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  1. DO NOT UNLOCK ALL OF THE ACHIEVEMENTS, but he's on the PS4, so he'll be okay.
  2. YouWontKillMe

    Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    The completion/earning all of the achievements bug isn't listed! It better seriously be included! We've waited long enough! Fix something important, developers!
  3. YouWontKillMe

    100% standstill

    Did I ask? You're not even a developer, so don't give that cliché, developer response. You can't relate. Also, this issue has been known for months, so please.
  4. YouWontKillMe

    100% standstill

    Who are you? Developer?
  5. YouWontKillMe

    100% standstill

    HURRY UP, developers! Prioritise this issue! This needs to be resolved!
  6. YouWontKillMe

    Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    I'm making my voice loud and clear for an issue that should've been fixed months ago! You clearly can't relate, so rest your fingers. Anyway, as I was saying, developers, hurry up! We Deserve Better! Stop taking your time and get sh*t done!
  7. YouWontKillMe

    Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    Hurry up with the achievement bug, developers! You've known about this issue for months! it has been on the back-burner, get on IT!
  8. YouWontKillMe

    100% standstill

    Hurry up, developers! Number 1 on the to-do list!
  9. YouWontKillMe

    100% standstill

    FIX IT, developers!
  10. YouWontKillMe

    Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    Your message is way too extra. I'll break it down for you, this issue shouldn't have occurred anyway, the developers have been winging it since day one, someone who has all of the achievements has been waiting to play for over two months! The developers have taken ages to get started on the bug, I'm not thankful. You're not in the same boat as me, so I don't appreciate your tedious, futile message. Take that sh*t somewhere else.
  11. YouWontKillMe

    Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    Yes, I did my own research, and found others in the same situation as me. The developers are completely useless. *Pretends to be shocked*
  12. YouWontKillMe

    Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    Never said that, but clearly the person had an issue with honesty, so, they can leave if they can't handle it, which they did.
  13. Omigod, right?! Teehee. They've struggled since day one. So inexperienced.
  14. Hey, well, I have the game for XBox One, so, unfortunately, it won't work, but thanks.