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  1. It seems like eveyrtime I was Jason I was going up against a team that was simulataneously hitting objectives while attacking mother's sweater and axe. Yet when I was on a team I was playing with a bunch of useless wastes of space that just hopped around from cabin to cabin not doing anyth
  2. An Undead Zombie where "blocking" is required against a freakin baseball bat. . This game is TRASH. Bottom line. Thats the truth of the matter Developers never even watched the freakin movie. Its why I stopped playing it. They hosed people out of money for a faulty and unfinished, BUGGY product thats completely the polar opposite of the movie franchise in terms of gameplay. Jason is a a little girl in a pink dress getting beatdown, stunned consistently, knocked to the dirt. . A bug could "stun him. 2019 with a host of movies to reference, and they can't even make one of the most iconic killers in history, a true unstoppable killer. ROFLMAO!!! Instead its, "How do I block as.Jason?" Huhhh? Block??
  3. One where the counselors aren't hunting Jason is a good start. LOL. These developers would be great to Make the maps/ambiance/Attention to Detail. But thats probably where I would leave it. Someone else needs to be involved in the gameplay for sure. To make it more like a TRUE F13 game. Where Jason isn't running from counselors. Where "kill squads" are not present. Where you can only escape by the skin of your teeth and Jason is next to IMPOSSIBLE to kill. Not where Hes getting killed daily/demasked daily
  4. Wow.. Just played a game where every time I went to grab and/or slice a Vanessa about 10-15 times with a pig splitter she would disappear and end up 10 feet in front of me the next second? (It wasn't the connection cause it didn't happen with any of the counselors). Naturally she knocked my ass into the dirt with baseball bat. So her shots connected. Gimme a break!!! FIX THIS CRAP!!! What a JOKE!! May as well Put Jason in a pink dress against these exploiters/glitchers
  5. IF there is a "next patch". Just a standard stun that you can repeatedly hit a button to get out of "stun mode" much like when he gets trapped at a door?
  6. Yea that Jason was pretty bad but regardless if you have 2 years experience of using Jason and at a level 150, you're gonna go down against a competent, experienced lobby.
  7. There shouldn't be "kill squads" PERIOD. Thats been a problem since probably the 2nd patch. Human's shouldn't hunt the zombie killer. Watch the movies if you're gonna base a game off the movie. Jason is very easy to kill for a coordinated group of at least 3-4 experienced players. Obviously chances of getting killed are less in a crappy noob lobby. The fact is Jason is defenseless against a good crew of people hitting all objectives. It doesn't take much to damask him when he's surrounded by sluggers (who do more damage with a fucking bat than Jason does with his weapons). Jason's defense is atrocious. Hasn't been fixed yet. The only way to really counterbalance it is to give him his Force Grab back so you can do a quick animation kill and that will leave the Counselors eventually breaking up the "kill". But even his grab was messed with to now he lunges like an old slow woman. Rage helps a bit but by the time you get there, you'll blood pressure will already be through the roof by sluggers with bats knocking you down with ONE HIT and chasing roided by Vanessas around the map. On the flip side though, QP noob lobbies to where its too easy as Jason. There needs to be happy medium somewhere. So far, this game hasn't provided one. Its either "too easy" as Jason against QP noobs or just too difficult against a quality kill squad lobby knocking your wee wee into the dirt with bats and driving you crazy because the grab, defense mechanics for Jason are so SCREWED UP and its easy for veterans to exploit Jason's weaknesses. But nothing will ever be done about it anyways. Nothing has been done in over 6 months. LOL I'll play a few matches just to get my "F13 fix" but after a few matches, I just have to shake my head. I just play for a little fun now as Ive gotten all my tapes and almost all the badges. But whatever next slasher game that comes out, HOPEFULLY there is a happy medium in there somewhere to make it "Fun, Challenging. A healthy dose of both. , Not "Im gonna rip all the hair out of my head if I keep getting knocked to the ground by one swing of a bat or just fall asleep from boredom playing noobs just running around like a chicken with their head cut off challenging" A Happy Medium is the key. An equal dose of challenge for both the counselors and killer.
  8. Theres no point in QP on the PS4. Its a bunch of idiots running around not going for objectives, noobs, 5 year old kids. I used to be meticulous with trapping (Double trapping phones and trapping the battery and drivers side door objectives etc. but finally realized big deal!!!. They aint gonna do shit anyways. LOL . Run around, find trap glitches and just dance Or they just run around in groups looking to burn the witch at the stake.
  9. Whats the best movie in the F13 Franchise? Obviously the series went downhill after 4 to consider any of those the best in the series.
  10. The game was so much darker and menacing and overall better back then. To go forward its better to go reverse in terms of this game.
  11. His hits need to do more damage. Its bullshit that humans have more strength in their shots than he does. Does that make ANY sense?
  12. QP lobbies don't need anymore noobs running around with their fingers up their butts never going for any objectives on the PS4. Theres enough of them.
  13. EVERYONE has one these days. Quit protecting noobs. It will force them to get good . I didn't learn by picking up 3 pocket knives a match. I had to learn to bob and weave and jive while hitting objectives. Minute you shift grab someone, here comes the knife to the throat. Its bad enough when a baseball bat to the chrome stuns you with thrasher perks etc. for a 10-15 seconds.
  14. Theres really no reason to die very much in QP (At least on the PS4) after you get a few months experience. . 95 percent of the QP Lobbies on there are full of crappy noobs. In about 2 years Ive been killed 2-3 times maybe. Most QP lobbies are not coordinated enough to pull off the kill against me. Now on the rare occasion against a coordinated group of counselors (Not screaming goofy kids) that can be a serious challenge. But generally those groups are undoing my traps at the objectives while the rest are starting the batter/pouring the grass and starting the cars or the boat in various locations and its difficult to get in there in time or be everywhere at once after you have morphed. . But those groups are VERY few and far between in QP Private matches... Yea you're gonna die But over the last 2-3 patches or so, the occurrence of Jason getting killed has spiked no doubt. I saw maybe ONE Jason kill my first year playing the game. The last 2 patches, its been about 10-20 kills
  15. The next one definitely needs a higher prestige than 150. and far more content. . Once you get to 120 or so you pretty much have all the badges and Tommy/Pamela tapes. There isn't a whole lot left to do other than try out new courselors and Jasons you aren''t very used to. But honestly most of the counselors are just garbage. Only 3-4 are worth a hoot. Definitely a good training session for new players to QP. I would have to venture that only 5 percent of the QP lobbies I enter accomplish ANY objectives outside of calling Tommy. It gets old being the only one who goes for any objectives after a while
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