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  1. they should add more lines but please dont make it cringy like if their dating or something just no
  2. i dont dislike it its just i think chad already has enough with low strength and low repair imagine being in a lobby where no one works together and having to repair everthing as chad
  3. i would love to play with you and your friends to show you that in fact you can still be a good jason and in fact i am on xbox the only problem is i have no mic at the moment but i can still play
  4. well tell me if you wanna message me what so wrong with the game and we can have a normal conversation if its just jason isnt scary and hes broken i dont think that really works this game has never really been scary i always even after the grab nerf get 8 out of 8 kills i know i get pissed off sometimes too when my grab misses and the trap nerf had to be done ive been in so many lobbys where they spam all their traps on the phone or the car
  5. coming from you the only thing you fo on this thread is whine about the game ill put effort into whats worth putting effort i dont think a forum for a game is just as important as a essay or job application
  6. lol im still in highschool i know how to write properly and use punctuation i have to write a essay every week but what you dont seem to grasp is that im choosing not to put in the extra effort when writing in this forum because i feel i dont have too
  7. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/brTfJdk5DQ_6_CZfSY8ToM-Y6OBcq9e4YcIP30MCvD3tYXgMOWNqhoF1GJUEeIH9URPYkx4=s85 why didnt it work this time??
  8. yea execpt it will matter then i know when its important to use punctuation i dont consider this forum very important for stuff like that
  9. lul i guess ive met lots of people like you online so i guess i should just ignore it
  10. i think theres always gonna be bad players using councelors i always bite traps last night jason was using his mic talking shit the whole match cause he couldnt get me and when i managed to get the car fixed he said of course being a chad your gonna leave everyone i drove around the whole map picking up people and juking him in the car his mic went silent after the match was over
  11. i only play as chad and i never really cared for fear my fear gets high when hes near and goes away when hes gona i just stun him till gets sick of me i will say it has almost fucked me when my fear is high im doing great and i keep walking into a fense since i cant see it while jasons keep on my ass
  12. i do im trying to keep being a straight A student but it really breaks my balls i have enough at schoolhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/stlaJA64ryhIwzmRcu4hyaUKD1N8aB4jxTM6GcC9m60dXBsBIq3knRGR9oZQ7I05hNjdxA=s170 and sorry the image didnt load in
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