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  1. Where we now are ?

    Uhh I think the snowflake was supposed to represent beginning of winter. Hence why most of the content before it was planned to be out by the 21st.
  2. Combat Stance

    I submitted a bug report about this months ago after they removed counselor/team killing. I feel like it's on their to-do list but they're not making it a priority.
  3. All these abilities are just in-game mechanics created for playability. Jason never had these in the films. Therefore Roy can use them since he’s essentially Jason up until we find out at the end he isn’t. And anyways it’s a videogame.
  4. When @ShiftySamurai replied he said the item spawn decrease would affect “in cabins” so it means they’re accounting for the items at the campsites. Think that’s safe to conclude they’re trying to keep the item spawns the same amount.
  5. Yes! So happy they’re preventing the fuse from spawning in the phone house. This was really needed cause I’ve seen so many Jasons rage quit when the phonecall gets made in the first minute. Also I’m really excited that campfires are gonna be more useful. I’m hoping we finally get options in private matches to toggle rain, counselor killing, etc. Can’t wait for the patch
  6. You can already mute people while you’re in-game. Press options/start & mute players. As for a “mute all” option, just pull your headphones out your ears.
  7. Sounds like a good idea, I really wish there was a crawling animation in the game. Two sprays is a bit much though. I’d say it takes help from another counselor to lift them on their feet (in a slow animation) and then they’d need one spray to run normally again.
  8. On PS4 for me. I think the premium kills triggered the bug cause after I assigned premium kills I had to restore licenses that I purchased them and it ended up making 3 kill slots blank. Not forsure though just a guess.
  9. Yeah I have the same problem!! Except for me I can only assign to the 1st slot and the other 3 don’t take. I reported this bug to the devs a couple weeks ago. Hopefully they take care of this in the next patch.
  10. underrated jason stat

    Anyone else have trouble catching the boat while playing as P8 Jason? Yesterday I had a match where Deborah was going full speed on the boat with me right behind her but Part 8 still couldn’t catch up I was surprised. I asked after the match if he had a boat perk on but he didn’t. I usually morph and wait by the exit but didn’t try it this time thinking I’d be able to catch up to the boat.
  11. No I don’t need help, I’ve been playing this game since launch and have an understanding of how the game works. My comment about luck isn’t “misguided.” We all know luck is mostly related to weapon durability and it isn’t a top priority when there’s so many weapons all over the place. Sure luck is nice to have but it isn’t as helpful as other stats. You mentioned after shooting him with a gun you become empty handed compared to melee weapon but the benefit with the flare/shotguns is you get a guaranteed stun whereas with melee you’re at risk of getting grabbed & killed. Relating to AJ, yea her stamina is decent. Yes she is on the lower end but that doesn’t make them horrible. 2 or 3/10 stamina is bad for me but I guess that’s more of my opinion. I meant to say they haven’t been playing the game with AJ long enough to know her play style, sorry if it came off the wrong way.
  12. AJ is one of the most well rounded characters in the game. If you think she needs a buff then you haven’t been playing the game for very long. Her stamina/ strength are decent, has good repair, composure & stealth. What more could u want? Luck doesn’t really matter if you don’t plan on fighting back with melee weapons.
  13. Chad is the definition of sex appeal.
  14. This happens a lot cause PSN takes awhile to refresh. Don’t think it has anything to do with the game.
  15. Tiffany buff

    Stealth isn’t useless. And I’ve gotten cars repaired all on my own with Tiffany and escaped lots of times. Her stats are fine, there’s too many counselors with good repair as it is.