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  1. They have been working for me after rage several times thought they had fixed that in the update.
  2. Nope and he is so overrated btw his damn fork gets stuck in everything
  3. I'm having a problem with Victoria's trousers you cannot change the colour any longer only blue did that happen on the last patch ?
  4. I swing my weapon when this happens to me climbing out the window
  5. Thanks there was no announcement on their Twitter about it being fixed.
  6. Why has there been no word on here about it from F13 support are they actually doing anything?
  7. Things are being worked on? Well that's what they are meant to be doing but 3 months without an update wth are they doing?
  8. I'm finding Xbox lobbies really easily mostly full up atm there seems to be a lot of new players not on dedicated servers though not seen them since November only on P2P in UK
  9. I really think on Xbox it is alive and well full lobbies a lot of the time
  10. That is exactlyvwhy everyone should buy Savini and whatever else off eBay they don't care so why should we ?
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