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  1. I'm not sure which I hate more... Jason teamers or the idiots who spend the entire match hiding under a bed/in a wardrobe. Because you know, that's fantastic gameplay. Really worth your time 😑
  2. DrLeatherface

    got banned

    Lol MULTIPLE GAME BANS ON ACCOUNT. -cries- I dnt no y i woz banned ? Yeah.. ok dude. Keep cheating and fucking things up for yourself. ?
  3. While I agree, It's not going to happen. Probably falls under the no new content bullshit.. Would have been awesome if something like that was there so I can see exactly how close I am to my last two trophies. Been playing the game solidly since launch and still haven't got the 500 matches as Jason one to pop. I've pretty much given up on ever getting the 1000 matches.. and with it the platinum.
  4. DrLeatherface

    How to mute voicechat?

    I'm on PS4 and they stay muted for as long as I'm in that lobby.
  5. DrLeatherface

    How to mute voicechat?

    In a lobby there is an options menu, from there you can go to mute players and you can select which ones you are fed up with.
  6. Lol i ended up being Jason in a lobby with FIVE noob Vanessas. I thought to myself.. oh lawdy, revenge is gonna be sweet. Then chopped them all up
  7. I've noticed that about every other game ends early because the Jason has a tantrum at not being able to catch anyone and quits ? However, that might have something to do with me leading him all over the map just out of reach, occasionally booping his snoot with a baseball bat for shits and giggles. Even though Jason seems to waste all of his time tunnelling me ABSOLUTELY NOTHING gets done by the other players.
  8. DrLeatherface

    Change servers on ps4?

    No word? Anything? Of course not. Guess I'm stuck with this server.. although last night I did actually hear a Russian dude say fuck you when i killed him haha
  9. DrLeatherface


    Uhh... there's been two update patches in the last month or so.
  10. Is there anyway to choose a server on PS4? I've finally been able to find games and I always get put in the EU server. I'm in the UK so I know it makes sense on paper, but Europe is fecking huge and I always end up in lobbies full of non English speaking players. So communication is difficult. Before dedicated servers most of the players I'd bump into were from the states/canada/Uk. It was an absolute blast. I miss that shit.
  11. Maybe. If they don't give a shit enough to continue supporting the game after the lawsuit then sell it to someone who does. I mean, I fully understand if the lawsuit drags on for another 5 years but as it stands, it's making progress towards an outcome sooner than I expected. But for now I am holding out hope for tomorrow's announcement. I don't see why they'd make us wait if it was a big fat nah bruv we're sticking to our guns (lol ) on the no new content... but then again its Gun. A lot of things and deciscions with this game make no sense. I am somewhat optimistic but prepared for much disappoint. I have that excited/scared feeling ?
  12. The light and heavy bloody skins should be there as they were added as free unlockables. The physical disc bloody skins wont be.. but with the two other options for bloody Jason I wouldnt say you'd miss them.
  13. Haha this prospect is the only thing that has brought me back to the game. It's going to be a slaughterhouse
  14. DrLeatherface

    F13 asia dead lobby

    Absolutely nothing going on in EU server either. Since patch haven't been able to find a single game
  15. DrLeatherface

    New update today?

    lol Well I don't think it fixed anything as no matter what I do I can't find a game on PS4... Going to try again later tonight :)