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  1. What spectator bug?
  2. So.... Dead By Daylight is free on ps plus this month. 😂😂 Not that I have any interest in it what so ever as its boring as hell. Even with all of its problems, i still think Friday the 13th is the superior game. But the dbd devs surely did this to poach what life our game has left in it. I know it would currently be a bad business decision given that the ultimate too late edition comes out soon but does anyone else think Friday needs to be a ps plus game at some point? Something like that would definitely keep the game going for longer and playerbase up. But damn.. the cheek of dem dbd fools.
  3. Haha yeah it can be annoying as hell when you're left with one sneaky fucker and can't find them anywhere. Especially when you off every one quickly before you have rage and there's one bastard left hiding in a spot somewhere forcing you to go door to door and search the entire map 😂
  4. Lol this is hilarious. I didn't think these guys could take the piss even more but in the words of Ian Malcolm.. uhh well, there it is. Although realising that it comes with a replica mask has me all DON'T TEMPT ME FRODO.. but ima be strong. It certainly is a very nice little edition but I'm not buying the game a third time when it has no future đŸ˜ĸ
  5. It's when people see friends online playing and join them in game. If the match has already started they are spectators until it's over or a spot opens.
  6. DrLeatherface

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    😂😂😂 This absolutely floored me with lol. Solid gold response.
  7. DrLeatherface

    Is the Game over now?

    I mentioned this earlier in the thread, i asked the devs on twitter and they responded
  8. DrLeatherface

    Is the Game over now?

    I spoke to the game devs on twitter. They said the lawsuit affects their Killer Puzzle game too, no doubt in the same way with future content
  9. DrLeatherface

    Is the Game over now?

    Spoke to the Killer Puzzle peeps, Victor Miller's shitcunting will be affecting them too ☚ī¸
  10. Not being able to 180 grab anymore sucks. I loved it when some cheeky prick tried sneaking up behind me for a stun when I was hacking a door and I'd spin around and make them shit their pants
  11. DrLeatherface

    Should we spend our CP now?

    I spent 150k, got one single legendary perk. Which was worse than my epic. I'm not going to bother again haha
  12. It's an absolute mess, trust me. Of course you expect new bugs with an engine overhaul but the sheer amount of new bugs and glitches with this patch is unacceptable really. It's like playing a badly programmed fan mod. They did a great job with single player challenges tho! Metal Gear Jason mode is super awesome.
  13. Haha yeah man! I always said it's a damn shame they never put a radio in her room. The Jason who found my A.J dancing the robot in there earlier got a real kick out of it... and then massacred her lady bits with the pig splitter 😄
  14. I like them. Jason was no where to be seen in a match earlier so I tested them out in a dance off with another player whilst we were waiting for the cops haha The Violet robot dance is my favourite for sure, was busting that out in her bedroom on pinehurst just waiting for Jason to find me. Just wished they looped like the other dance emotes