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  1. I only got on dedicated servers for one day 🤣 so no change for me in the UK been on p2p for years 🤗 I can't believe you lot are moaning about it when I have never experienced host migration so think yourselves lucky.
  2. Unfortunately ppl not readying up also cause the game to time out so yes ready the f up you slow numpties.
  3. I have to say young US kids are THE most racist shocked I was being a nice UK girl 😆
  4. It is annoying it is a shame you cant kick ppl out if you are the host I would do that as it is usually Vanessa players 😕
  5. I used to care that I couldn't drive the car so I played a lot of games with a friend in a private match and I mastered it, can you do that?
  6. Why the hell is the phone house next to the car ? Since the latest patch this keeps happening, it is super annoying 😣
  7. Has to be ebay when there are level 20 players with Savini
  8. I love Shelly his character and phrases but he does suck at surviving what are the best perks to put on him?
  9. I still have them all & checking I still have the clothes so I haven't lost anything 😆
  10. I lost the disk clothes pack but of course you would I dont remember losing anything else when I switched to digital
  11. Yeah La Chappa is the worst he is madly aggressive as a bot nothing like in real play 😂
  12. Eh? They fix the fuse box, phone the police, knock me down, get 2 cars out and call Tommy they do everything but then I let them as its cute letting them escape 😂
  13. Yeah I use it on everyone but after reading this I won't be if it's a waste of a slot 😢
  14. The dumbest thing the counsellors do is when they call Tommy Jarvis on the radio and ask him to come to Crystal Lake when we be on the Pinehurst Map wtf is that all about, when he turns up at CL no one will be there and everyone will die 😥
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