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  1. For all the flaws it had (that never got fixed and the problems they made worse with changes that didn't need to be changed).. It still top 10 all time for me and easily among the top 5 in games I spent most time playing in 30 plus years. Its definitely quasi-GOAT material in gaming. theres only a very select few of games I played more than this one. They did a great job making this game overall. I hope we get something very similiar to this one just with a different Horror Icon
  2. Deborah Axe Epic Slasher, Sucker Punch, (The Epic Foot perk cant remember off hand) Goal- None left except for a few more escaping by boat badge and healing another counselor badge. . All Tapes Captured, All Jason Achievements done, Quick Repair and bounce (Sometimes I go for Vanessa) but thats boring because its too easy to evade capture). If I'm Vanessa, maybe once in a 100 games im actually killed by Jason. Im more likely to be killed by a few traps (or injured by one and Jason finishes me off with a few slashes) Im not paying attention to as I don't use any Thick Skinned Perk Likes: Fun to be a counselor Dislikes: Jason is a wussy Mic: Not anymore. Too many annoying kids Jason I don't play as Jason anymore. Nothing left to accomplish and it sucks after they nerfed his grab 4-5 patches ago
  3. So much for the "patches". How this game is still functioning is beyond me
  4. If you're 150 with all the badges and tapes, why stick around if you're gonna get killed? There's no point. We just play to have fun now. We dont play to "Accomplish" anything. Because there is nothing left to accomplish. Sticking around and waiting for the next game to start or get disconnected is pointless. Blame the lawsuit and no new content for experienced players. Not the players. Most of us are just half-arsing it now . Trying to go for a quick sweater grab or repair/escape. If we fail to achieve it quickly, we leave
  5. Its soo annoying you have to wait 3 minutes for her to get back to 100 percent stamina
  6. no doubt. If there are. They are few and far between. A walking Jason is SCREWED against a 150 Vanessa with Legendary perks. In 3 years Ive seen only less than a handful of walking Jasons that can deal with them (And that mainly the Savini Jasons) . Especially if the Vanessa has that legendary Marathon Perk. A part2-4 Jason could at least tunnel until Vanessa runs out of stamina.
  7. Vanessa (at least with Legendary Perks) should be banned from Online play for those at 150 level and 3-4 years of experience with the game. Its not fair for 90 percent of the Jason's Ive seen on the game. Obviously Vanessa is far and away the best in the game (minus tommy). I like the High Repair Counselors myself. Yes you can get killed much easier but you can escape quick as well. Fox is good for being all around.
  8. You would think Trump would have been in charge of this by reading all that. LOL!! This game is done. Ahh well. For all the problems it had, we got our money's worth. Definitely played this game more than any other on this gen's consoles.
  9. I'll get a game to start up in QP then within a minute after opening a door or drawer it freezes then times out
  10. Between the lack of new content, and no real improvements made to the game in years, and now THIS. Its pretty much the death nail Its been "COVID'd" essentially. completely shot. . Ahhh well. The first 2 years or so made it all worthwhile. Great times. Maybe the next gen of consoles can eventually pick up the pieces to where this left off. . I think we all can say we got our money's worth. The premise of the game and attention to detail was BRILLIANT
  11. One things gets "fixed" something else gets screwed up. thats this game in a nutshell unfortunately
  12. When one thing gets fixed, something else gets screwed up and nerfed . Been that way through the game's entire life cycle unfortunately. Its sad because this game could have been the GOAT of mulitplayer games and overrall games on the last 2-3 gen consoles. . Its got more replay value than any game Ive played since Alan Wake on the 360 or COD Black Ops 1 on the Ps3.
  13. Campers out hunting Jason isn't much of a F13 game though. It should be SURPRISING for a counselor to survive the night or escape. Not an expectation. Jason is still a wuss mainly because of the grab which they destroyed about 3 years ago. A slow crappy grab in slow motion with no radius only leaves you to be open for easy stuns and knock downs. These days its 5 times easier to survive as a counselor than 3 years ago. However your chances of not clearing a lobby or not dying as Jason have significantly doubled over the past few years and these patches haven't done much to fix it. Jason SHOULD be OP. Not bullied by women unless they have telekentic powers like Part 7
  14. Most of the changes would have never needed to be made if they kept the old grab truthfully. A good force grab with a well timed shift can demolish many a counselor mob squad. The tea bag/dancing party was mainly the result of all the knives that were around, followed by quick Stun hit after the knife to his neck and guys still learning the game as Jason. .. Shift/Force grab and quick animation choke kill is all that was ever really needed to have the counselors break up and start running and make Jason a serious threat The nerf grab is what started the ball rolling down hill. It didn't have to be as crazy like the grab at launch but the Summer 2017 grab is what should have been kept. Jason looks like a complete FOOL with this grab for the past 2 years. There was never any real need for all this "Rage" stuff or various Jason tweaks if the Summer 2017 Grab was kept. That was perfectly fine. It wasn't until the Grab got nerfed that I started seeing daily "Jason Kills". Before it was RARE. From 2016-2017 I saw maybe THREE Jason Kills the entire time. From 2018-Present, there only maybe 2-3 days in which I didn't see Jason get killed. The root cause was mainly the nerf Grab.
  15. Mehh Jason is still a WUSS and easily bullied because of the 90 year old slow woman lunge. . Is THAT difficult to bring his old 2017 counselor grab back to where he will regain some of his deadliess? You never would have needed rage to begin with if you kept the grab how it was 2-3 years ago
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