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  1. So me and my friend just gotten off of smite and decided to play Friday the 13th and we were both counselors doing whatever we can do to survive and out of nowhere we both somehow lost internet connection at the same time... But I think it was just me who lost internet connection, I don't know how he lost internet connection as well...? But, from my point of view, I actually did lost internet connection, because I had my laptop in front of me and I had no internet connection on my computer... But it came back on and everything was connected again. So me and my friend gets back on Friday and we did another match, we all died and once we were back in the lobby we decided to leave to go to a new lobby, but we ended up back in the same lobby!!! We left again and then came back to the same hell hole, over and over and over again, and that's when we found out we were in the salt mines. So lets say if your power cuts off or you lose connection or you get blue screened or a error from Friday the 13th pop up, YOU ARE GOING INTO THE SALT MINES! I love the idea for having the salt mines for rage quitters, but not to put anybody that loses connection in the game and have done nothing wrong. This issue needs to be resolved, A-S-A-P!!! PLEASE!
  2. You play Friday on a PS4? If you do add me. Trying to make new friends to replace those that left. Also my name is the same on here and on the ps4.
  3. HA! Very funny, the only game I have for PC is Sims 2 & 3. That's my love game... If possible maybe Yandere Simulator when the game is finally finished if you know what that is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1EBJfK7ltjYUFyzysKxr1g/featured
  4. When do us console players get what we want? Host Rage Quitting + Game Over = No points for counselors or Jason! Don't kill the Host! If you do, the host will leave! I'm getting very tired of the Host always leaving when they die. It's understandable that if the Host is killed in the beginning they don't feel like sitting there for 20 minutes waiting for the match to end, but now, it's like when the host dies period, it's a game over. NO ONE GETS POINTS, not even the killer his self. Which isn't fair at all. For PC Players, they all gotten the update that they wanted. So when the Host leaves someone else will become the new Host. So when do us Console players get what we want? We have been getting all of these amazing updates, but so far we have never gotten what we have been asking for. It's as if our issue is just being looked over. I'm am not just speaking for myself, but for those that doesn't have accounts that have been complaining about this issue for a very long time. I understand that the Devs is busy doing what they do best to make the game fun for us and enjoyable. But I believe this issue has gone on long enough and also should have been fixed ages ago. Am I the ONLY one here getting tired of the Host rage quitting?
  5. Oh no!! That's why I said they would have to limit her! And please! lol If she would turn out to be another tommy, well crap! we Jason is doomed... Well at least for Jason. She'll be too powerful, which is why I added limits lol But I agree with ya, because I also thought she would be like OP as well.
  6. Exactly what I was thinking. To me she would be a OP which is why I said they should limit her powers, but I actually like your Idea more, I have been playing offline mode lately.
  7. Me & a friend was talking about what if Tina was in the game... If Tina was in the game wouldn't she be like "OP" to Jason? Like in the movie how she squeezed his mask to it pop right on off, throwing so many objects or nearly anything at him stunning him that way... She also lighted him up on fire.... The chick done went and hung and then drop him into the basement. That's not OP? If Tina would to be added to the game, her powers should be limited like: 1: You can only throw objects or such at Jason only once in the area you are at and cannot repeatedly do it, gonna have to move to another area. (Like how Jason can only break that one Window once and have to move on to the next one.) 2: The mask squeezing...? It should be like Jason's abilities, when you can do it as many time as you want, but charges up slow because it'll get annoying if your repeatedly doing it. Also shouldn't be used to be Jason's escape card, That's what "Pocket knifes" are for. Also the ability should completely come to a end when the Mask does pop off. 3: Maybe Tina should have the ability to put Jason through the floor into the basement, but still can't happen repeatedly. The only reason I said maybe she should have that ability, is because there are only basements in one MAP. Also it should stun Jason for a good 10 seconds if he falls in when she's making it happen. If she does it while Jason is not standing there, it shouldn't take affect of him or stun him. Tina should most likely be another Tiff that can't repair, but can run and hide from Jason, also doesn't make a lot of noise. Should Tina be in the game? Would Tina be OP to you? What's your opinion? Leave it down in the comments below!
  8. So far I haven't seen it happen when I play? Is your console Xbox One? Or Pc?
  9. What's the problem...? Snowflake generation? Really? Why can't we just be cool? Why can't you respect my opinion or others? Seriously can we squash the issue and the both of us can be the bigger man? Can we just be friends? Also this is my last time replying to you, if your unwilling to just squashing the issue. I'm done with the back and forth arguments. Also if you feel that I was the one being the "ASS" I apologies, even though I didn't shoot insults at you or about your opinion, also you mind as well have just replied to me with this quote. smh you must of felt some kind of way about me calling you an ass if you really have to go back and copy and pasted my previous posts. "No wonder they call this the snowflake generation." some people just can't handle others opinions and small words like ass.
  10. Do you know how to remove a thread or a forum? I'm completely over this thread and am getting use to this game now. I don't have any problems with the update anymore. Also thank you for your honest opinion! Oh and everything you stated is also true. Not locking doors and leaving it open is annoying, but that something we have to deal with, just like how I have to deal with this update. Once again completely over it.
  11. Your wasting time speaking to me then my friend. This post is how many days old? I was most likely upset about my friends leaving which was really why I created this thread. But I'm no longer am having that issue because I'm making new friends in this community. I don't care about the update anymore. IN FACT, I'm actually getting better at it. I'm basically saying I'm over it now and I'm starting to enjoy it, but it's annoying that people like you are still being a ass to me because of this topic. Now if I really knew how to take down the thread I would, so the negative comments and insults can stop coming in. Thanks for insulting me calling me insane or what so ever. Even though, you don't know me, I'm am still willing to accept and respect your opinion about the game update all the ways.
  12. It's sad, but I know we all can do better. I'm not perfect myself but there need to be serious changes.
  13. you right, I wish we can do better I'm done here if there is no respect
  14. Understandable, but this just needs to happen. I'm tired everyone disrespecting each other opinions. Also the staff or whoever is going to have to lock it or take it down their selves. This can't keep happening! Everyday on a new forums, thread, polls, people arguing and insulting each other opinions is WRONG. If you give out your opinion, I'm respect it all the way. But something needs to change and the message needs to be heard one way or another.
  15. Let em lock it. People needs to see this. It's bad on what's going on here in this community.
  16. I'm not perfect myself, but the one thing I do know, is that we all need to do better on respecting each other.
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