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  1. Patch notes Upcoming: "Nothing Fixed just made worse. Jason's grab remains crap"
  2. Obviously Swift attacker and Sucker Punch. IT makes Jason a complete BITCH. More like a barbie doll than a killer. Thats always been my biggest gripe with this game and why I got sick of playing it. . Why does a counselor's swing of a weapon do more damage than Jason's Swing? Makes no sense. Have they ever seen a F13 movie? Counselor's don't hunt Jason and knock him to the ground with One swing of a freakin baseball bat. Its SUPPOSED to be the other way around Sure in rage its more how it should be. By the time, you will probably have already lost your mask, your traps are tripped and you'll have been knocked to the ground 20 times. Pure Idiocy Maybe if Jason had a grab worth a crap it may have offset the horrible imbalance but they couldn't even get that right. Plus the block is complete Garbage So there ya go. The pathetic grab/old woman lunge just leaves you open to get your head knocked into the dirt. Basic game mechanics were too complicated for the developers. They were GENIUSES with attention to detail on the maps and the little nuances. Game Mechanics that were sensible and not robotically sluggish and there bare basics of COMMON SENSE in a horror genre? That was a tough one for them for some reason 🤔 Its a shame because of the RAW potential it had
  3. Solid map for a counselors to hit objectives and hide off into the woods to not be spotted an entire game and survive the night . Sucks for Jasons though
  4. This generation of consoles, have far less quality games than the 360/PS3 era. So thats part of it. Graphics are better but quality of games, this era is lacking BIG TIME. There were HUNDREDS of good games 10-15 years ago. This era has produced maybe only a handful of good ones with limited replay value
  5. It still has a few people around on various systems (Though far less than the first six months) so its no completely dead but its definitely on life support. In terms of any REAL improvement or long tern future success of the game, yea its dead as hell. It most likely won't last another year. 1. IT has just about as many problems as it had at launch. 2. They refuse to improve on any of the sluggish, crappy game mechanics 3. Jason's grab is the most pathetic thing Ive seen gaming history 4. One swing from a counselor does more damage to Jason than one slash from Jason to a counselor. 5. Its much tougher to find a lobby in QP. Just BASIC things they could have improved on a long time ago, and they never did anything about it. And honestly, people play games to PLAY games. They don't want to wait around for a game to end after they die. You expect a loyal fanbase when they have to sit around and wait for a damn game to end? Pleaseee. Thats always been an issue with this game.
  6. The game has been Rotten TRASH for over a year between endless bugs and glitches and JOKE sluggish game mechanics. I only play once in a blue moon but when I did it appears its mostly noobs with rotten QP lobbies of horrible players just shouting into mics and not going for any objectives the entire time . . . Most of the veteran players are long gone and the game mechanics feel even worse now than they did 2 years ago. Jason's grab is the worst control in gaming history. . . 6 months from now they know there won't be anyone left. So why "fix" anything? All they care about are their own wallets. Not a working product. In the end it doesn't matter. I would blackball them from the gaming industries or at the very least boycott all their future products so they will never make a PENNY off their games again. Of course, I don't know what mindless sucker would buy another game from them. But I'm sure there will be. You still have people blindly defending them even after they have TRASHED this game into oblivion to the point its hardly functional Hell, you can find less bugs on Atari 2600 Games.
  7. I think all the developers pretty much washed their hands of the game at this point. They took the money and ran
  8. Start a QP match as Jason and within 3 minutes, 50 people hanging out on the roof in Packanack? Gimme a break... 2 years and this glitchy nonsense is still going on. May as well just shut the damn servers down already
  9. XP points and leveling up isn't working on the PS4. What a train wreck. If it aint one thing its another. 2019 and we still have these kinds of problems with games? come on man!
  10. Considering they screwed it up even more with every patch they released, may as well. It may bring some people back to the game. Its still a good game considering the quality of the games in this generation of consoles (which is seriously lacking good games)
  11. Honestly, there aren't too many "skilled" people Ive encountered in playing this game for 2 plus years in terms of battling 1 on 1 Jason. Less than a handful. Jason's main problem (and always has been) the hit squads. One on one, if the Jason is decent enough, no counselor can escape indefinitely going lone wolf. As long as the Jason isn't complete NOOB. Eventually the stamina runs out, Jason backs off, turns on senses and shifts to the counselor.
  12. Ive been playing game the since almost launch (With a 8 month break in thereabouts). I think Ive had enough "practice"
  13. I had the Shotgun totally disappear as Tommy. Still can't get a swing at with Jason when I go for the swing first. Never had that problem before the last 2 patches. Usually I could get a quick jab on him and then get the hell out of dodge. Yep environments.. I had 10/7 Kills today because of that. ROFLMAO Ehhh Who knows. Its a broken MESS of a game sadly. So much potential. Could have been one of the greatest games of the last 2 generation of consoles. Great idea. The execution?? Ughhh. No point of asking for real fixes. The first two patches were the best. All the patches thereafter more problems compounded the problems it already had.
  14. Just played a game and couldn't even aim and shoot the flare gun at Jason. Its also impossible to swing at him without getting grabbed in mid-swing.. What a train wreck!!! Just send it back to the game at launch already!!! For god sakes.
  15. Jason has been a bitch since the 1st patch. No amount of "rage" will stop that. By the time rage hits, someone will already have the sweater, you'll have had your ass knocked into the dirt 50 times by a hit squad and maybe even your mask is gone. Meanwhile all you can do is get some good slashes in, or lunge like an old slow woman at a counselor. May as well give him back his force grab. At least that HELPS against the hit squads. I was finding more counselors with pocket knives this time around too
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