't cry about people having a valid complaint which would result in less attention for himself.
  14. Nothing like adding tens or hundreds of hours worth of pointless timesinks into a game already riddled with ridiculously stupid timesinks.
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