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  1. What system do you play on? On the PS4 its all useless noobs, "Jason teasers" or idiots running you over in cars in QP and difficult to connect to a match many times
  2. In terms of lonewolfing/individual play.. Outside of Vanessa/Fox I find them all pretty useless. And easy to kill when Im Jason. (Unless you have an experience Jason killer mob) Fox is great all around. Vanessa's main problem is repair but she's great everywhere else. Fox can do it all. Jack of all trades. I don't bother with anyone else. Usually if I get killed its because of traps (No thick skinned perk) or someone interrupts me while Im playing the game, or I get bored and complacent, lose focus and get killed. I like Mitch but his stamina is useless. Personally I think Vanessa should be banned. IT aint fair unless you give Jason "Obi-Wan Kenobi Force Grab" Hes been slowed since the latest patch so hes even more vulnerable against Vanessas. I don't get why every lobby doesn't just travel in Jason killer packs anyways. Jason is basically POWERLESS against it (Yes even with rage because ultimately hes screwed before Rage hits). All 6-7 counselors travel in packs, fight Jason while hitting objectives.. Hes f****ed I don't care HOW good he is. Especially if one of them has the sweater.
  3. Im starting to see more unlimited shift/morph from Jasons. Please tell me there isn't a Perk for that
  4. Ill let you know after I watch the Dark Heart of Jason Voorhees documentary
  5. Truthfully. Im surprised they haven't pull the plug on the servers to be honest with RECORD LOW players on all systems on this game now or just not patching anything and waiting for the the community to have only a handful of players left. . Very surprised they are still updating patches. The game is mainly just a bunch of trolls/noobs now running around in circles accomplishing NOTHING
  6. Ive seen it done more in the last 2 weeks since resuming this game than I did for an entire year I played it before. Easy peasy for a team of Jason Hunting counselors that communicate with each other now. I think its messed up how EASY it is to kill Jason now (It should be a very rare thing to do) but its the reality of the current game unfortunately.
  7. For those of you who play the QP lobbies in PS4. Ive must have been played 5-6 straight games where the only thing done at least 10 minutes in was Tommy was called. It seems less and less lobbies are going for objectives in QP anymore. I mean there were quite a few repair counselors in the lobbies as well.
  8. on the bight side as far as QP though goes. Most teams today on QP (at least on the PS4) are absolute noob TRASH. So Jason has that going for him. I think a good chunk of the experienced players have left this game. At least they don't play QP from what Im seeing
  9. Mehh.. The counselors still have the CLEAR upper hand. Even in a lobby that isn't totally coordinated (Believe me they are difficult to find in QP) Im getting killed more by traps than Jason himself.
  10. When has there ever been a happy medium in this game? Its mainly been all the power in the counselors hands. (And now its even Easier to kill Jason than ever before. Or at least Im seeing it common now) Hell, playing as Vanessa you're more likely to get killed by a trap that Jason (or another counselor set) than by Jason himself. ROFLMAO
  11. The only issues isn't being killed. Its being trolled when you're Jason. No counselor should EVER be allowed to Troll Jason and basically juke and jive him for an entire game. Ive seen this done to the best of Jason's. Its all too common in a Lobby full of Bugsys and Vanessas with a month or so playing experience. Its easy to fix all this "team killing issue" if you increase the chances of killing Jason. Lengethen the width of grab and speed of Jason's mechanics. Watch how quick those Jason Killing teams are killed themselves. The whole point of the most recent patch was to make Jason OP. Yet hes getting killed more than ever. And its probably easier to escape more than ever.
  12. Problem is, Jason isn't a real "threat" at all no matter where he starts. Outside of brief rage moments, hes the same JOKE hes always been. Easy to toy with with the Steroid Counselors. Hes such a joke you don't even need to go for objectives. Make Jason not afraid to hit furniture so you don't get juked around for 100 years by Vanessa/Bugzys around tables and chairs. Fix his fucking grab to prevent Counselor Bullying for the love of god especially when in rage mode. . No more one hit knockdowns either. Basic stuns is ok. Not knock downs with one hit of a baseball bat. Speed him up. Hes back to being a slow piece of shit after they sped him up during the Roy patch and combined with the clunky nerf grab (which almost renders the shift/grab useless) Vanessas and Bugys can play Roadrunner against Wyle E Coyoute all game long. You basically don't even have to go for objectives because theres NO REASON to even be afraid of him because of these things. If you have a lobby full of Vanessas/ Bugsys, Jason is basically screwed. For Jason to be a threat again these things need to happen. You wouldn't see so many "Jason Kills" either. Something that SHOULD be rare, Im seeing it happen just about every day now. About a year ago I saw it happen maybe once or twice within 3-4 months Either that or de-buff Vanessa/Bugsy.
  13. Team killers wouldn't bother me if the grab wasn't such TRASH and so clunky and you can't grab someone if they weren't directly 1CM in front of you . Once you get Rage, (As long someone does have the sweater) the bully squads don't stand a chance. Just fix the fucking grab and team killers wouldn't pose much of a chance once rage hits. But thats how this game goes. They fix one thing, only to screw up something in place of it. Thats another thing Im noticing as well in QP. Hardly anyone is even proactively going for objectives now. They just run off into groups in various cabins now
  14. Is there anything more ANNOYING? ROFLMAO The fact you can smash windows and doors but not tables/chairs etc inside the cabin that stand in your way to get to a counselor.
  15. Its too easy as Vanessa most of the time. She's a character that needs to be "De-perked" or something. You'll probably get killed more often by traps than by Jason. ROFLMAO Im not much with ability of "juking" Jason as someone rarely used in the past, I find its MUCH easier to survive with her. If I get killed usually it was through some fault of my own (Falling in the water during the chase accidentally) or Traps laid out by his cabin that I walked on and was killed directly by them or by limping and Jason finishing me off.
  16. If his grab was more effective and less sluggish like it used to be I wouldn't think he needed more speed but at this point, it would definitely be helpful. Its sooo easier for a coordinated group of counselors now. A noob QP lobby full of useless counselors, Jason doesn't need the added perks/speed/abilities but if its against lobbies with more experienced players that Jason still needs MAJOR upgrade. The game still has its share of problems but I don't have much faith those problems will EVER be fixed completely at this point. If the servers are still active by this time next year, I will be very surprised. Theres hardly anyone even playing this game anymore. It had a good 2 year run but I don't see how it lasts 3.
  17. I kept the high repair counselor (Mitch or Fox) Definitely ditched part4 Jason and went back to Part 3. I need more traps with this patch for sure. Double trap the car and Phone. One trap for the boat (It keeps me safe for a while) . Strictly go for slashing now. Waste of my time trying to Shift/Grab because its so sluggish and awkward now and leave myself open to getting my brains beat in by a counselor and my mask coming off quick.
  18. Yea.. Against a coordinated group of counselors (Especially with Vanessa and Bugsyz) though communicating with each other they probably have your mask off however and you're ready for the pickings of death. Its easier in QP with a lobby full of players without headsets of course to get clear a lobby.. But I haven't seen too many Jasons have much luck against an EXPERIENCED group of counselors going for the objectives and traveling in packs. If they're traveling together and communicating you're mask will be off QUICK. .. With the horrid nerf of the grab, theres only so much one Jason (regardless of how good they are) can do.
  19. When one female counselor can knock you completely to the ground with ONE swing of a baseball bat, Jason needs help in most cases. To put it bluntly, Jason has been made a complete BITCH in this game. He needs all the help he can get. , Jason doesn't have much hope in this game in most cases. Against a good group of counselors, they're basically out hunting Jason instead of vice-versa
  20. I don't see how it recovers unless Jason gets back to the deadly force he was in the initial patch truthfully
  21. Making Jason a PANSY didn't help matters. An undead zombie being a human pinada to a lobby full of ovearperked Vanessa's. Yea... Not smart if you want to keep your player base. If you're playing a lobby full of experienced, Vanessas, you need Rage with Force Grab. Jason is SUPPOSED to be unstoppable. Not get grinded into just by roided up female counselors. Its a good game but its very easy to see why they can't keep anyone either.
  22. Ive started back up after a year off. Ive kind of reinvested my passion for the game. The "Roy patch" era burned me out. I can understand the dwindling fanbase. In theory the game is great. Unbelievable attention to detail and great job at honoring the history of the franchise. . In execution? Well: 1. They "fix" things that didn't need to be fixed. If aint broke don't fix. Mainly Jason's grab was the biggest gripe. The way the mechanics are set up and the slugging playing style, keep Jason's grab the way it was a year ago. Jason needs to be bad arse. While the "Rage " function helps, the nerfed grab just offsets and the counselors can still toy with Jason 2. Waiting around for 10-15 mins (If you get killed off early to level up and get the XP points) isn't optimal for gamers. People don't buy games to WAIT For games to end. They buy games to... PLAY THEM Its one of the games that I still enjoy on the PS4/Xbox Live generation so I will play. For whatever reason this generation of games have far less replay value than the PS3/360 era IMO. Sure the graphics are better now but the replay value, gameplay, mechanics, ideas of the game are FAR Inferior. IMO
  23. Im not big on the bobbing and weaving and running around until the game ends. Im geared more toward the play style more actively repairing the objectives so I go with Fox/Mitch as mains. I didn't have much fun with Vanessa trying to shake and bake Jason so HOPEFULLY someone else can repair something (Which good luck in QP) Vanessa is fun if you land on a team that knows what they are doing. But not much fun with a team with no clue that doesn't actively go for objectives. Fox is a solid overall counselor. It can be frustrating with Mitch at times because of his poor speed/stamina but overall if you want to expedite the objectives hes your man
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