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  1. MortenMagnePal

    Ps4 servers

    And they didn't fix it 😂 I give up!
  2. MortenMagnePal

    Ps4 servers

    Thanks for posting! Some good news.
  3. MortenMagnePal

    Ps4 servers

    Same on Xbox on the EU servers seems only US are benefitting from the dedicated servers
  4. MortenMagnePal

    F13 asia dead lobby

    Are you in the US? If you are then you have no idea that the rest of the world are having all these issues with the servers
  5. MortenMagnePal


    I heard it would be Thurs/Fri what are they going to say I thought they had left it behind
  6. MortenMagnePal

    Matchmaking/Finding servers

    I have yet to find a dedicated server in the EU
  7. MortenMagnePal

    F13 asia dead lobby

    If I change my location from UK to US will it connect me to a US server on Xbox?
  8. MortenMagnePal

    Patch Notes - 09.26.18

    9GB for two little fixes 😩 still can't play on the EU servers.
  9. Must be me then I still can't get on an EU dedicated server on Xbox
  10. I have yet to see searching dedicated servers it just says searching sessions, searching cooldown then dumps me in an empty lobby everytime at 1.35 is there some kind of issue with the EU servers? Anyone else having problems on Xbox in UK?
  11. Same here since the update get put in empty lobbies and before the update never had these problems something hugely wrong with the EU servers I don't even think it is a dedicated server.
  12. It seems true on the EU server there doesn't appear to be dedicated servers no one can play it
  13. Cannot get into dedicated servers at all for the past few days on Xbox it says searching for sessions (nothing about a dedicated server) and puts me in a lobby by myself after 2 mins every time and it worked fine on the day of the update so I can't even play now & have Nat Type Open so is anyone else experiencing this in UK or Europe?
  14. Thanks, it just felt like there had been no change but apparently you get kicked out of the lobby after most games now I thought it was the "host"