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  1. I don’t mind this change. I just wish they would fix every Jason’s combat stance to match their weapon, particularly Savini & Part 6.
  2. Her clothes are so FUGLY whoever designed them should be fired. I know it’s the 80’s but isn’t she supposed to be fashionable? At least throw in a solid burgundy or black.
  3. Hoping we get a hotfix soon cause the game is embarrassingly glitchy right now. Feels like launch all over again 🙄
  4. Because the new engine update was supposed to fix a lot of bugs but instead it runs even worse than before. @Krystal what the hell are you smoking? PS4 is a broken mess right now. You must’ve only touched SP challenges so far.
  5. I remember back in the Sept or October patch they said they “fixed” the voices to match up but it turned out they didn’t. They’re always making shit up. This update is a glitchy mess. Happy 1 year anniversary woooo 😐
  6. Just used the sweater as Victoria and I’m pretty sure it played Vanessa’s voice. Anyone else?
  7. Exactly. For people who update the game but don’t keep up with social media, there’s nowhere in the game that mentions the salt mines/infraction system. @ShiftySamurai you guys might wanna add a “what’s new” section on the main menu. Similar to how around release we had a message banner that said “thank you for playing” etc.
  8. I’m assuming yes you can still invite anyone that’s in the salt mines. It won’t affect invites, just when they search for a QP match by themselves. Devs said you’re placed in a low priority queue so invites from other players is a bypass around that.
  9. doitagain


    A lot of the audio in the game is out of sync, like counselor reactions and Pamela’s voice. The bloody skins & Savini are messed up. I’ve seen a lot of Victorias glitching and bouncing around the map. Seen counselors grabbed and they remain frozen in mid air. Studdery pocketknife animation. Rainbow blood. There’s no way anyone playtested this patch lol a hotfix better be on the way. Not to mention the single player challenges need to be reworked since counselors can see you even if you’re behind walls or from the “stalker” viewpoints. They basically made a stealth mode where stealth is useless, you’re better off shift grabbing everyone. Oh and the wheelchair animations are horrible.
  10. doitagain

    5/24 Update: First Impressions

    Trying to enjoy the update but wow what a glitchfest... so much for releasing a “polished update”
  11. I would like the phone to spawn at the Jarvis or vacation house too. These houses feel a little forgotten when they don’t have any objectives at them. I don’t think the phone spawns are hurting the map but it’d be a nice addition.
  12. That hasn’t been confirmed to be the song on the radio has it? That was just a twitter poll.
  13. Yeah just an option to mute Pamela would be perfect, it gets repetitive hearing her voice all the time especially during stuns & offline play. Only exception is when someone enters the shack you should still hear her.
  14. Yea same the glowing red sky was awesome I wish they’d patch that back in.