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  1. 100% Standstill

    Seriously even just someone acknowledging this glitch would be so awesome. ITS OVERDUE AND EVERYONE just becomes a wuss when asked about it.
  2. 100% Standstill

    Its so sad to not see this on the new patch notes. Their are people who have been waiting months just to play. This is so much more important than virtual cabins or new charecters. I just can't understand this. We waited so long for these patch notes and update. Such a dissapointment right before the holidays.
  3. 100% Standstill

    Or people get butt hurt to easy
  4. 100% Standstill

    I've only seen it on xbox one
  5. 100% Standstill

    Well thats exactly what it does lol
  6. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Yea! Fix the 100% completion bug for xbox please and thanks. Should be done.
  7. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Yea. Seriously. Months of work and playing, deleted posts, admin blocks, and nobody giving any answers on this topic. Please. Please. 100% GLITCH is something us are all worried about. Its breaking up groups and destroying full lobbys. Please give us some news
  8. 100% standstill

    Fixed yet? Yawn.
  9. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    My post was just saying people get banned for bringing up problems but not for cussing people out lol... geez
  10. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    I cannot believe my post was deleted. You are censoring us ?... seriously?
  11. Hotfix - 11.16.17

    Please. Same here. 100% achievement glitch for xbox one please help us.....
  12. 100% standstill

    Please help. Pleeaaaaaaase fix this.
  13. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    Im so upset. We dedicated almost 3 weeks to achieving 100%. Would have never done it if it was going to make it unplayable. Thanks for the robotic answers and the very minimised answers, but can we even get an acknowledgement to the problem. Are you going to fix it or not. ?.