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  1. Well I could understand the extra pocket knives but multiple phone fuses? I have not ever seen it before while playing offline bots it just seems a lazy way of making it a hard mode
  2. Must be my connection then don't know what else would explain it.
  3. Well I just played Hard mode offline bots at Jarvis and 3 counsellors had a phone fuse each wth is that about? On Xbox.
  4. Thanks I was exaggerating a bit but I am a lvl 150 and should be better at the game than I am 😂
  5. Yeah I do cancel and try again after a minute or I'm put in a lobby on my own. It is just I cannot get onto the EU server I have an open Nat and good internet & someone has posted a video to show the EU server exists so I don't know what the problem is. Others must have the same issue as I still get in plenty of games just on p2p
  6. How do you get onto a server though as I'm always put in a p2p lobby in the EU
  7. Thanks but I just do not get F13 EU Server on my screen ever
  8. Well I haven't seen the EU servers since November on Xbox I will report though.
  9. Wonder why I am not getting on a dedicated server my BT internet is the best they offer
  10. It should say F13 EU dedicated server somewhere on screen when it searches for a lobby otherwise you are in p2p play
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