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  1. This update pretty much sucked all the wind out of my sails. I don't even have the energy for my normal vitriol laden observations. It's like when someone close to you is an addict and you have to cut them out of your life completely. When all of your attempts to help them have failed. When all of your advise has been ignored. When watching them make the same mistakes over and over again becomes too painful to bear. You have to morn the loss of that person, even while they are still living, because that is the only sane thing left to do. Rest in Peace Friday the 13th: The Game May 2017 - May 2018 To the devs: If you ever want to get serious about turning this thing around. I gave you a winning strategy in my reddit post. Feel free to steal that just like you did with my idea for the salt mines. To everyone experiencing the unicorn blood bug: Taste the Rainbow mutha $@%#as! If anyone needs me I'll be playing Dead by Daylight. Have fun rubber-banding back to the car for the next 2 months! Peace out! -=gyaaft P.S. Hey @GunMedia_Ben and @ShiftySamurai, why don't you give me a couple more 'Thanks' reactions for the road. It would really mean a lot to me.
  2. This is what winning looks like in graph form. The blue line is Dead by Daylight. Enjoy.
  3. Please, they're not shook at all. Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners. It's pretty obvious who's winning right now.
  4. Dead by Daylight is having a free to play weekend on Steam. Talk about stealing your thunder, huh? After people get done with the single player challenges and realize that the multiplayer has been neglected, guess where they'll go?
  5. I'm doing good. We'll get some games in tomorrow for sure. I'm curious to see what weapon you put on your J9.
  6. I'm going to blow through the single player challenges as fast as possible and then head back to Dead by Daylight until the next patch.
  7. Is that a valid fix? A few free frames is nothing. If the game runs at 60 frames per second, and it takes 3 seconds to rubber-band back to the car, you'd need 180 frames to protect the player. I'll reserve my judgement until I see this masterpiece in action. I must say that we're a little light on impactful multiplayer bug fixes for 3 months worth of work. It looks like people will still be walking in the sky and Jason will still be getting interaction locked. That's unfortunate.
  8. Can we get confirmation that rubber-banding back to the car has not been fixed with this update, please?
  9. That's why I have Dead by Daylight to fall back on. I'll play through the single player challenges and then leave again until the next patch. No skin off my back.
  10. You make lots of great points. Unfortunately, they don't care. If you put that wall of text on a message in a bottle and threw it into the ocean, you'd have exactly the same chances of them reading it. Thanks for sharing though.
  11. When you take 500 issues that "don't affect gameplay at all" and put them all together you get a very unpolished game. Everything from getting stuck on 3 inch rocks to healing yourself when you were trying to heal an injured teammate. It all adds up resulting in player frustration and a less than enjoyable experience. Wow. You just crushed all of my optimism in one swift blow. Thanks for that!
  12. Here is the link. It's in the comments. dart penic @0ds5KFfntf6TbfJ When will the patch notes? F13_Wes @weskeltner Replying to @0ds5KFfntf6TbfJ @IllFonic Usually the day before. Check with @ShiftySamurai and the @Friday13thGame feed. 12:43 AM - 22 May 2018
  13. I'm almost positive that Wes stated on Twitter recently that they typically release the patch notes the day before the update. That would mean that we can expect them sometime today barring any unforeseen circumstances.
  14. Here's a small list of things that I'll be looking for in the patch. Will people still be rubber-banding back to the car? Will people still be walking in the sky? Will Jason still get interaction locked and ability locked while interacting with windows? Will people still get stuck if they try to enter the car immediately after stepping in a trap? Will exploiters still be running around stamina free, giving themselves unlimited CP, and using med spray cancels to warp? Will hit detection still be atrocious? Will people still be able to slide around while aiming weapons by emote canceling? Will the car battery still spawn in an inaccessible location on Jarvis House? Will Jason still have no tools to deal with groups of counselors? Will people still be stunning Jason after he eats a pocket knife or rages through a door \ wall? Will people still have glitched clothing for counselors and skins for Jason? Will Jason X still be appearing in multiplayer matches? Will people still be dashboarding? Will Packanack and Higgins Haven Small still crash when selected in a private match? Will Offline bots still not function while offline? Will morphing to the exit bridge on Jarvis House still put Jason in the water?
  15. One of my earlier posts in this thread mentioned that we don't need more songs on the radio. I find it funny and ironic that they made a Twitter poll today stating the following: "Do you want to hear the music from the Challenges Trailer - @SunglassesKid’s song Can’t Hide feat Miranda Cary - playing on the in-game radios?" This warmed my heart in a special, special way so I wanted to share it.
  16. I agree that limiting only punishes good tappers while also removing any real skill from the mechanic. Limiting still allows macro players to obtain the best possible results with no effort at all. That's a problem. It needs to be changed to a QTE, Tecmo Bowl kick off bar, or a randomly selected 3 button combination that must be cycled. These options require skilled input that cannot exploited by the use of macros. The same is true for Jason's stun and shake off 'E' prompts. These should be addressed in a similar fashion. The emphasis should always be on rewarding skilled input from the player. That means making all game mechanics macro-proof. This is the exact same logic that caused the steroid crisis in baseball. Are we going to have an 'E' macro crisis on our hands soon?
  17. It's not an issue right now, but it will be if they don't develop a solid long term DLC strategy. Unless their plan is to intentionally keep the player counts low (by ignoring the needs of the player base) to control server costs. In which case, you can expect more of the same for another year. People also forget that the addition of dedicated servers will triple or quadruple their server costs. Not to mention what will happen if the player base actually grows.
  18. They should be meaningful for you. Guess what happens when there aren't enough players pouring money into the game to sustain the development team and server costs?
  19. @BrokenFattHardy If it took you a year to finish my driveway, and you did a shitty job on top of it, I'd want my money back. Did you feel really unimportant also? lol
  20. If rubber-banding doesn't get fixed my head might explode.
  21. It could be a good thing. Maybe Microsoft and Sony will force them to correct things that they otherwise would have neglected. I'm sure there are a lot of players that would be thrilled to see "dashboarding" finally resolved. Just saying. They can ignore us when we ask for bug fixes. They can't ignore them.
  22. Is a turbo controller an automation program? It still seems like there's some grey area there. I think anyone can agree that macros and turbo controllers provide an unfair advantage so they should be classified as cheating. The best course of action isn't to police and ban these players. The whole system needs to be reworked. If you were to reverse engineer the break out mechanic you'd arrive at something like this. Let's design a system that allows Tommy, Jenny, Adam and A.J. to escape from Jason's grab more easily than the other counselors. We'll use a rapid button press mechanic to encourage the use of macros and turbo controllers. When people use these methods, we'll ban them. But hey, banning "Timmy" for using a turbo controller sure is easier than correcting the real problem, right?
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