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  1. It's actually appalling how the kickstarter backers are being ignored/treated. I backed the campaign but chose to not get any rewards. Im in the UK too and I'm glad I just waited to grab a retail copy in October because DAMN, this is ridiculous.
  2. Glad to see I'm not the only one who appreciates AJ's bootay. I'm all about dat base.
  3. 2128 hours

    I've been playing every night for two months solid.. only just managed to get the 500 councelors trophy. The idea of ever hitting the 1000 Jason trophy seems ridiculous to me without boosting. Same with 1313 kills.
  4. The attention to detail. Also a good stalk kill. Best one for me was when a player was running away from me and I hung back a bit and hit stalk and shift and as they ran into a cabin and went to lock the door i managed to slip in and appear in the room after they locked themselves in. The OH SHIIIIIIT FUCK FUCK FUCK i heard down the mic totally made my day I then crushed their head on the wall.
  5. Query about being host

    Mine is a disc copy. Never once been able to host a quick play game where people join ๐Ÿ˜• I've hosted private games with ps4 friends no problem.
  6. Query about being host

    Same here when I try. I left it in the lobby for over 2 hours to see exactly how long it would take and not a single person joined. I can only assume this is why it takes so long to find a game because the matchmaking system doesn't always work properly.
  7. PHD in Murder Achievement

    Have you tried the head smash kill on the game table in the Crystal Lake workshop? Apparently it counts as a unique kill, different from all the others on maps.
  8. PHD in Murder Achievement

    The new environmental kills and part 4 are not needed for the trophy.
  9. PHD in Murder Achievement

    It's worth noting that if someone quits mid kill, it doesn't count. It was doing my head in trying to figure out why I didn't have the trophy so I had to work through some grab kills again to be sure. Turned out I was missing a part 2 kill that someone quit in the middle of and that trophy popped to much celebration
  10. So nobody knows what the conditions for finding Tommy tapes are? Because the excitement of opening a drawer to see a tape only to realise it's one you already have kinda sucks haha
  11. How exactly do the Tommy tapes work? I've only found two and haven't seen another one in nearly a month. I have all the Pamela tapes and keep finding dupes of those.. I have zero clue what the deal with Tommy tapes is ๐Ÿ˜•
  12. Share your proudest F13 Game moments

    Had a proud moment earlier tonight. Joined a public game and ended up in a room full of level 101s. I'm only level 70. They were obviously friends and they were all talking shit about me sucking as Jason as they run about dancing on me everytime they stunned me or knocked me over. Getting all cocky as they openly discuss their plans, like Jason didn't even matter. They were the sort of dickheads who play as Chad in speedos and dance constantly whilst talking crap throughout the whole match. So when I killed every single one of them, the match ended and there was nothing but silence. Not a peep on the mic. For the first time in nearly an hour..They shut the hell up. I was quite proud of that
  13. Share your proudest F13 Game moments

    Last night I finally managed to kill Jason in a legit match To some that's probably not much of an achievement.. but considering the other 10 or so opportunities I've had have glitched out on me, either by sweater not working at all or Tommy not being able to execute the kill because the prompt didnt even appear.. When that trophy popped I was so damn happy ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ I felt like i conquered the world!
  14. I agree with every point you made What's also killing this game is the ridiculously long times between patches. Waiting to fix things only when they drop new content is not a good move. It's been over a month since the last fix.. I can see the game being on deaths door by the time they fix most of the bugs and glitches, which is something I really don't want to see. It's been out for 7 months and there are still major game breaking bugs. Small team or not, these should have been a priority and sorted by now.
  15. Mark was originally a stretch goal on the kickstarter so I'd love to see him in the game eventually. Would add a totally new play style to master. I assume his appearance will come down to permission from Tom McBride's family as he sadly passed away in 1995.