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  1. It seems that I play too often on Friday if I watch Jason throw a knife in the car and she makes a triple axel in the air. Looks impressive. This is not a DbD where you need to constantly run from a maniac. The main feature of Friday is that it was always possible to resist Jason. There are a lot of toxic players on Friday who are paired with Jason. Now it will be easier for them to spoil the game by simply turning on their rage from the first minutes of the game. If you are talking about teleporting counselors, then this is already a game vulnerability. In my post, I meant that many players behave like bots in a single player game and that for Jason one must learn to play as well as for the Counselor. An instantaneous block when using a macro is not such a rarity on Friday. He's just instant.
  2. It all depends on who plays for Jason. There are experienced players who play well as Jason / Leader, and there are those who allow themselves to be beaten as they behave like bots in a single-player game. In good hands, Jason has always been very formidable. Already enough players with macros that put an instant block.
  3. If you have nothing to say, do not behave like a child. Please do without insults.
  4. Probably you used to get out of the game in the first 10 minutes and therefore did not see how Jason can destroy cars. Previously, experienced counselors could give Jason a fight thereby distracting him from the repairmen. Even Jason's aggressive friends could not stop them from achieving their goals. This will punish all players who play against Jason and his friend who will fill him with rage from the first minutes of the game. Seems like win/win.
  5. Now we will see how Jason's friends fill him with rage at the beginning of the game. Time for REAL Friday 13th fellings.
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