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  1. Are people really asking to "up counselor stats?" Wow. I can say with CERTAINTY (on the PS4) Its RARE to find a Jason clear a lobby. Since the current patch, Ive seen more "Jason kills" in the last 2 months than I ever saw in the last year and a half. Counselors don't need any more "boosts" at least on the PS4. They are strong enough. Even without communicating via mic. Prior to the current patch, I generally could clear a QP lobby maybe 80-85 percent of the time. With the current patch (Mainly because of the nerf Grab they did to Jason), I can clear maybe 55 percent of the time. Jason's "shift/grab" has been very hindered so thats makes it far easy to get violated by the Jason Kill groups. Also the Block has been tweeked to make it less responsive to the "Jason knock down". Jason has ALSO been slowed. Sure Rage helps. But by then, you're probably screwed. Someone will have the sweater and you will have lost your mask. Like I said. Counselors don't need any more boost. JASON DOES. He's supposed to be a bad ass. Not a group of Jason Kills Squads. ROFLMAO And regardless, MOST People don't use the "useless counselors". They use the standard 4-5 (Chad, Bugsy, Top repair counselor, Vanessa eta).
  2. Yea its CRAP and hardly works at least since this last patch
  3. Mehh Counselors are fine as is for the most part. Its Jason that needs the true buffs. Sick and tired of being knocked to the ground with one hit and ganged up on. Counselors needs to be scared to death of Jason. Not seek him out to kill him easy
  4. I don't know.. Jason in the movies didn't get knocked on his ass by baseball bats with ease
  5. Thats what we have been waiting for since last patch and where the focus needs to go of course . Bigger asses. Since all the Game Mechanics have been fixed. 😐 I mean the silly bathing suits and dances aren't enough. Needs big asses too.
  6. Good point. Life is definitely much easier as a counselor these days than as Jason
  7. Go hang in the water and chance of getting killed is 0. Bring him to an experienced Jason Killer group and make him stay on land and for sure he's gonna get killed eventually. Against a skilled Mob, I don't care how good you are, with this nerfed grab, you're gonna get killed. I never got killed in a year prior to this patch (Never went and hid in the water) . Ive been killed twice this patch against an experienced mob of guys on a mic. Mainly because of how nerfed the grab got. Ive seen more Jason kills in the last month than I can count.
  8. Yesterday I saw one on a light pole. Some Vanessa laid a trap on a trail and morphed on top of it
  9. Even in combat stance with Part 3 Jason is still takes a half hour (Which feels like it anyways) to break a freaking door down with an axe. Its ridiculous
  10. The only time its fine being Jason is against a noob lobby. Yes he IS essentially "powerless" against a coordinated group of counselors going after all the objectives at once. I don't care what Jason you use. You can't be everywhere at once. Combine that with a crappy grab (which has only screwed up the Shift/Grab aspect which made Jason fearsome for a brief stint), Jason is a useless PANZY. If they would fix the grab, Jason could have a little bit of an advantage back to his side but rage only a helps a little against the coordinate Team Jason bully group. Just hope Tommy hasn't been called already and you haven't lost your mask by then. LOL Against a group of QP noobs, he's fine. Against a coordinated group he's a useless bitch. You can try to sugarcoat it all you want. But its far easier being a counselor than it is being Jason. In fact, I prefer being a counselor. Its EASY. Being Jason is only fun when you're against noob QP lobbies. Bottom line, its a F13 game where its not much fun being the killer. It kind of goes against the purpose of the game. You're SUPPOSED to have fun destroying counselors and having being hopelessly relieved you escaped or survived the night. Instead, you're a frustrated undead zombie and a have a cakewalk with a Vanessa. Being Jason against a coordinated group of counselors (At least with this patch) is one of the frustrating gaming experiences Ive ever had. (And Im level 105) with about a year and some change experience with the game because every patch SOMETHING gets changed and they take steps back when they are supposed to be going forward When you can escape or kill Jason or survive 70 percent of the time (or more) , there is definitely a Balance issue with the game
  11. Ive heard its pretty dead already on PC. Not sure about XBOX live but PS4 is mainly all noobs/trolls who just run around the camp playing cat and mouse (With the phone tube thing or gas and battery) and not hitting any objectives. Or if they do, they just run people over with cars. Maybe Xbox is better but the PS4 hasn't been a good experience in months from my end unless you can join private match groups with friends. QP, you may find a good lobby once a MONTH of good players playing together
  12. These guys can't even fix Jason's freaking grab. (Continues to lunge like an old slow ass 99 year old woman) They aren't "reviving" anything. They can't even get the game mechanics right after 2 years. LOL!!! (Sluggish, slow, overall some of the most ANNOYING game mechanics of the last 10 years) They spend more time on finding pointless trolling "Dance moves" than fixing their freaking Atari 2600 game mechanics. And Jason is still a pinada against group of counselors. Rage helped at least a little. But its just Jason fucking Vorhees. Who shouldn't be a pinada PERIOD!!! Unless you're up against the chick with psychic powers The concept of the game and attention to detail with the ambiance was a perfect 10/10. The execution was a piss poor 3/10. It sad as it had UNLIMITED potential in the hands of the right people (Especially with the introduction of maps like the Lazarrus and Manhattan etc) It would take an entirely new group of people to "revive" and I don't see that EVER happening. It will be gone in a year. But its a game/concept that could have lasted another 5-6 with so much material from the F13 world to choose from. Ahh we'll may be someone will take the concept of what made this game have such great potential and inject It into another Horror Franchise based game. (HellRaiser, NOES,HAlloween something)
  13. Generally Jason doesn't need to many buffs in QP (Just fix the grab is all) because 95 percent of QP lobbies are so damn USELESS and run around instead of hitting objectives.
  14. What system do you play on? On the PS4 its all useless noobs, "Jason teasers" or idiots running you over in cars in QP and difficult to connect to a match many times
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