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  1. The offline bots on hard all have pocket knives & Russians all have them on hacker pc thankfully on console we don't have to deal we those cheats.
  2. If you have a pocket knife in your inventory don't pick up the firecrackers it's happening to me more often for some reason
  3. I really LOL'd at these the Jenny hitting Tiffany one 😂
  4. Bots are fun, how did you get Chad in to Jason's house?
  5. OK I find Higgins Haven small and Crystal Lake small the best for bots starting the car. Also some Jason's they don't seem to do it a lot with so steer clear of Roy and part 3. Otherwise I don't know I'm pretty sure I have seen it on PC but that was a while ago.
  6. Yeah worst map too big and they should have 2 cars and a boat at the least
  7. I saw that window glitch on the Tales from the stream this week when Matt was playing on the switch but he didn't mention it so I wasnt sure if it happened I was pretty sure I had seen it though, oh dear.
  8. It was, the car flipped for miles it was a beautiful sight 😂
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