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  1. Unfortunately ppl not readying up also cause the game to time out so yes ready the f up you slow numpties.
  2. I have to say young US kids are THE most racist shocked I was being a nice UK girl 😆
  3. Its Russians playing as Vanessa or 150 level Adams mainly
  4. It is annoying it is a shame you cant kick ppl out if you are the host I would do that as it is usually Vanessa players 😕
  5. I used to care that I couldn't drive the car so I played a lot of games with a friend in a private match and I mastered it, can you do that?
  6. Why the hell is the phone house next to the car ? Since the latest patch this keeps happening, it is super annoying 😣
  7. Has to be ebay when there are level 20 players with Savini
  8. They are never going to fix that glitch everyone asked them not too
  9. I love Shelly his character and phrases but he does suck at surviving what are the best perks to put on him?
  10. I still have them all & checking I still have the clothes so I haven't lost anything 😆
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