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  1. @Truth , thanks for respond. Of course, weekly would be nice too, but waiting few months is not so awesome. Of course, bugs happen. TBH I worked in a Development Team of a Massive Multiplayer Online game and I know that sometimes, bug happens even if everything worked perfectly, when you finished your maintenance, but we had Game Masters being online after each maintenance to see, if people respond for something wrong, we were also online and testing things out. Of course I cannot expect a 50 heads team or more, thats some good point you mentioned, however, I just hope or expect a bit more informations of bugs like (we're on it, thanks, lookin for it!), not just 1 time in some months. Maybe I'm just too like "that's a simple thing to fix" - mentalized.. 3: Again, small team. Plus they're based in the US. I'm sure they have plenty of options for translations, but they didn't choose the right one. I'm sure after a lot of these bugs are fixed they will eventually get to fixing translations. Hopefully you can at least understand enough to know what you're doing. Agree on that point aswell, Im not exactly sure, how they manage their things, if they're using MSSQL, it should be pointed, based on how programmed that WHICH player used Jason X or how many jason had he used. Since I'm not sure how Unreal Engine works, never used before just to messing around, I let that point outstanded. I remember, that when I left in 2017, it was already mentioned "Dedicated Server" they cost, but not the world. If they're planning using their own servers, or rent some? However, could be done already ? Sadly, since they changed the shotgun thing too, I remember deep? Whenever using a Rifle to shot jason while struggelin a counselor, the counselor died? Do I remember that correctly?
  2. Okay, so I first want to make a compliment for all the work you've done, @[IllFonic]illwill @[Illfonic]Jered @[IllFonic]Courier @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben You bring a lot of fun, make new Patches/Updates etc! Thank you for that. (Can't make only blame threads, since you did a great job aswell!) Then: I wanted to make some sugesstions (or I got some questions which implies suggestions?) Confusing, isn't it. However - Why does it take so long to fix some important stuff? Every "bigger" mmorpg or game does an "emergency update" when something needs to be fixed immediately. (I know you don't work 24/7, but could be done within next 48hours) Why don't you test every single point out, which has been suggested before as a bug. Why is the translation out of google. If you need a correct translation for german (as example) I'm your man. I don't take anything, no money or extra stuff, just helping ya guys out if you want. Honestly I play in English language but it's a nightmare to see those google translations "Du gestorben" which means something like "you dead!" Why are there still so many Jason X, me myself and I and I bet some other people, reported them, but however, some are still ingame, do you ban them? Can't we make based regions (I asked before, nobody responded) I don't care from which country somebody is, but I can't mention enough, that they should speak English if there are some foreigners. Why English? Because it is international. Im not perfect in english aswell, but you know, I think most people can understand me. Will the next Update implies a feature to avoid "hit by a car" from other counselors? Can "no teamplaying" result in a punishment? "Salty player" Did I forgot something? I bet I did. However, thank you guys again for hosting the game and bring new content! Great Job. Lookin' forward to hearing from you guys. Have a nice day ahead.
  3. Can't wait for seeing Jason random porting around and take knifes and put them back in a loop ? I'm.sorry
  4. I did not leave any match as host, while playing or being killed. It's not fair play. I'm not in the salt mines yet. But who knows what will happen
  5. Who can tell that. What happend is that some players were putted into salt mines but doesn't know exactly why, since they played fair, they demend. We'll know that F13 engine got his own mechanics, sometimes
  6. I don't think so since the rule says: "In Quick Play, Salty players will play together, but they can play with anyone in Private Matches."
  7. From where did you got the code @Barbossa? It can also be coded as: if disconnected due network problems, then no salt; if disconnected due to players leaving before end then salt.
  8. Not every "kid" or teenager is the same and not everything should be judged or result in a punishment, since it is also against the law to not use the direction indicator, when turning left or right in a hurry Imagine every Police officer gives you a ticket for that. Bet a lot of people would be upset for that ticket.
  9. Willkommen im Forum, or Welcome. Exactly, sad to see.
  10. No: they should first fix this game and make some important changes, before heading into another project. Just my personal opinion. Because it's like owning a nice car, it's never finish.
  11. This topic has been discussed so many times. btw, its the wrong forum.
  12. It's me again. Seriously, I know that it's just a game and as previously mentioned: I'm not spending that much time on it anymore. However, I returned after some time passed and now I know why I left to play other games... BEFORE you bring out new content: Make language based regions OR let us choose where to play OR make "English" as a RULE. Fix the salt mines Fix random counselors There are some ethinic groups who've only learned swearing from their childhood. Let them swear in their own region, cause it isn't fun to play the game anymore.. TBH I don't really care about such things but in F13 it seems to be extreme. BAN the people who Glitch/Exploit/DLL/Swear. Suspend the people for 2 weeks, the first time, f they do not care about TeamPlay, they should play offline, since it is a Teamplay game, isn't it? ** Don't get me wrong, Im not bulleying or crying, its just sad to see a game with such a good potential dying. ** With no Teamplay I mean: Someone fix the car/boat, other one jump into and rush away alone or overrun people. If somebody gets is own way out, it's fine, but not egoistic play.
  13. Offline play: 2 Counselors, first killed within seconds. Second one some later, cause I wanted to test something out, however: Killed: 2/2 Match Ending > Jason returns home. Endscreen: Tommy Jarvis: ALIVE.
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