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  1. Pinehurst Small

  2. Pinehurst Small

    The small maps are garbage, no offense. The only time I find them entertaining is if its a small lobby like a 4v1 match.
  3. I hope they stop after adding Melissa and just add more clothing options for everyone instead. And I mean normal casual clothes, not more ridiculous outfits.
  4. Sorry just noticed you did after I submitted that. I suggest you try a different counselor then if you’re finding Deborah repetitive. There’s 13 of them after all.
  5. @Chetork Adam & Fox are fixers that don’t have a stealthy playstyle.
  6. “HEEEYY GUYZZZZ U GUYZ WANNA TEAM UP AN KILL JAYSUNN?” “OMG U GOT SAVANI! HOWD U GET SAVANI” “NOOO I HATE THAT MAP PICK PACKANACK SMALL!” If I hear any of these I leave immediately. Most kids just aren’t worth putting up with.
  7. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    That bug where Jason teleports to a random part of the map while performing a grab kill is back. It’s been happening a lot more frequently on PS4.
  8. Yea I get this on occasion on PS4 as well. It’s so annoying that you have to reassign each counselors emote wheel individually. They need to fix this.
  9. It’s definitely real, the original compilation that was pulled from YouTube had the kills from the single player challenges trailer in them before that got released. But yeah they’re just assets for the game and nothing is guaranteed to make the final cut.
  10. After playing the game for awhile you’ll realize how useless xp is and leveling up is irrelevant.
  11. I voted yes I like them all except I'm not sure about the bow and arrow, doesn't seem very practical against Jason. I think adding a Crowbar would be a great option.
  12. Will they never rework Jenny?

    She's definitely not the worst, anyone with at least a 2/10 repair is still manageable at fixing things. She has decent stamina to get her from point A to B and her 10 composure is great for fighting off Jason because your screen doesn't go dark quickly and she's not stumbling every other second. As @TiffanyIsBae said, no character is the "worst" I doubt any counselor is ever going to get reworked.
  13. Do people hate Pinehurst?

    I still play on Pinehurst often, I cycle through Pinehurst, Jarvis House & Higgins Haven when I’m host. Having different methods of escape makes gameplay a lot more interesting & the boat gives Jason’s waterspeed a purpose. I agree with @Thor_Bjarnason, people aren’t putting in the effort to learn a new map.
  14. Hopefully not, small maps are basically ‘easy mode’ for counselors.
  15. Yet you still can’t spell the word “counselor”?
  16. Jason needs a buff

    He doesn’t necessarily need a buff but his weapon hit detection still needs a lot of work and also chain stunning as others mentioned. There should be at least a 30 second cooldown in between stuns.
  17. Lets bring back team killing

    If that’s what you want then you’re playing the wrong game kiddo.
  18. After they add the next counselor, which is most likely a girl to even it out, I hope they don't add any more. 14 counselors is more than enough to choose from and there's more important things they need to focus on.
  19. Having one player(tommy) spawn with a pocketknife is completely different from having ALL counselors spawn with a knife. It’s not a difficult concept to understand.
  20. Those are unused artworks of perks that didn’t make it in the game, at least for now. Obviously the pocketknife perk would’ve been too powerful and everyone would equip it if it was available.
  21. For me I get Higgins Haven Small most of the time I run random. Waiting for them to add a separate ‘Random large map’ option, not a fan of the small maps.
  22. Favorite map?

    I voted Higgins, Jarvis & Pinehurst. They all have a lot more variety on the maps. I like Pinehurst & Jarvis mostly because of how spread out they are and challenging they can be. I agree with @Ste_Wolf about the small maps being too easy for counselors, I think they’re trash.
  23. First Look: Single Player Challenges

    Please add mouth animations to the main game!!!
  24. Did I Just Kill Wes?

    It softlaunched in the US on iOS
  25. Jason buff fucked up Buggzy

    It’s not really a nerf but more about strength being useless. If you aren’t trying to knock Jasons mask off then the stat has no other purpose. (besides breaking free from a grab)