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  1. DorianRo

    The future of the game

    Seems like with every upgrade the game just got worse. Now the grab is a complete mess. If certain things aren't broke, don't fix them. The game had enough problems other than game mechanics which mostly were fine. Now the game mechanics are wrong along with just about everything else.
  2. Surprised anyone really thought this game was ever going to improved upon or fixed With every update, the game got WORSE. This update sealed it for me. When I go for grab kills, the counselors went into convulsions and I could hardly see a thing on my TV screen. This game is RUINED
  3. DorianRo

    Where Do We Go Now?

    I went back to Alan Wake, the first few Assasin's Creed games and other games that were released 10 years ago. ROFLMAO. Pretty sad games back then were better. These guys had a YEAR and still couldn't get their game right. Every patch this game just seemed to get worse and worse Now you can hardly see. Adjusted Gamma level its still a dark, blacked out piece of shit and you don't even know whats going on around you half the time
  4. Generally whenever there is an update people will return for a bit (I left the game for 2-3 months) come back and check it out and hope its a drastic improvement from the previous. This one wasn't. So probably everyone will be gone in less than a month
  5. What the hell did they do? Its so dark you're running into shit you can't even see right in front of you. Well great job for finally putting the final nail in the coffin for me at least. I held out hope that this would be the defining patch that fixed everything but now they made it darker than sin. It was fun while it lasted I guess. They should have just stuck with the game how it was 2 patches ago. Nothing like playing a game where you can hardly SEE.
  6. Just played my first game. Damn its way too dark. I can't see SHIT. The animation of a grab kill is buggy as all hell too. The buttons are hardly responding to grab a weapon as a counselor. Still a bugged ass mess. All this waiting for MONTHS AND STILL they can't fix bugs
  7. Haven't played the new patch or this game in about 2 months so I was curious about the game balance with the new patch. Is the balance of power back more to the counselors side or is it like the last patch in QP to where you can sleep walk through QP matches killing at least 6/8 every time?
  8. Larazus and Manhattan. The Game has enough Camps/Woods maps
  9. I don't see why any balance needs to be done to Jason in QP. He could use a good buff against private match bully players to where he can kill two counselors at once and prevent chain stunning. But QP, Jason is way too strong as is. You can mess around and kill 6/8 in QP without much effort. Put a little effort in and stop the boat escape, you can win 8/8 ever time . Blocking works fine usually or you can grab during the swing/wind up from the counselor as long as its just one counselor. You may get caught once or twice and knocked down by a sucker punch perk counselor, but they can't resist you forever if they are alone
  10. DorianRo

    Gone Forum Members

    I never left. Just waiting for the update. Ive moved on (or moved back I should say) to the Xbox360 and Alan Wake for the time being but always read the forums Theres only so much you can play this game in the current form. Its too easy being Jason.. Too difficult being a counselor that preferred QP lonewolfing
  11. DorianRo

    Thank you!

    I don't see the addictive side of it. Call of Duty Black Ops for the PS3 was addictive for instance. This game after you demolish 200-300 QP lobbies as Jason (or even 100) , and play with a bunch of random QP goons that don't go for crap over and over again for a month or two and a million online Trolls unlock all the Jason's and seen all the maps, there isn't much left to do to keep you interested
  12. DorianRo

    Thank you!

    4 hours a day? Maybe when you just start the playing game. This game sucks too much, way too flawed, (and is way too repetitive) to play that much after level 40 or so . ROFLMAO 2-3 matches tops is enough after enough time playing this game
  13. Just leave the Vanessa's/Bugzy's of the world for the end since their repair sucks. Kill off the slower repair counselors first and you're set
  14. Its not uncommon in QP now to see 15 minutes pass and the only objective completed is Tommy Jarvis was called.