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  1. That makes no sense though, Victoria also died in part 7 so how is she not dead but fox is?
  2. No need to get riled up dude, Just telling you another method to get easy exp quickly.
  3. It'll be unlocked at level 113. If ya don't believe me, I Believe its on their twitter.
  4. You say that like its easy to not fuck up. Its not especially if you main Vanessa like me.
  5. That would just be a remake of crystal lake with little to no changes whatsoever....
  6. Well yes but what if they mess up with one of their objectives? Such as messing up putting fuel in either the car or boat? Jason can just morph to your location and kill you with ease now because of this new buff.
  7. I agree completely, It used to feel like you achieved something when you kill a counselor who did indeed had skill in the game but now.... Its just plain to easy. Sure, He's supposed to be that buffed cause its Jason but at least back then, We had a chance against him. Now its almost impossible to play as counselor without getting to be the first five people that get killed. Maybe buff up the counselor's stats abit Gunmedia? Or give counselors even better perks? Like I said, I'm ok with buffing up Jason but at least give us a chance in surviving his wrath....
  8. It shouldn't even be considered a DLC because this is FRIDAY THE 13TH THE GAME not Nightmare on elm street.
  9. No. The WORST acting in a F13 movie was in part 3 where the chick going down the stairs was screaming "Oh my god" constantly in a weird ass voice....
  10. F13


    Hello! My names F13 and I came on these forums to simply not depend on news from places like youtube or twitter. I've been following the francise for a few years now. Favorite movies are Part 5 and part 8. Least favorite are part 7 and part 9. I play the game on xbox. Username: @TheRealGamer944
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