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  1. ....Because he isn't supposed to be killed so easy? A coordinated group of counselors can kill even a 150 Jason pretty easy. Its easier to kill Pussy Jason in this game than step on a bug. This has been the game's main problem for some time. Too easy to demask him and too easy to kill him if you have at least 3 counselors working in tandem (Thankfully its rare in QP) . Counselors should NEVER be out hunting Jason. Sure you can just "scam bag" and go hide in the water but who wants to do that? Understandable killing newbie Jasons. But even veteran Jasons are generally no match for a veteran lobby that are circling you and the others going for Objectives at the same time . I get it you don't want Jason too overpowered but they should make it far more difficult to get the mask off. Nerfing the grab I noticed increased the consistency he is now killed. That terrible grab (I call it the slow woman lunge) only leaves you open to get smacked around thus getting your mask off quicker. You have to be balls on with grab and you cant lunge too much at the air. Prior to the change some 4-5 patches back, I wasn't seeing him get killed nearly as much.
  2. Preventing you from getting in range and grabbing them? Previous patches when counselors lost the stamina, they were screwed against a jogging Jason thus why you had to use your stamina wisely . Is this just BS connection issue with the p2p stuff or part of the newest patch or some glitch exploit? Ive seen it happening quite a bit now
  3. Its horrible isn't it? Its one thing to jack up Jason's grab 3-4 patches ago but the lagfest makes it even more frustrating. LOL The lag wouldn't even be bad if you gave him back his deadly forcegrab.
  4. I mute all the little children anyways. I never understood the parenting now (or lack therof)
  5. I dont think anything is bannable now? LOL Theres expoits going on all over the dang place at least on the Ps4. Crappy players that have no skill exploiting the shit out of everything
  6. I quit when there is obvious cheating/glitching going on (which is all over the place in this mess of a game now) when I see a counselor swing a melee weapon then disappear. Why keep the game up, if you're not getting rid of the exploits? Makes no sense I am not going to waste 15 minutes chasing after teleporting Counselor like it was Jason Takes Manhattan . Such a great game turned into a complete TRAINWRECK.
  7. The game has so many glitch/connection problems theres probably some truth to everything so who knows as the developers etc. have completely washed their hands of caring anymore. . Theres lobbies Ive played as Jason to where it was easy to defend against their melee with a quick back push and they wildly swing and miss . Then would swoop n for the quick grab or slash after the swing. Easy to clear lobbies doing this against even the best 150 counselors (Unless they surround you of course) Other games Ive played, it was the complete opposite. I couldn't back counteract the swing and rush back. Their swing was super fast and my reaction was that of a 90 year old woman. . They got me every time. The inconsistency with the connections /lag etc. is all over the place now
  8. I leave if I can't get to the boat and leave as thats the only badge I have left to get. No point in sticking around if there is no boat option repair in the map
  9. Just give me back the force grab and you can keep everything else. That "grandma Lunge" of his is what makes so easy for him to be opened to get hit and tea bagged and lose his mask
  10. Ive seen counselors floating all over the screen wow their aiming their shotgun? Yeesh. Its kind of difficult to catch that when you're Jason. LOL
  11. I couldn't play DBD for more than 2-3 days. F13 Ive been playing since 2017. F13 is far better though its not what it used to be years ago
  12. in QP. Not really. Its still much easier to escape by going lonewolf with a repair counselor because chances are you will be playing with noobs.
  13. If you're in QP not point in bothering. Most of teams are noobs with no cohesiveness. Theres ZERO Point in wasting a trap on that unless you're Part 2 Jason. . Kill squads are easier to kill than those that hit objectives hard and heavy. A sure fire way to clear the lobby as Jason. Time your backup (Quick Back up the analogue stick during the counselor's swing at you (Its very slow) , and then go forward with a swing or grab and you will demolish all the lobbies 9/10. Get part 2 Jason, Double Trap the Phone, Double trap the car (or triple Trap depending on the map and if a boat is available) and maybe trap the boat once. Then do the deal with the swing I mention, youll put down any lobby EASY and kill at least 6 counselors in QP. Now against an experienced team that hits objectives fast and hard together. Its more difficult. But REALLY how many of those are around? Not many. In 50 matches, I may experience 1-2 Objective based, experienced teams
  14. LOL. Its like they were shooting clay pigeons. Ehh sucks. At one time this game was amazing a few years ago . Sad what has happened
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