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  1. There is so much wrong with this patch it's not even funny. Seriously, did they even test this? Because after 5 minutes you experience all kinds of random shite. My new favourite is when you enter/exit a window and can't do anything apart from slide around legs akimbo like my girl A.J is riding an invisible horse. You can reenter a window to cancel it out but if Jason is about you can't do a thing to protect yourself 😣 Multiplayer is in a sad state right now. Probably the worst its been since launch. I knew this patch would make or break the game.. and sadly, it's broken it. I'm having a blast with single player challenges tho, so I'm really grateful they got those out in time for the anniversary. I'd love to see more in the future with maybe some special weapon unlocks as a reward
  2. DrLeatherface

    5/24 Update: First Impressions

    Played my first QP round after the update and was lucky enough to be Jason in my first match. AWESOME, I thought! Then the excitement died when in one single brief match i experienced and witnessed more bugs and glitches than I'd seen in the last month.. Then I randomly lost connection after 5 minutes for whatever reason the game decided, which no doubt gave me salt for the mines. Great stuff. Single player challenges are awesome fun tho, so thats a positive!
  3. It takes me at least 15 minutes to find a lobby on ps4.. and today I ended up in a quick play lobby with the same player THREE times randomly at different points in the day. The same player and they weren't the host either. The chances of that are very slim. The player base must be dwindling for that to happen in quick play at different times of the day.
  4. With how shoddy and dodgy the games connection is even with excellent internet, I've started a match before and by the time it loaded for me I got to see Jason already killing me the second I have control. It's happened a few times when I've spawned at the phone house lol It's crazy. Dead in 0.5 seconds haha It seriously needs to be looked at.
  5. Geezus. The bullshit with this game never ends 😂
  6. DrLeatherface

    Weapon swings keep missing

    It's just the games dogshit hit detection. I tested it with a friend in a private match recently and even with Jason stood still the weapons still phase right through him at some angles.
  7. I was disappointed that you can't use the stereo in Violets room haha Was the first place I took my AJ to explore when I played the new map. Was looking forward to bustin some moves and giving one Jason an easy and accurate movie kill.
  8. DrLeatherface

    Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    New bug. Well maybe its not new but it's the first time I've encountered it. Seems they swapped out the Jason being glitched where he cant do anything to councillors. 3 out of the 10 games I've played since the patch have ended in me not being able to interact with anything or swing my weapon 😣
  9. DrLeatherface

    Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    Did you nerf AJ? Its not mentioned in the patch notes but she now gives off sound pings all over the show when walking/jogging. Before the patch it was only when she was running or swimming 😕
  10. DrLeatherface

    1.30 patch likes/dislikes

    I dislike that they have nerfed AJs stealth. Her best characteristic. She used to be able to jog silently but now she emits sound pings all over the show 😕 apart from that, enjoying the update so far. Roy is great fun to play as and the pinehurst map is a nightmare! (In a good way) The attention to detail is wonderful. I geeked out so much at the discovery of the fake spider in Tommys closet
  11. So I finally hit level 150 and have still not even got the 500 matches as Jason trophy, even with my preference set to Jason since day 1 of playing. The 1000 matches as Jason is absolutely ridiculous and I'm pretty sure it's never going to happen without boosting 😕 I would love to know if anyone has got it legitimately without cheating.
  12. Why is that ridiculous? I've got 104,377 CP just sitting around because there's nothing to spend it on lol
  13. The game is definitely dying already. In the last 3 nights of trying to find a game on ps4 I've managed to join a lobby after about half an hour of searching. Then there is all the connection time outs and fails.. Most of the time I just give up and play something else now.
  14. Tried it a million times, every time i get the prompt to open it it does nothing but glitch out my character most of the time. Takes me multiple attempts at positioning before it works. Even closing the door for more space doesn't seem to help 😕
  15. That toilet with a drawer in it on packanack (not the main lodge one) You can only open the drawer after about 10 or so attempts because it's too cramped in there and it glitches out trying to get into position.