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  1. That hasn’t been confirmed to be the song on the radio has it? That was just a twitter poll.
  2. Yeah just an option to mute Pamela would be perfect, it gets repetitive hearing her voice all the time especially during stuns & offline play. Only exception is when someone enters the shack you should still hear her.
  3. Yea same the glowing red sky was awesome I wish they’d patch that back in.
  4. This is a summer camp, not a military base. The flare gun is practical and fine as is.
  5. Your suggestions have to do with making the map more easier, not more enjoyable.
  6. I just replied to you on a different post but anyway yeah I agree about the phone needing to spawn on the main houses, it’d add a lot more purpose to them. There’s no backdoor at the vacation house because there are no windows to climb through in this house and if you lock all the doors then no counselor can get inside, unlike the other main houses in the game. I like the mountains on Jarvis House, we need different terrain instead of just fields of trees on every map. There’s plenty of trails to use as is too.
  7. I really like the Jarvis House map but yeah same I was disappointed not having the phone be able to spawn at either of the main houses. They feel like they’re only set pieces on the map with no purpose. Hopefully they add more phone spawn options in future.
  8. doitagain

    It's time to fix the interactions.

    Oh I thought this was a post regarding all the times a counselor/ Jason randomly can’t interact with windows, doors, closets etc. I find this happening a lot more frequently lately. As for what you mentioned, yea it does suck when that happens but I doubt that’ll get fixed anytime soon. I find what@JasonLives86 suggested works, whatever object you highlight with the camera is what you interact with.
  9. Lol you sure you don’t care? Cause sounds like you’re really bothered by them removing ‘hitting through doors’...
  10. doitagain

    2nd crowd fund

    Lol hell no. As much as I like this game, Illfonic is too incompetent to be trusted again.
  11. doitagain

    Tagging the phone?

    Nah it’s already super easy to find the phone house and as other people already mentioned, the fuse is never too far from the phone. There’s got to be at least SOME challenge to the game c’mon.
  12. Yea like frozen Jason would be awesome! (My avatar)
  13. doitagain

    Drawer Glitch

    Yeah same, I reported this glitch back in August or September of last year but it still happens. Hopefully the new update fixes it but we'll see.
  14. doitagain

    Weapon Selection Unlock Level

    There’s nothing to explain. You guys are trippin over nothing.
  15. doitagain

    Weapon Selection Unlock Level

    Those are hardly unlocks worth grinding for, it still feels bare bones. Instead of saying 'we have enough' you could just agree we need more unlockables overall. I bet Uber J is gonna be a mid tier unlock.
  16. That's awesome thanks!!! No more free cheap stuns for all yall
  17. doitagain

    Weapon Selection Unlock Level

    It's not even high though. It gives an actual incentive for leveling up instead of just clothes and gives new players time to feel out each Jason beforehand. The progression system needs more things like this in the higher levels.
  18. doitagain

    Current Part 7 Jason

    Grip strength is useless when there’s quick kills like choke/headpunch.
  19. Jason should just get the kills for suicides. Problem solved.
  20. Just change your gamma to your liking when the update comes out.
  21. Yep and they have been adding minor occasional dlc since the game launched which is totally fine. I just don’t agree with @CountYorgaVampir about having more big ticket items (like Roy) with a price tag.
  22. I think you’re forgetting that this was kickstarter funded and they reached way over their stretch goals to make this game. Not to mention how profitable they were once the game actually released.
  23. Yeah forreal. Only reason this thread keeps going is cause the same handful of people keep posting the same shit in it over and over...
  24. I could see a remaster coming to next-gen consoles but not an entirely new game.
  25. These are the same groups that have Packanack Small on repeat 🙄