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  1. Sorry i must've posted this in the wrong place all Jason X threads have been locked just ignore it.
  2. Its the grendal map vid which has been seen already but it was interesting to read about how the counsellors were to escape and chad in the intro and that Wes replied to his email with these details.
  3. They are putting up a video later so I will see but its an acc I have followed a long time and is usually accurate?
  4. On FB someone has posted details about the Grendel map that they claim Wes gave details to him about like the intro and the escape and it was meant to drop in mid July? Its all in French why would Wes talk to them about it?
  5. MortenMagnePal

    Victor Miller Email

    So he's not such a bad old guy after all, so who can we lobby to buy the game and actually make it good?
  6. MortenMagnePal

    Mega-Patch Update?

    Offline is fine on Xbox though the bots had 3 batteries today which they all took to one car 😁
  7. MortenMagnePal

    Bonus EXP?

    You're welcome
  8. MortenMagnePal

    Bonus EXP?

    Shifty on Twitter
  9. MortenMagnePal

    Bonus EXP?

    There's a double XP event coming up very soon
  10. Well I just got stuck in the map board at Packanack so it's all fine.
  11. Because his notice of termination is effective from July 2018
  12. Thank you for that informed answer
  13. Can I block the hotfix I don't want it, is there a way you can stop it?
  14. MortenMagnePal

    They haven't fixed rubberbanding at all.

    Well in Shifty's post of 2nd June he said there were 2 rubberbanding issues both of which he said would be fixed by the new patch hopefully, I'm on Xbox so won't know until late Monday I guess.