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  1. This didn’t need a post, it’s hardly ever down. Get your ass some fresh air.
  2. Yeah I agree the game is practically dead. Sure there are still a handful of people playing it but there’s literally nothing left to bring people back. That shitty ultimate edition isn’t going to do much. Most of you guys commenting are in denial.
  3. This is the most mediocre ultimate edition set I’ve ever seen. That mask is trash. There was hardly any new content added to the game and all the new maps & counselors are free anyway with the regular version. It’s embarrassing for them to even release this.
  4. It’d be nice if they came but who really cares at this point. I’ll play F13 occasionally but I’ve moved on to DBD.
  5. I found one tommy tape yesterday while playing for an hour. Out of the 3 matches I played though, 2 Jasons ragequit and one host disconnect ?
  6. Small maps, especially Packanack Small, are trash and should have never been added to the game. They’re part of the reason why people are afraid of choosing Pinehurst & Jarvis House because they’re used to escaping so easily.
  7. I use them a lot now even though they can be obnoxious at times. Nobody uses them for “communication” lol
  8. @Alien_Number_Six same thing happened to me yesterday, was Victoria and after I stunned Jason I couldn’t interact with anything. I don’t use swift attacker so I don’t think it’s related.
  9. Yeah it does seem like there’s a lot more med sprays everywhere. I found 4 med sprays in the crystal lake bathroom yesterday. 2 on the shelves and 2 in the drawers, I know this isn’t a new spawn but they need to spread items out more evenly. I’m all for the new spawn locations although some of them seem unnecessary like that extra spray on top of the Higgins staircase. Also on Packanack Small there seems to be a pocketknife all the time at the picnic table by the lodge campfire.
  10. Yeah same I noticed there’s another med spray spawning at Higgins lodge at the top of the spiral staircase, which is unnecessary since there’s one in the bathroom. Also, I went to the restroom on Crystal Lake and there were FOUR MED SPRAYS IN THERE (2 in the drawers and the usual 2 on the shelves) C’mon at least spread the items across the map evenly. On a side note, the shotgun has been spawning in new areas I haven’t seen before.
  11. Can’t say I’m surprised. It’s obvious Illfonic doesn’t know wtf they’re doing.
  12. They’re cool but a little hard to enjoy since counselors keep vibrating all over the place during kill animations. That hotfix can’t come soon enough.
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