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  1. Have they not fixed it for PS yet? They have been looking into it surely?
  2. MortenMagnePal

    Outdated Client Warning

    😂 I have never seen a dedicated server in the UK so welcome back to getting kicked out of a game when the host leaves
  3. The powers that be say they are looking into it which means it could be a while even though ps4 players are their highest playing platform kind of sad really 😔
  4. Yet you have "never seen it once"
  5. This happens all the time in the EU I am still uncertain there is any dedicated servers here still p2p only
  6. I think ps4 has major problems since the update
  7. MortenMagnePal

    First Aid Spray Bug (Video)

    There's a perk for two uses of one med spray god this is so painful to watch 😔
  8. MortenMagnePal

    Latest patch broke game on ps4

    Well he spells favour wrongly so must be in the US 😆
  9. MortenMagnePal

    Latest patch broke game on ps4

    How funny that it is working better than ever on Xbox 😂
  10. MortenMagnePal

    Can't find game on PS4 (Issues)

    Still cannot get on the EU dedicated server after the patch just P2P I still don't think there is an EU server. Got invited into the US server on a private lobby and I was amazed it said F13 Dedicated Server US 😯 never seen anything like it you are so lucky to get them in the US.